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October 31, 2012

Former Boonville priest wants to dismiss sexual abuse charges

Connect MidMissouri

by Mark Slavit

A four-and-a-half hour hearing to determine whether child sex charges against a former priest should be dismissed was held at the Cooper County Courthouse.

Prosecutors charged Gerald Howard with eight felony counts, including sodomy and kidnapping.

The victims said the sexual abuse happened between 1984 and 1987.

The hearing was on a motion to dismiss filed by Howard’s attorney in July.

Priest accused of stealing $380K from Bonneauville church

The Evening Sun

The Evening Sun

Posted: 10/31/2012

A priest who formerly served at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Bonneauville is accused of stealing more than $380,000 from the church.

A preliminary arraignment is set for Thursday for Caesar A. Belchez, 52, on third-degree felony charges of theft by unlawful taking, theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received, and access device fraud.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg spokesman Joseph Aponick said Belchez has since been "relieved of all priestly duties," which includes being barred from celebrating Mass, preaching, hearing confession, wearing priestly attire or presenting himself as a priest in good standing.

Charging documents indicate in the five years Belchez was assigned to the Bonneauville church, he took a total of $384,750.76 in cash, checks and credit cards issued to the parish.

Vatican to initiate its own budget-cutting 'spending review'

Gazzetta del Sud

(ANSA) – Vatican City, October 31 – The Vatican said on Wednesday that it would embark on its own 'spending review' to find ways to eliminate wasteful layouts as the effects of the global economic crisis weigh on its own treasury. No stone is to be left unturned. The review will look for ways to cut spending on everything from stationery, including photocopies, to consulting services, gifts to visiting dignitaries and payouts to sub-contractors. Even spending on the pope’s ornamental medals will fall under the review’s scrutiny. The Holy See is undergoing a thorough effort to get its finances under control. On September 11, the Vatican said that it had drafted in a Swiss expert to help it fight money laundering more effectively as part of an effort to join the 'white list' of states that, unlike tax havens, respect international standards on combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

**Breaking** Seattle principal removed for abuse – Parents not informed

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on October 31, 2012

There are reports of out Seattle that O’Dea High School principal Br. Karl Walczak was accused of child sexual abuse in court documents and removed from his job in August.

And three months later, parents still have not been told the truth.

According to a letter which has since been taken down from the O’Dea website (it used to be posted here. You can now view it here.), Walczak “took a leave” of absence in August, “to assist in resolving a proof of claim filed in the Christian Brother’s Institute bankruptcy proceedings.”

The letter continues, “Thank you for your ongoing support of Brother Walczak and the entire O’Dea community.”

The only proof of claims filed against individuals in the Irish Christian Brother Bankruptcy were claims of child sexual abuse. There was no mention of any allegations to parents, students or the greater community.

Rumors of rabbi’s sexual misconduct raise tensions among UK Haredim

Times of Israel

By Miriam Shaviv
October 31, 2012

London’s ultra-Orthodox establishment is investigating one of its most senior rabbis following a barrage of rumors that he engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a woman, The Times of Israel has learned.

The rabbi wields considerable influence in the city’s Haredi institutions.

Over the past few weeks, he has been accused in blogs and on the street of a variety of sexual misdeeds with at least one woman — for whom he was allegedly acting as a counselor — and possibly with others. The allegations range from serious criminal offenses to actions which, one rabbi said, may be halachically dubious, but “in the non-rabbinical, non-Haredi world, wouldn’t raise eyebrows.”

The rabbi at the center of the rumors did not return a phone call.

Since mid-October, his London colleagues have met twice to discuss the handling of the case, once in the Orthodox suburb of Golders Green in North West London, and once in the considerably more Haredi Stamford Hill.

Church needs state help to deal with abuse

Eureka Street

Frank Brennan November 01, 2012

These are not easy times for Catholic priests; and they have never been easy times for those children in our society who have been sexually abused, a disproportionate number of them by Catholic priests.

When in Sydney in July 2008, Pope Benedict XVI apologised in these words:

I ... acknowledge the shame which we have all felt as a result of the sexual abuse of minors by some clergy and religious in this country. Indeed, I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that, as their pastor, I too share in their suffering. These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust, deserve unequivocal condemnation.

I adopt his apology without demurrer.

Whatever our religion or none, whatever our love or loathing of the Catholic Church, what is to be done in the name of law and justice? Clearly the Church cannot be left alone to get its house in order. That would be a wrongful invocation of freedom of religion in a pluralist, democratic society.

Is it safer for kids to fly or go to church?

Patrick J. Wall

Patrick Doyle wrote an intriguing piece in the Boston Daily after interviewing a number of seminarians. After reading it, I now am more afraid than ever for the future safety of children in the Church.

The formators (priests in charge of seminarian formation) in the Roman Catholic Church in Boston are analogizing millennia-old child sexual abuse crimes to the airline industry. I do not think the folks at Boston Logan, Delta airlines or Boeing would concur.

From the article:

“As Father Chris O’Connor, the Vice-Rector at Saint John Seminary (Boston) is fond of saying, Priests are like airplanes. Most of them take off and land, take off and land, and everything is fine. You only hear about the ones who crash.”

It’s delusion at its highest form.

MO - Convicted predator priest seeks his freedom today

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 31, 2012

We applaud Mark and the other brave victims of this dangerous predator; they are courageously cooperating with prosecutors to keep a shrewd serial child molester away from kids.

We hope they succeed. And we hope that their courage and compassion inspires others who were hurt by Fr. Howard or any cleric to step forward, get help, call police, expose wrongdoing and protect children.

Sex abuse settlement brokered by Nova Scotia Catholic diocese comes to a close

Montreal Gazette

By Aly Thomson, The Canadian Press
October 31, 2012

HALIFAX - A Roman Catholic diocese in Nova Scotia will try to close a dark chapter in its history this week as it wraps up a sex abuse settlement with 125 people, but the lawyer representing them says they continue to heal their emotional wounds.

The final instalment of a $16-million compensation settlement for confirmed and alleged victims of sexual abuse is due Thursday from the Diocese of Antigonish, bringing a close to a long legal process spearheaded by Ronald Martin.

Martin launched a class-action lawsuit against the diocese after his brother wrote a suicide note in 2002 alleging Hugh Vincent MacDonald, a priest, sexually abused him. MacDonald was charged with sex-related offences in 2003 but died a year later before the court process concluded.

Martin's concerns prompted dozens of people to come forward with similar allegations dating back more than 60 years against several priests who worked for the diocese.


National Survivor Advocates Coalition

October 31, 2012

NSAC News has been temporarily interrupted due to Hurricane Sandy.

We expect NSAC News to be operational by the beginning of next week.

Our best wishes go to our excellent and dedicated publisher Steve Sheehan and all who have been in Hurricane Sandy's path and who are suffering through the after effects.

We thank all of our NSAC News subscribers and readers for your support. Please stay tuned.

--- Kristine Ward, Chair, NSAC, KristineWard@hotmail.com

Von Helden und Helfern


von Christian Füller

BERLIN taz | Spätestens seitdem der Premier den Fall zur Chefsache erklärte, hat das Thema sexuelle Gewalt auch in Großbritannien eine neue Dimension erreicht. David Cameron sagte im Parlament, die BBC habe sich „ernsten Fragen“ zu stellen, die Ermittler bekämen vollste Unterstützung. Es geht also nicht mehr darum, ob Jimmy Savile, der schrullig-populäre Pop-Moderator, Mädchen sexuelle Gewalt angetan hat.

Cameron und seine Landsleute sehen ratlos und schockiert darauf, wer alles mitgeholfen, mitverbrochen und wer alles weggesehen hat: Gab oder gibt es in der ehrwürdigen BBC einen Ring von Pädokriminellen? Warum hat die Polizei insgesamt sieben Anzeigen gegen den zum Ritter geschlagenen Sir Savile nicht zur Anklage gebracht? Wurde eines der Kinderheime, die Savile mit zig Millionen Pfund unterstützte, gar als Nachschublager für kleine verletzbare Mädchen missbraucht? Beinahe täglich erhöht sich die Zahl der Opfer, die angeben, von Savile sexuell überwältigt worden zu sein. Letzter Stand: 300, alles gravierende Fälle.

Opfer und Betroffene sexuellen Missbrauchs durch Angehörige der katholischen Kirche im Bistum Trier



Homburg, Johanneum: "Sie haben lange geschwiegen. Erst aus Ohnmacht, später um sich und ihre Familien zu schützen..."

Becoming a Priest at an Unpopular Time

Boston Daily

BY Patrick Doyle POSTED ON 10/31/2012

When I first started reporting for my story “Resurrection,” I was hoping to understand what seemed like a straightforward question: Who wants to become a priest in 2012?

After all, a man who decides to become a priest is choosing a profession at a time when its public reputation has never been lower. Fifty years ago, Catholic priests were pillars of the community: trusted, holy men of integrity. Today, they’re widely seen as a group of odd, lonely, and sexually-repressed men who abuse children at an alarmingly high rate. In 2002, a Wall-Street Journal-NBC News poll showed that 64 percent of people thought priests “frequently” abuse children. Clearly, that’s a number inflated by anger over the abuse scandal, but still, various studies and reports have shown that somewhere between 4 percent and 10 percent of American priests between 1950 and 2003 were accused of sexually assaulting children. The Catholic Church has taken many measures to stop the abuse, including instituting stricter screenings and immediately reporting allegations to the police, but the fact remains that most people still don’t trust priests like they used to.

The Church is well aware of its public-relations problem. As Father Chris O’Connor, the vice-rector at St. John’s Seminary, is fond of saying: “Priests are like airplanes. Most of them take off and land, take off and land, and everything’s fine. You only hear about the ones who crash.”

The past decade has seen a lot of terrible crashes, and in the six months while I was reporting the story, there were a few bad ones. In July, Monsignor William Lynn of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was sentenced to three to six years of prison time for allowing abuse to occur. And locally, Father Andrzej J. Urbaniak, a priest in South Boston, was arrested in August for possessing child pornography. The crashes, unfortunately, will probably continue.

Pastor Abused, School Fired Her, Teacher Says

Courthouse News Service


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CN) - A Christian school fired a fifth-grade teacher after she complained that its pastor forced her to have sex with him in the back seat of his car, the woman claims in court.

The woman, T, sued Christ Chapel Assemblies of God its former pastor Jonathan Gray, in Federal Court.

She claims Gray used his position to force her into having a nonconsensual sexual relationship with him and the church fired her for reporting him.

T claims that soon after Gray began counseling her for problems with her husband, he made unwanted advances to her and touched and kissed her.

Wisconsin priest named auxiliary bishop in Bolivia

National Catholic Reporter

by Catholic News Service | Oct. 31, 2012

Vatican City --
Pope Benedict XVI has named a Wisconsin-born missionary, Fr. Robert H. Flock, to be an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Flock, who will celebrate his 56th birthday Nov. 4, has served at Santa Cruz Parish in the Archdiocese of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, since 1988. The parish was founded by priests from the Diocese of La Crosse, Wis., in the 1950s.

The Vatican announced the new assignment for Flock, a La Crosse priest and native of Sparta, Wis., on Wednesday.

Since 2000, Flock has served as pastor of Santa Cruz Parish and as the head of formation for young priests in the Bolivian archdiocese. He also has been vicar general of the archdiocese since 2003.


Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, (VIS) - The Holy Father: ...

- Appointed Fr. Robert Herman Flock Bever of the clergy of the diocese of La Crosse, U.S.A., pastor of the parish of "La Santa Cruz" and formator of young clergy in the Bolivian archdiocese of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, as auxiliary of the archdiocese of Cochabamba (area 32,306, population 1,668,000, Catholics 1,534,000, priests 307, permanent deacons 28, religious 1,295), Bolivia The bishop-elect was born in Sparta, U.S.A., in 1954 and ordained a priest in 1982. He has worked in pastoral care, first in his American diocese then in Bolivia after moving there as a "fidei donum" priest in 1988.

Austrian priests share our concerns

Association of Catholic Priests

Sean McDonagh reports on the AGM of the Austrian priests’ initiative, Pfarrer, at which he represented the ACP and conveys the thoughts of Fr. Helmüt Schueller, one of Pfarrer’s leaders.

I arrived in Vienna on October 19th 2012 to attend the Annual General Meeting of PFARRER –Initiative (parish priests initiative) I met Fr. Helmüt Schueller, one of the leaders of the Initiative at midday and we proceeded to St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the centre of the city. Over coffee Helmüt told me how the Initiative began in 2006. It arose because many priests felt that the Austrian Bishops and the Holy See are not addressing the serious crises which are affecting the Catholic Church right across the globe, but particularly in Austria. Furthermore, Helmüt argues that the Catholic Church shows little respect for the dignity of the baptized and refuses to allow priests and lay people to have any genuine involvement in the decision making processes of the Catholic Church.

In 2008, a number of priests associated with the movement went to Rome. They met with officials at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). One of the senior officials agreed that none of the positions taken by the movement were heretical. However, a younger official declared that almost everything the movement was looking for was heretical.

Membership of the Initiative is open to all priests, including those who have left active ministry. The number of members now stands at around 500 priests out of a total of 3,000 priests in Austria. As we sipped coffee, Helmüt told me that research conducted by Professor Paul Zulehner shows that more than 75 percent of the priests in Austria actually support the aims of the Initiative. They are often afraid to join, as it may affect their career paths in the Church. It seems that anyone associated with the Initiative will not be nominated as a dean in any of the Austrian dioceses

Parish in shock as priest found dead in home

Irish Examiner

By Seán McCárthaigh

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The town of Ballina has been rocked by the sudden death of a local priest in what is believed to be the first case in recent years of a Catholic cleric in Ireland taking his own life.

Residents in the Co Mayo town yesterday expressed shock at news of the death of Fr Muredach Tuffy, a popular curate and director of the Newman Institute — an educational centre known as Ballina’s "Catholic university". ...

Enniskillen-based priest and well-known broadcaster Fr Brian D’Arcy spoke earlier this week about the pressures of being a priest in Ireland amid the fallout of various clerical sexual abuse scandals, as well as grappling with controversial Church teaching on issues such as clerical celibacy, contraception, and homosexuality.

The Association of Catholic Priests yesterday expressed disappointment and sadness at the response of the Hierarchy to their request for greater engagement with the group about the future of the Church.

The organisation claimed there was often a "palpable sense of dejection, depression and sometimes almost despair when clergy gather as a group".

Former priest facing more charges

ABC News

Another alleged victim of a defrocked Hunter Valley priest has gone to police, complaining of child sex abuse.

70-year-old John Sidney Denham is already accused of abusing 14 boys in the 1970s, mainly at a Newcastle Catholic High School.

Newcastle Local Court has today been told of another alleged victim from the same school.

The defrocked priest is now facing 51 charges including indecent assault and buggery, after two additional charges were laid.

American Jesuit Sex Abuser was Chaplain to British Boys Boarding School

What They Knew

Newly uncovered documents reveal twice convicted and imprisoned Chicago Jesuit Donald McGuire SJ began his ministry not in America, but in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s as an associate pastor in Manchester, England. His departure from that post remains unexplained. But given McGuire’s history, superior performance was not likely the factor which lead to his leaving this pastoral position in less than a year. As we have previously uncovered, documents written by his superiors from 1959 have labeled McGuire ‘unfit’ for the priesthood. This fact may in part explain his superiors’ decision to send him outside the US and to the UK, Austria and Germany in 1961 after his ordination.

During this same period, Donald McGuire SJ also travelled frequently to Ireland, giving over six retreats to nuns and laity. Following his departure from Manchester, the Jesuit priest fled the UK and reappeared in Austria and Germany one year later as a part-time military chaplain to British and US soldiers. McGuire being a chaplain to the Anglo-American soldiers is not entirely surprising. As shown HERE, there is a lengthy list of “problem” priests relegated to military service.

What is surprising is the letter below to his Provincial at the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus. The document shows the convicted Jesuit child sex abuser worked as the chaplain to a British boys boarding school in Hamm, Germany in 1962. McGuire conducted retreats for children as young as 7-8 years old, boys 14-17 years old, soldiers serving abroad and engaged in hospital work.

Bisdom vrijuit in seksaffaire

Dagblad De Limburger

Het bisdom Roermond hoeft geen schadevergoeding te betalen aan Elvira, de ex-vriendin van de inmiddels overleden Gulpense deken Joep Haffmans.

Door Maurice Ubags

Elvira had van 1995 tot 2004 een relatie met Haffmans (foto). Ze leerde hem kennen toen ze hulp bij hem zocht. Na afloop van de relatie zei Elvira dat er sprake was geweest van seksueel misbruik; dat de deken haar de ziekte herpes had bezorgd, haar had mishandeld en met de dood bedreigd en haar had betrokken in fraude met kerkgelden. Voor de rechtbank in Maastricht eiste ze een voorschot van 25.000 euro aan smartengeld en schadevergoeding voor medische kosten en verlies van arbeidsvermogen. Elvira betoogde dat het bisdom verantwoordelijk is voor de daden van Haffmans en had nagelaten tijdig in te grijpen. De rechtbank vindt dat het bisdom niet aansprakelijk is. De claim van Elvira struikelt vooral op de lange duur van de relatie. Daardoor kan volgens de rechter ‘niet meer worden staande gehouden dat er sprake is van onrechtmatigheid’.

Cardinal snubs plea by liberal priests for meeting

Irish Independent

By Breda Heffernan

Wednesday October 31 2012

CARDINAL Sean Brady has refused to meet a group of reforming priests in the latest snub from the church hierarchy to its own members.

The Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), which has more than 1,000 members, has published correspondence it sent to the cardinal seeking a meeting with bishops to discuss the future of the church.

In response, the Bishops' Conference executive secretary Fr G Dullea said the hierarchy had decided that engagement with the ACP should happen at local level.

The council is organised on diocesan level and involves priests meeting several times a year to discuss issues and then report to their local bishop. It does not allow for the ACP as a group to meet face-to-face with bishops.

It is the latest snub to the ACP after bishops in the west of Ireland refused to attend an assembly of priests and lay people in Galway last month and signals that relations between the hierarchy and the ACP are at a new low.

Advance bishop

U.S. Catholic

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bryan Cones

Moving a bishop should be more than an ecclesiastical game of chess.

Climbing the corporate ladder in our business-driven culture is generally applauded. Who doesn’t want the corner office, the big salary, and the perks of joining the true “company men” (who are still usually men, after all)? Staying in the same job or with the same company for too long can suggest a lack of ambition, and it certainly doesn’t improve one’s marketability.

So influential is this supremely American and capitalist value that it may be creeping even into the church. Consider, for instance, the recent move of Bishop Salvatore Cordileone from “lowly” Oakland, California to his new post across the bay as archbishop of San Francisco. A number of observers have speculated about whether his ecclesiastical “ascent” may have been fueled by his outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage in California, and specifically his support of Proposition 8, the 2008 voter initiative that overturned a California Supreme Court decision that legalized such unions.

“Cordileone was the first to step up to the plate,” said Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund in the Los Angeles Times. “That’s why his career has skyrocketed.” LiMandri worked closely with Cordileone on the Proposition 8 campaign.

Former pastor admits filming teenage girl

New Zealand Herald

By Matthew Backhouse

7:59 PM Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

A Kaitaia evangelical church leader who secretly filmed a teenage girl and a woman has pleaded guilty to a raft of sex-related charges.

Eric Clifford Reid, 63, stood down as pastor of the Kaitaia Family Church after two complainants came forward with allegations he recorded them without their consent.

He pleaded guilty to 25 charges of making intimate visual recordings and 24 charges of possessing intimate visual recordings when he appeared in Kaikohe District Court today.

The Kaitaia community has been shocked by a string of sex allegations this year, including against a prominent businessman and a school teacher who face separate charges of sexually abusing boys.

Ex-pastor admits sex-related charges

Otago Daily Times

By Matthew Backhouse on Wed, 31 Oct 2012

A Kaitaia evangelical church leader who secretly filmed a teenage girl and a woman has pleaded guilty to a raft of sex-related charges.

Eric Clifford Reid, 63, stood down as pastor of the Kaitaia Family Church after two complainants came forward with allegations he recorded them without their consent.

He pleaded guilty to 25 charges of making intimate visual recordings and 24 charges of possessing intimate visual recordings when he appeared in Kaikohe District Court today.

The Kaitaia community has been shocked by a string of sex allegations this year, including against a prominent businessman and a school teacher who face separate charges of sexually abusing boys.

Witness in Boonville priest sex abuse case recalls years of abuse


BY Ben Nadler

BOONVILLE — Mark McAllister hasn’t seen Gerald Howard in nearly 25 years.

On Wednesday, McAllister hopes to see him again, this time from the witness stand. McAllister is expected to testify against Howard, a former priest at the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Boonville, who is accused of using his position of authority to systematically abuse and sexually molest McAllister and other boys.

Howard is charged with three counts of forcible sodomy, three counts of attempted forcible sodomy, and two counts of kidnapping and terrorizing for incidents that were alleged to have occurred between September 1983 and June 1988. Howard is being held on $1.5 million bond.

According to previous Missourian reporting, Howard, formerly known by the name Carmen Sita, was a priest in New Jersey where he was charged with sexual contact with a minor in September 1982 and pleaded guilty in 1983.

October 30, 2012

Bishops decline meeting

Irish Times

McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent

IRELAND’S CATHOLIC bishops have declined to meet the Association of Catholic Priests’ leadership team, saying any such engagement “would best take place at local level by using established structures such as the Council of Priests”.

The ACP team said yesterday it was “both disappointed and saddened by this response”.

It found it “hard to understand why, in this time of great difficulty for the Irish church, neither the bishops as a body, or any individual bishop, is willing to meet with an association that has a membership of over 1,000 priests”.

It noted the Catholic primate “Cardinal Seán Brady, in a letter to the ACP on May 1st of this year, wrote: ‘The ACP has already met representatives of the bishops and also attended a meeting of a Commission of the Episcopal Conference and we expect that there will be ongoing meetings of this nature’.” No such ‘ongoing’ meetings have taken place.”

Milwaukee child sex offender pediatrician ...

SNAP Wisconsini

Milwaukee child sex offender pediatrician surrenders medical license, disturbing questions remain

Statement by John Pilmaier, SNAP Wisconsin Director (Milwaukee)

CONTACT: 414.336.8575

Today Dr. Thomas Kowalski, a high profile Milwaukee pediatrician, has surrendered his license to practice medicine after the Wisconsin State Medical Board launched an investigation of him for sexually assaulting boys as a Boy Scout official and physician in the 1980’s. Kowalski’s admissions were found in secret files being maintained by the Boy Scouts national headquarters that were court ordered for public release last month. Since then additional information and complaints are
surfacing about Kowalski, and it is likely that there may be potentially many victims of the pediatrician both in the Milwaukee community, but also around the world, since Kowalski traveled as a medical missionary.

But Kowalski is clearly not the only person that needs to be investigated. Disturbing questions remain in this case. According to the Boy Scouts file, Kowalski’s admissions were reported to the Medical Board who apparently cut a secret deal with him that, if he went into “counseling”, there would be no action or record in his medical file. How could individuals on the Medical Board allow an admitted child molester to have continual, daily, private access to hundreds, if not thousands of children over the course of his career?

KC priest lawsuit dismissed – for now

The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star

Lawyers on Tuesday dismissed a sexual abuse lawsuit against three Catholic priests in a two-year-old case that captured national attention.

But the case is far from over.

Instead, it is being put on hold while lawyers ask an appeals court to reinstate the local Catholic diocese as a defendant. After that, plaintiff John Doe B.P. plans to re-file the lawsuit and resume litigation.

The delay also gives a reprieve to the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which had been ordered to turn over records in the case. A hearing had been scheduled for Tuesday at which Jackson County Circuit Judge Ann Mesle was to decide whether the group’s national director was in contempt of court for failing to produce records in the case.

Dismissal of case against Kansas City priest lets SNAP off hook

National Catholic Reporter

by Joshua J. McElwee | Oct. 30, 2012

Kansas City, Mo. --
The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is off the legal hook -- for now.

For months, the leading advocacy group for U.S. clergy sex abuse victims has been part of a legal saga in county court here after a judge ordered the group to give access to 23 years of internal documents and files to lawyers defending priests accused of abuse.

The case, which centers around a Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., diocesan priest accused of abuse, sparked the possibility that the group and its executive director, David Clohessy, might be found in contempt for withholding some of the requested documents.

On Tuesday, however, lawyers for both the plaintiff and the man he accuses of abuse, Fr. Michael Tierney, announced in Jackson County, Mo., Circuit Court they had agreed to dismiss the case pending an appeal to higher courts on other issues.

Prosecutors: Pastor used faith to exploit children in sex trafficking case


By Mark I. Johnson

Published: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ORLANDO -- Opening statements began Tuesday morning in the trial of an Ormond Beach pastor who federal prosecutors called a serial sexual predator who molested children in a child sex trafficking case.

The defense for Luis E. Morales said the allegations are “outlandish” claims of children with no physical evidence or witnesses to back them up.

Morales, 58, sat quietly as Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gable laid out the prosecution's case claiming he used his position as the self-proclaimed "apostle" of the En Fuego For Jesus ministry to fondle, and in one case rape four little girls between the ages of 10 and 14.

She said Morales taught the victims that to become “ordained prophets” in the church they had to accept this abuse.

IN - Pastor alleged to have abused handicapped child, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 29, 2012

An Indiana pastor has been arrested for abusing a handicapped 14-year-old girl.

The allegations against Robert Haywood are incredibly disturbing, and our hearts grieve for this alleged victim and her family. Crimes against the mentally handicapped are troubling and must be treated with extra care.

This trial is sure to be a long and grueling process, both for Haywood and his alleged victim. While these proceedings are ongoing, we urge members of Haywood’s congregation, as well has his neighbors and his family, to avoid public demonstrations of support. It is completely understandable to want to show support for your pastor and friend, but such public displays only serve to frighten victims and witnesses into silence.

We urge Haywood’s supporters to bring him home-cooked meals, visit him in his home and pray together in private, but to avoid shaming the victim in public. We urge anyone who may have any details about this case to come forward and make a report to police.

Religious exemption at some Florida children's homes shields prying eyes

Tampa Bay Times

By Alexandra Zayas, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, October 28, 2012

They shaved him bald that first morning in 2008, put him in an orange jumpsuit and made him exercise past dark.

Through the night, as he slept on the floor, they forced him awake for more.

The sun had not yet risen over the Christian military home when Samson Lehman collapsed for the sixth time. Still, he said, they made him run.

The screaming, the endless exercise, it was all in the name of God, a necessary step at the Gateway Christian Military Academy on the path to righteousness.

So when Samson vomited, they threw him a rag. When his urine turned red, they said that was normal.

By Day 3, the 15-year-old was on the verge of death, his dehydrated organs shutting down.

Slumped against a wall, cold and immobile, Lehman recalls men who recited Scripture calling him a wimp. And he thought: Maybe, if I die here, someone will shut this place down.

Not in Florida.

In this state, unlicensed religious homes can abuse children and go on operating for years. Almost 30 years ago, Florida legislators passed a law eliminating state oversight of children's homes that claim government rules hamper their religious practices.

Priests call on hierarchy to help save Church from 'effective collapse'

RTE News

The Association of Catholic Priests has called for all groups within the Irish church to join in planning how to save it from "effective collapse" in 20 years' time.

The ACP has asked the hierarchy to join priests and lay-people to discuss the future of the church in light of the decline in the number of priests.

It has called for the reality of the situation to be communicated to Rome and for space to be created at parish, diocesan and national level for discussion of the crisis.

Primate of All Ireland Seán Brady has been told that clerical gatherings are often characterised by dejection, depression and sometimes, almost despair.

Priests in Rajasthan rape woman, arrested

Deccan Herald

Police have arrested two priests of a temple at Shivsinghpura near Shahpura in Jaipur district for kidnapping and raping a married woman in their chamber on the temple premises.

The woman in her complaint said the two temple priests forcefully confined her in their chamber and sexually assaulted her for three days. The police have arrested them.

Police said arrested Ashadas, 25, was the priest of Durgamatha Mandir while Shravan Kumar was the priest of adjacent Thakurji temple.

The victim is a resident of nearby village. While she was working in a field on Oct14 the accused made her target and took her to a room in the temple after gagging her, they added.

Milwaukee Federal appeals judge rules fraud claims against archdiocese can move forward

SNAP Wisconsin

Statement by Peter Isely, SNAP Midwest Director
CONTACT: 414.429.7259

Today Milwaukee Federal Judge Rudolph Randa has rejected the appeal of Archbishop Jerome
Listecki and his lawyers to throw out of court the claims of 570victim/survivors who have filed for restitution in Federal Bankruptcy court as a result of being raped and sexually assaulted by clergy, employees or volunteers of the Archdiocese. Attorneys for survivors and the Creditors Committee had successfully argued in February before Federal Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley that claims should be allowed to proceed because there was sufficient evidence that the archdiocese had committed decades of fraud by intentionally concealing and transferring scores of known child molesting clerics.

In a letter to Randa dated October 22, 2012 the archdiocese made clear exactly what its intentions are in regards to victim/survivors. “The Archdiocese strongly believes that all the claims” wrote Francis H. LoCoco, Counsel for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, “including those that are subject of the New Objections and Appeals, are not allowable under applicable bankruptcy law.” In other words, the archdiocese wants every single claim tossed out of court. Why, then, did they file for bankruptcy in the first place, urge victims to come forward and file claims, and then spend 7.2 million dollars on lawyers and consultants? Clearly, the archdiocese’s intention all along was to stop the growing number of fraud cases from being successfully filed in Wisconsin civil courts, where victim/survivors would have their chance for justice, and instead use the Federal court to circumvent the state courts.

Kabinet biedt excuses aan voor seksueel misbruik in jeugdzorg

NRC Handelsblad

door Jeannine Julen

Minister Ivo Opstelten (Veiligheid en Justitie) bood vandaag aan de slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik in de jeugdzorg namens het kabinet zijn excuses aan. Dit deed hij tijdens een bijeenkomst in Utrecht van vertegenwoordigers van slachtoffers, meldt de NOS. Hij werd hierbij ondersteund door staatssecretarissen Teeven en Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

Buitengewoon betreurenswaardig noemde Opstelten het misbruik. De minister:

“Als overheid die verantwoordelijk is voor het stelsel willen wij namens het kabinet excuses aanbieden aan iedere volwassene en ieder kind die dat is overkomen.”

Student adviser sentenced to one year in prison for molesting two boys at school for deaf

Norwalk Reflector

Norwalk Reflector Staff

Oct 29, 2012

A Cincinnati judge has sentenced a student adviser to one year in prison after he pled guilty to molesting at least two boys at a school for the deaf.

Joshua Bort, 24, who worked as a resident adviser for St. Rita School for the Deaf during the 2011-2012 school year and was immediately dismissed from his position after one of the students shared information about the abuse with the school counselor.

In September in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, Bort pleaded guilty to gross sexual imposition and sexual imposition in exchange for prosecutors dropping two other similar charges. He could have faced up to two years in prison when he was sentenced Oct. 23.

"We are glad that the judge in this case decided that, rather allowing an admitted child molester to freely walk the streets, children would be safer with this predator behind bars," said Barbara Dorris, outreach director for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP). "By giving Josh Bort prison time instead of simply allowing him to get off with probation, the judge is sending a harsh and clear message that child abuse will not be tolerated.

‘My Worst Nightmare’: Falsely Accused Priest Bemoans Slow Church Response


A number of Irish media outlets have previously relayed the ordeal of Rev. Oliver Brennan, a priest who was falsely accused of sex abuse dating back some thirty years earlier.

However, as the Irish Catholic newspaper now reports, while Brennan feels "a great sense of relief" for having been exonerated of an accusation he always vehemently denied, the priest believes that Church authorities did not fully support him during his difficult time.

When Brennan was first accused in August 2010, his case was referred to law enforcement, and the priest voluntarily removed himself from ministry while declaring that the allegations were completely "false and groundless."

'Apostle' on trial for child sex abuse

Orlando Sentinel

October 29, 2012
By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel

Opening statements are slated to begin Tuesday in Orlando federal court in the case against a gangster turned self-proclaimed "Apostle," accused of sexually abusing children he made "prophets" in his ministry.

Authorities say Luis "Tito" Morales groomed victims through En Fuego for Jesus, a ministry he and wife, Linda Morales, started out of their Ormond Beach home in 2003.

Through En Fuego, Tito Morales and Linda Morales — a self-proclaimed prophet — tried to recruit people throughout Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and Honduras.

Tito Morales is accused of grooming a 12-year-old for sex, and told her that in order to continue in the church that she needed to "service him" as the "Apostle," according to a transcript of a May 17 initial appearance hearing.

Morales took the child to Connecticut, and while on the trip, molested her, according to documents in the case.

Minister Charged With Sexually Abusing a Child

NewsWest 9

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A trusted minister in the community has been charged with sexually abusing a child.

Police tell NewsWest 9, 70-year-old Samuel Lyte of Big Spring was not only charged for indecency but also continuing sexual abuse and fabricating physical evidence.

Although we don't know the details of the situation those who know Lyte say he was currently serving as a youth minister at Mount Bethel Baptist Church.

Judge lets archdiocese bankruptcy abuse ruling stand

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

[court document]

By Annysa Johnson of the Journal Sentinel

A federal judge on Monday handed partial victories to both the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the sex abuse victims who make up the vast majority of creditors in its bankruptcy.

The ruling, by U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa, lets stand a February decision by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley dismissing one victim's claim and allowing two others to move forward, at least for now.

The three cases were seen as test cases in which the archdiocese argued that a significant number of victims of clergy sexual abuse had enough information on the church's handling of cases to have filed fraud claims years earlier, and that the statute of limitations expired before those victims stepped forward. It also sought to exclude cases that involve religious offenders, teachers and others it does not consider its employees, and cases where the victims received prior settlements.

A decision to dismiss all three cases would have opened the door for the archdiocese to remove most of the 574 sex abuse claims involved in the bankruptcy proceedings, victims and their attorneys have said.

Vatican condemns sex abuse in wake of Jimmy Savile revelations

Catholic News Agency

Vatican City, Oct 30, 2012 / 04:05 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican has reiterated condemnation of sexual abuse following allegations against deceased British TV star Jimmy Savile, who during his life was given a papal knighthood for his charity work.

“The Holy See condemns in the strongest terms the heinous crimes of sexual abuse of children, takes very seriously what has come to light about Jimmy Savile,” said Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi on Oct. 27.

“It is deeply saddened that a person who is stained in this way could in his lifetime be proposed for an honor by the Holy See, which, in the light of what has been learned recently, certainly should not have been given.”

Pastor denies sex offenses with teen girl



A pastor based in Gallia County, Ohio is denying charges that he committed sex offenses involving a youth at his church.

David A. Young, 46, pleaded not guilty Oct. 22 to 20 counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor stemming from alleged incidents with a girl while she was 13 and 14, according to court records and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Young was arrested earlier this month at the Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church in Rio Grande, Ohio, where he is a pastor, according to the attorney general’s office.

Another sexual assault case hits Kaitaia

The Farming Show

By: Dana Kinita | Latest Crime News | Tuesday October 30 2012

Kaitaia has been rocked with another sexual assault case against young boys.

A prominent businessman, who has name suppression, has been arrested on 16 charges of indecent assault involving four boys under the age of 16.

The 33-year-old is to appear in the Kaitaia District Court on Thursday.

The small town is already dealing with former deputy principal James Parker admitting to 49 charges of sexual abuse on young boys and church pastor Eric Reid charged with sexual related offences.

Disgraced Minister Ordered to Pay $1 Million for Sexual Abuse


Posted October 30, 2012 in Jury Awards by Sylvia Hsieh

Sexual molestation by church leaders continues to be exposed as a widespread scourge, but their victims are finally getting justice in court.

In the most recent example, a former youth minister in Alabama who had been convicted of sexually abusing a 15 year-old girl has now been been ordered to pay $1 million to his victim.

William David Webb, was a youth minister and executive pastor at the Word of Life Christian Center, where his father, Scott Webb, served as senior pastor at the church. In 2009, he pled guilty for transporting a minor across state lines for purposes of sex. Webb is serving a five-year federal prison sentence.

His victim, Barbara Elizabeth Echols, who is now 24 and married, filed a civil lawsuit against Webb accusing him of sexually assaulting and sexually abusing her beginning when she was 15 years old.

October 29, 2012

Sex abuse accusations by teen stir uproar in Brooklyn Hasidic sect

New York Daily News


Monday, October 29, 2012

THE MOST high-profile sex abuse trial in years to hit Brooklyn’s insular ultra-Orthodox community is scheduled to begin this week. But hundreds of Satmar Hasids are backing the suspect, not the victim.

Nechemya Weberman, 53, is charged with 88 counts of sexual misconduct for allegedly forcing a teenage girl to repeatedly perform sex acts on him when she was between 12 and 15.

Weberman is a prominent Hasidic counselor, whose ancestor is credited with founding the first yeshiva in Brooklyn.

“It’s going to be a very interesting trial,” said one of the seven attorneys who will argue Weberman’s high-stakes case. All are bound by a judge’s gag order, and declined to discuss details.

Since coming forward last year, the woman, now 18, and her husband have allegedly been the target of a massive intimidation effort, which advocates have argued has long been an obstacle to reporting such cases in the community. More than 1,000 men showed up at a Williamsburg hall this spring to raise $500,000 for Weberman’s legal defense.

Full Stop?

National Survivor Advocates Coalition

The Pope’s butler has begun serving an 18 month sentence which will consist of being in a small cell in the Vatican police headquarters “during the day.” No mention of where he’ll be at night.

The Vatican statement about the verdict said, “it puts a full stop to the end of a sad affair which has had very painful consequences.”

Here’s the link:

Interesting phrase the Vatican Secretariat of State chose for the statement – “full stop”.

When is the Vatican scheduling a “full stop” on the sexual predators among its clergy and nuns and the bishops, diocesan job holders, cardinals, curial officials, and popes who covered up the abuse?

The roadmap to that full stop should begin in Kansas City, Missouri where the criminally convicted Bishop Robert Finn remains in office – and then continue on a world wide arc to Australia where the truth is being uncovered by a government inquiry, then careen back to Ireland, Belgium, and Canada before circling the United States again as victims have to battle and re-battle their way through the bankruptcy settlement in Milwaukee.

Federal District Judge...

Jeff Anderson & Associates

Federal District Judge Allows Archdiocese of Milwaukee Bankruptcy Cases to Move Forward

[court document]

Statement of Jeff Anderson

Contact Jeff Anderson: Mobile 612.817.8665 Office 651.227.9990
Contact Mike Finnegan: 651.227.9990

“The Order of Judge Randa allowing the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy cases to move forward on the basis of fraud is positive news for all those survivors seeking relief from the horrors they endured as vulnerable children, and for that reason, we are pleased.

We are sad that one of the survivor’s claims has been dismissed and for that we need to try to do what we can to rectify that at a later time and place. For now the journey continues. We remain hopeful. We remain positive. We remain resolute that working with each of the survivors individually and collectively the process can bring a measure of disclosure, exposure and then some closure.

For now, we stand ready to work with each survivor to fight the next round of battles as the Archdiocese attempts to pick off these claims one by one, and at the same time, expend enormous resources pleading a bankruptcy estate. Indeed, we remain absolutely perplexed that they have chosen not to pursue what appears to us to be an enormous amount of insurance available that could, if pursued aggressively and jointly, provide for full and fair compensation for the survivors and not interrupt the ministry of the Archdiocese.

Assignment Record – Bishop James Stephen Sullivan

BishopAccountability.org - Assignment Record

Summary of Case: A priest of the Lansing diocese ordained in 1955, Sullivan was elevated to Auxiliary Bishop in 1972, then to Bishop of Fargo in 1985. Sullivan was accused in 2002 of fondling a high school-aged boy in 1966, after the boy disclosed to him that a religious brother had sexually abused him. Sullivan denied the accusations, and diocesan officials stated they did not believe the accuser because he had not come forward sooner. Sullivan retired in March 2002 due to symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. He died in June 2006.

Ordained: 1955
Incardinated: Lansing, MI
Ordained bishop: Sept. 21, 1972
Installed bishop of Fargo: May 30, 1985
Retired: March 18, 2002
Died: June 12, 2006

UPDATE: Police say Warsaw pastor had sex with handicapped minor

South Bend Tribune


South Bend Tribune

A Warsaw pastor is accused of having sex with a handicapped teenager. His family says he didn’t do it, but court documents say otherwise.

Robert Haywood, 77, is now facing three felony charges for alleged sexual encounters he had with a 14-year-old girl. According to court documents, the victim has cerebral palsy.

Investigators say the first incident happened in the basement at Harvest Time Ministries church in Pierceton – when Haywood allegedly kissed then touched the girl inappropriately.

According to court documents, the second incident – sexual intercourse – happened in the woods behind the victim’s Warsaw home June 20, in Haywood’s truck.

“It is hard to believe because he's an extremely nice guy,” said 17-year-old Christopher Stetzel who lives next door to Haywood on Washington Street in Warsaw.

Warsaw jolted by pastor’s sex count

The Journal Gazette

Archie Ingersoll | The Journal Gazette

The pastor of a Warsaw church was jailed Friday on allegations he had sex with a 14-year-old girl with physical and mental disabilities, according to the Warsaw Police Department.

Robert Haywood, 77, was arrested at his Warsaw home early Friday. He was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail on a charge of sexual battery and two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Police said Haywood, pastor of Harvest Time Ministries Church, touched the girl sexually in mid-June in the basement of the church at 4934 E. Pierceton Road. In late June, he fondled the girl and had sex with her in a vehicle in a wooded area in Warsaw, police said.

Warsaw detectives started investigating the case in July. The girl’s “significant” disabilities enhanced the charges against Haywood, police said.

Pastor accused of sexual misconduct with mentally and physically handicapped 14-year-old girl


WARSAW, Ind. (WANE) - A Warsaw man was arrested Friday morning after allegedly engaging in inappropriate and illegal sexual acts with a mentally and physically handicapped 14-year-old girl.

Robert Haywood, 77, of Warsaw, is a pastor at Harvest Time Ministries Church.

The allegations against Haywood indicate the assault started in June 2012 in the church's basement.

Police said a second incident, involving sexual fondling and alleged intercourse, occurred in a vehicle in a wooded area in Warsaw in late June.

Showing support for LCWR during these trying times

National Catholic Reporter

by Richard McBrien | Oct. 29, 2012 Essays in Theology

It's old news by now, but I want to add my name to the already long list of people who have supported the Leadership Conference of Women Religious against the Vatican and its allies in North America.

The nuns have been in the forefront of the struggle to keep the spirit and the letter of the Second Vatican Council alive, not only in religious communities of women but also in the Catholic church at large.

Unfortunately, LCWR is a scapegoat for everything the right wing in the Catholic church loathes. One should recognize that ultra-conservatives exist in the highest ranks of the Vatican, excluding no ecclesiastical office in the church.

Ipswich/Kirton/ Hadleigh: Sentencing date set for sex abuse priest John Haley Dossor


By Colin Adwent Crime correspondent Monday, October 29, 2012

A date has been set for the sentencing of a retired priest who has admitted a total of six sex assaults on two youths.

Father John Haley Dossor, of Kirton, near Felixstowe, abused the two males aged between 13 and 17 during indecent assaults dating back 20 years.

The incidents occurred when Dossor was based at St Mary’s Church in Hadleigh.

The 71-year-old pleaded guilty to six indecent assaults at Ipswich Crown Court two weeks ago.

Judge David Goodin said he would be transferring the case to Norwich Crown Court for sentencing as Dossor may have been known to people at the former Ipswich Crown Court in Civic Drive. The judge said in light of Dossor’s work at St Mary at the Elms in Elm Street, Ipswich, he felt it would be more sensible to transfer the case to another court.

Anger as Catholic website shares name of abuse survivors' site

The Age

October 30, 2012

Barney Zwartz

IN WHAT victims of clergy sex abuse fear is a deliberate slight or something more sinister, the Salesian Catholic religious order is running a website with the same name as the world's biggest group of clergy abuse survivors.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, plans to ask the Salesians to change the name of their Salesian News Australia Pacific, also SNAP.

SNAP Australia co-leader Mark Fabbro said yesterday that the victims' group, which has 12,000 members worldwide and was set up in the late 1980s, saw it as an attempt to make it hard for people reaching out for help to find the SNAP support website. ''We don't want victims ending on the Salesian website when they need support,'' he said.

But, last night, the Australia-Pacific head of the Salesians said the order intended no affront and would consider changing the website title to avoid confusion.

OH - Student advisor sentenced to one year in prison, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 29, 2012

A Cincinnati judge has sentenced a student advisor to one year in prison after he pled guilty to molesting at least two boys at a school for the deaf.

We are glad that the judge in this case decided that, rather allowing an admitted child molester to freely walk the streets, children would be safer with this predator behind bars. By giving Josh Bort prison time instead of simply allowing him to get off with probation, the judge is sending a harsh and clear message that child abuse will not be tolerated.

We applaud the victims in this case for speaking out against Bort and exposing his crimes. School officials at St. Rita’s should immediately seek out others who Bort may have hurt. Now that Bort is behind bars, perhaps those who were too afraid to come forward earlier will find the strength and courage to break their silence.

Virtuele pedoporno als remedie


Seksuoloog Erik van Beek spreekt regelmatig mannen die zich seksueel aangetrokken voelen tot kinderen. De overgrote meerderheid van deze mannen worstelt enorm met deze gevoelens. Vaak is hun leven ook op andere terreinen - relatie, werk - in het slop geraakt door de stress. .

Een spanning die nog eens vergroot wordt als de man in kwestie belangstelling heeft voor plaatjes waarop zijn voorkeur expliciet wordt afgebeeld. Dat hoeft lang niet altijd, overigens. Maar wie wel taalt naar kinderporno, zit met een groot probleem. Want het is strafbaar.

Fr Brian D'Arcy asks: 'Will I still be allowed to stay a priest?'

BBC News

Father Brian D'Arcy, one of Ireland's best known priests, is pondering his future.

A documentary, the Turbulent Priest, charts his 50 years as a member of the Passionist Congregation and as a priest who is regularly in the public spotlight.

But Fr D'Arcy, a broadcaster and newspaper columnist, was censured by the Vatican in April 2012.

From then on, it is understood his newspaper column was run past a Church censor.

St. Rita's molester gets unusual sentence


[Investigating Deaf Child abuse at St. Rita School for the Deaf - YouTube]

Oct 23, 2012

As a resident adviser at St. Rita’s School for the Deaf, Joshua Bort was supposed to be an example for the students.

Without even a prior traffic ticket, the 25-year-old was a good example, school officials thought, especially after Bort told them a student was responsible for the alcohol and marijuana found at the school.

An investigation, though, revealed that Bort brought the alcohol and drugs into the school – and was using them to molest students, including the one he falsely blamed initially.

In an unusual move, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman sent Bort, 25, of Maineville, to prison Tuesday for one year. The sentence was unusual because Bort pleaded guilty and the crimes carried the presumption of probation, making prison unlikely.

Fresh allegations made against Irish order priests working in Africa

Irish Central

IrishCentral Staff Writer

Published Monday, October 29, 2012

The religious order that runs some of Ireland’s biggest schools has been rocked by fresh allegations of child sex abuse in Africa.

The Irish Times reports that the Spiritans religious congregation has been hit by new allegations of abuse carried out by members while they were in ministry at schools in Africa.

The order has confirmed to the paper that the accounts of several victims contained in the report are consistent with reports they have received about named priests.

A spokesman told the Irish Times: “The congregation in Ireland expresses profound regret. The content of the reports is consistent with complaints that we have received about the individual priests mentioned.”

Priest Who Treats Abusers Talks Facts & Fantasy to Himself

What They Knew

Msgr Stephen Rossetti spoke behind closed doors in February 2012 at the Gregorian University Conference on Clergy Sex Abuse at the Vatican.

Below is his speech, it is worth reading when compared to what the Jesuit “intellects” said in our previous post. It warrants even more comparison to what Msgr Rossetti says now. But then again, Msgr Rossetti is not a Jesuit, he just cleans up their mess and treats them.

Jesuits know it’s time to catch up on their sleep when Msgr Rossetti speaks.

Some significant points stated in the speech:

■-There is a complicated web of competing demands- pastoral, legal, clinical, and public relations which can confuse, confound and even paralyze. It is publicly well known that, at times, in our responding, we have failed.

■-“Our mistake was that we forgot that the victims are part of our flock too.” Unfortunately, when we focus on perpetrators and not on victims, there are devastating consequences. Perpetrators almost universally minimize, rationalize, project blame and deny the truth about their crimes. It is difficult for them to face the truth about their behavior; a behavior which Pope Benedict, on several occasions, has rightly called, “filth.”

■-But decades of experience tell us that the vast majority of allegations, over 95 percent, are founded. There is little benefit, and much to be lost, for a person to come forward and to allege that he or she was sexually molested by a priest. It takes courage to do so and a willingness to suffer blame and ridicule.

Norwell pastor accused of misconduct with children

The Patriot Ledger

By Patrick Ronan
The Patriot Ledger

Posted Oct 29, 2012


The pastor at a Catholic church in Norwell has taken a leave of absence following an allegation of inappropriate behavior with children.

The Rev. Thomas H. Maguire, the pastor at St. Helen’s Church on Route 53 in Norwell, voluntarily left the church after the accusation surfaced, the Archdiocese of Boston announced Sunday.

Norwell Police Chief Ted Ross said the alleged incident involving Maguire occurred within the past week.

“Norwell police and the (Plymouth County) district attorney’s office are aware of the allegation, and we’re looking into it at this time,” Ross said.

Norwell: Accused pastor placed on leave


Garo Hagopian

The Boston archidiocese said a Norwell pastor is on a voluntary leave of absence amid allegations he behaved inappropriately in the presence of children.

Fr. Thomas Maguire of Saint Helen Mother of the Emperor Constantine was placed on leave when the accusation surfaced.

Norwell priest takes leave following accusation

Boston Herald

By Associated Press
Monday, October 29, 2012 -

BRAINTREE -- The pastor of a Roman Catholic church in Norwell has taken a voluntary leave of absence following an allegation of inappropriate behavior in the presence of minors.

The Boston Archdiocese announced Sunday that the Rev. Thomas Maguire, pastor at St. Helen Mother of the Emperor Constantine, voluntarily stepped aside after the accusation surfaced.

The church immediately notified police of the allegation and has initiated an investigation.

Sins of the Church and the BBC

Eureka Street

Michael Mullins October 28, 2012

The Jimmy Savile scandal in Britain shows the Catholic Church is not alone among trusted public institutions that have been undermined by their own culture of silence and denial.

The late Jimmy Savile was the legendary BBC entertainer whose sexual abuse of more than 300 young women was recently revealed amid accusations that the BBC suppressed its own reporting of the abuse because it feared tarnishing its brand.

Colm O'Gorman is an Irish activist who founded the clergy sex abuse victim support group One in Four. He wrote in The Tablet at the weekend of the hypocrisy of the BBC and his own involvement in the public broadcaster's investigation and reporting of abuse crimes in the Church.

When [a powerful institution] either discovers serious wrongdoing within its own ranks, or indeed is itself guilty of wrongdoing, it often acts to cover up such corruption in an effort to protect its reputation and its authority.

Pope Urges Lapsed Catholics To Consider Return As Synod Ends

The Inquisitr

Pope Benedict XVI held a closing mass Sunday to mark the end of a synod, or gathering of bishops, to discuss the faith and find new ways to reach out to lapsed and lukewarm Catholics in an increasingly secular world. The Catholic Church and the Pope have termed this new outreach effort the “New Evangelization.”

The Catholic Church is suffering the loss of many faithful in the wake of sexual abuse scandals and religious positions that are increasingly in conflict with modern secular ideas, such as Church opposition to same-sex unions and abortion. The Pope called on Church leaders Sunday to find new ways to reach out in the modern world, but did not specify how. Based on the recommendations of the synod, the Holy Father is expected to publish a letter on the matter, called an apostolic exhortation, in the coming weeks.

Catholics worldwide heard a section of the Gospel of Mark that dealt with Jesus healing a blind man named Bartimaeus. In his homily, published in full at the Vatican’s website, the Pope used Bartimaeus as a metaphor for the Church in places like western Europe and the United States where the New Evangelization hopes to reach out.

October 28, 2012 - Archdiocese of Boston Announcement Regarding Rev. Thomas H. Maguire

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

(Braintree, Mass.) October 28, 2012…The Archdiocese of Boston today announced that Rev. Thomas H. Maguire has taken a voluntary administrative leave of absence as a result of a reported allegation of inappropriate behavior in the presence of minors. Fr. Maguire is the Pastor at Saint Helen Mother of the Emperor Constantine in Norwell, MA. The inappropriate conduct is alleged to have occurred recently.

The Archdiocese immediately notified law enforcement of the allegation and has initiated a preliminary investigation into the matter. Fr. Maguire will remain on administrative leave without any public ministry pending the outcome of the preliminary investigation. The decision regarding administrative leave represents the Archdiocese’s commitment to the welfare of all parties and does not represent a determination of Fr. Maguire’s guilt or innocence as it pertains to this allegation. The Archdiocese will work to resolve this case as expeditiously as possible and in a manner that is fair to all parties.

"We are committed to the protection of children and young people in our parishes and institutions," stated Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley. "The faithful and the clergy of the Archdiocese join me in this pledge of prayerful support. We are committed to providing for the pastoral care of the parish while we seek a just resolution. Please join in praying for all impacted by this matter."

Through its Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach, the Archdiocese continues to make counseling and other services available to survivors, their families and parishes impacted by clergy sexual abuse and by allegations of abuse by members of the clergy. Cardinal Seán encourages any person in need of pastoral assistance or support to contact the Archdiocese’s Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach by calling 617-746-5985.

Norwell pastor on leave after accusations

Boston Globe

By Matt Rocheleau
Globe Correspondent
October 29, 2012

The Roman Catholic pastor of a Norwell church accused of recently engaging in “inappropriate behavior in the presence of minors” has taken a voluntary, paid administrative leave of absence, the Archdiocese of Boston announced on Sunday.

The Rev. Thomas H. Maguire, the pastor at Saint Helen Mother of the Emperor Constantine Parish in Norwell since 2001, will remain on leave, barring him from partaking in any public ministry, pending the results of a preliminary investigation by the Archdiocese.

Archdiocese officials said in a press release that they immediately notified law enforcement of the allegation, but Archdiocese spokesman Terrence C. Donilon declined to comment further about the allegation and investigation.

Maguire, 63, has been a priest for 36 years, working at 10 parishes in Massachusetts, according to Donilon. Before joining the parish in Norwell, he was pastor of Saint Jeremiah Parish in Framingham for about three years, Donilon said.

Norwell pastor accused of misconduct with children


NORWELL, Mass. —
The pastor at a Catholic church in Norwell has taken a leave of absence following an allegation of inappropriate behavior with children.

According to the Patriot Ledger, the Rev. Thomas H. Maguire, the pastor at St. Helen’s Church on Route 53, voluntarily left the church after the accusation surfaced, the Archdiocese of Boston announced Sunday.

Norwell Police Chief Ted Ross said the alleged incident involving Maguire occurred within the past week.

“Norwell police and the (Plymouth County) district attorney’s office are aware of the allegation, and we’re looking into it at this time,” Ross said.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: Pastor's trial reset for April

The Star Press

Written by
Douglas Walker

MUNCIE — A Muncie pastor's trial on allegations he sexually abused two teen members of his congregation has been postponed again, and is now set for next spring.

If Matthew A. Kidd, 56, stands trial as scheduled on April 22, more than four years will have passed since the filing of the charges against him: Child molesting and sexual misconduct with a minor, both Class C felonies carrying standard four-year prison terms.

Kidd, the pastor of Freedom Point Apostolic Church, is accused of abusing the then-teens, who are brothers, between 2002 and 2005.

A Delaware Circuit Court 3 jury last January deadlocked on the two charges pending against Kidd.

October 28, 2012

A Miami priest accused of sex abuse for fourth time shrouds Miami archdiocese in controversy

Miami Herald

Longtime Catholic priest Rolando Garcia is accused of sexual abuse for the fourth time, prompting the Archdiocese of Miami to take a defensive stand while many parishioners condemn him.


Tony Simmons says he ran away from his parents’ home and was living on the streets when the Rev. Rolando Garcia offered him a helping hand at the Church of the Little Flower in Hollywood.

“I was pretty lost,” Simmons, 34, told The Miami Herald. “Father Garcia was the only person who talked to me. He was my friend.”

Last week, Simmons, a decorated U.S. Army specialist who served in the Iraq war, accused Garcia in a lawsuit of sexually abusing him during the mid-1990s, starting when he was 16 years old.

For the first time in recent memory, Miami’s Catholic Church leaders reacted defensively to his negligence suit, the latest of more than 100 filed against the local archdiocese since the clergy-sex abuse scandal broke nationwide a decade ago.

Even before church officials saw Simmons’ suit, the archdiocese issued an unprecedented statement on Tuesday suggesting that if the news media wanted to write a “balanced story,” reporters should ask Simmons’ lawyer where he found him as a client, why he took so long to come forward and why was he homeless?

D'Arcy questions future in priesthood

Irish Times


CENSURED PRIEST Fr Brian D’Arcy has said he would have been a much better priest if he had married.

He has also questioned whether he can continue in the priesthood, after the Vatican’s censure when he challenged some of its core teachings.

In a documentary to be broadcast tonight, the cleric, who has been in the religious life for 50 years, also speaks about being sexually abused himself.

In The Turbulent Priest, to be shown on BBC One Northern Ireland at 10.35pm, Fr D’Arcy travels across Europe and speaks to a number of other people about the Catholic Church’s teachings and whether he can continue in the religious life.

A priest notorious in school for 'tampering with boys'

Irish Times

Henry Maloney’s activities caused a crisis in the elite school in which he taught, writes PATSY McGARRY


In March 2009, Spiritan/Holy Ghost priest Fr Henry Maloney pleaded guilty in the Circuit Criminal Court to abusing Mark Vincent Healy and the late Paul Daly when both were pupils at St Marys College in Dublins Rathmines between 1969 and 1973. He was given a suspended sentence due to ill health and as he was already under strict supervision at Kimmage Manor in Dublin, where he has been since.

In 2000 he had been sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for sexually assaulting two other boys at St Mary’s in the early 1970s. He served 15 months. Maloney had been dean of discipline and junior form tutor at St Mary’s, where he also coached boys in rugby.

He has been out of ministry and under supervision since 1996.

Maloney was ordained in 1967 and taught at St Mary’s between 1968 and 1973, following which he was transferred to the Spiritan/Holy Ghost Christ the King College in Bo, Sierra Leone.

'I felt they would not believe me over a priest'

Irish Times

KENYA: St Teresa’s Boys Secondary School, Nairobi

ALEX DE Figueiredo is a retired teacher living in Vancouver. He was a day pupil at the Spiritan/Holy Ghost St Teresas secondary school in Nairobi, Kenya, from 1955 to 1961. He has been in Canada since 1969.

His family were from the Indian state of Goa and staunchly Catholic. His father was the first Asian to get a job in Kenya’s public service. Beforehand only whites held such posts. “He broke the barrier,” Alex told The Irish Times.

Of his experiences at St Teresa’s he recalled: “I was sexually abused by Fr Patrick Hannan [school headmaster and parish priest] from the age of 11 to 16 [January 1956-1961].”

It began when he was called in by Hannan for an exam during those first Christmas holidays. He had been sick and had missed school and Hannan told Alex’s father he wanted to see what progress the boy was making. When the priest reached orgasm on that occasion, “I was shocked. I didn’t know what it was.”

'Violent, predatory and dangerous'

Irish Times

IRELAND: Rockwell College, Co Tipperary

“DERMOT” IS an Irishman who has had a distinguished international career. He attended the Spiritan/Holy Ghost novitiate at Rockwell from 1954 to 1956/7, in preparation for priesthood in that congregation.

While there he “formed the opinion that a number of seminarians there were being sexually abused” by novitiate director Fr Christopher Meagher. Further into his conversation with The Irish Times he acknowledged that he too had been abused by the priest, physically and sexually. He recalled Meagher as “violent, predatory and dangerous”.

He was “a damaged individual who in moments of clarity wasn’t a bad priest. My anger is at the congregation. Other priests knew but priests don’t rat on priests,” Dermot said. Victims had “very difficult lives and were very damaged” and he was convinced the congregation “knew very well what had happened at Rockwell”.

In 1996 Dermot confronted the Irish provincial leadership of the Spiritans/Holy Ghost Fathers about all of this.

Teacher who admitted abusing children was returned to ministry

Irish Times

CANADA: A SECOND priest accused by Mark Vincent Healy of abusing him between 1969 and 1973, when he was a boy at St Mary’s College, Rathmines, was Fr Arthur Carragher.

The priest, who died in Canada on January 10th, 2011, was ordained in 1952 and served in Nigeria for 17 years before joining the teaching staff at St Marys in 1969.

In 1971 he transferred to Toronto to the congregation’s Trans Canada province.

That move was described to The Irish Times in June 2011 by then Holy Ghost Irish provincial Fr Brian Starken as “a little bit strange”.

More claims emerge of abuse by Spiritan priests

Irish Times

PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent

NEW ALLEGATIONS have emerged of abuse carried out by members of the Spiritans religious congregation, including while they were in ministry at schools in Africa.

The order has said the accounts of several victims contained in today’s coverage are consistent with reports they have received about named priests.

The leading religious congregations in Ireland expressed “profound regret”, saying the content of the reports “is consistent with complaints that we have received about the individual priests mentioned”.

The congregation runs some of the best-known schools in Ireland, including Blackrock College, St Mary’s, Templeogue College and St Michael’s in Dublin, as well as Rockwell College in Co Tipperary.

Healing service follows defrocking of priests

ABC News

Dozens of Anglican parishioners have been told the damage caused by the defrocking of several Hunter and Central Coast priests is horrendous.

Newcastle's Anglican Bishop Brian Farran has been in the firing line since he defrocked three Hunter priests including the former Dean of Newcastle, Graeme Lawrence earlier this year.

They were stripped of their holy orders over sexual abuse allegations.

No charges have been laid and all three deny the allegations.

Arbitragecentrum seksueel misbruik ontving al meer dan 400 verzoekschriften


(Belga) Het arbitragecentrum voor seksueel misbruik binnen de kerk heeft al meer dan vierhonderd verzoekschriften ontvangen. Twee derde van de verzoekers is Nederlandstalig, tachtig procent is man, zo bleek vandaag in de opvolgingscommissie in de Kamer. In zeven op de acht behandelde zaken kwam de commissie al tot een "verzoening".

Op 15 oktober had het centrum 380 verzoeken ontvangen. Een week later waren dat er al 403. En daar kunnen er nog tot eind oktober bijkomen. Slachtoffers hebben immers nog tot 31 oktober om een verzoek in te dienen. Van de 380 verzoeken op 15 oktober waren er 257 Nederlandstalig, 122 Franstalig en 1 Duitstalig.

Synod of Bishops & New Evangelization...or New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits. Why Vatican must end as a “country”

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils...

Paris Arrow

Updated October 28, 2012

It is time that The Hague brings Benedict XVI into trial for his crimes against humanity before he dies, read about them here http://popecrimes.blogspot.ca/2011/09/hague-is-asked-to-investigate-vatican.html as his secular counterpart, former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, following a six-year trial by a secular Italian court in Milan, was found guilty and sentenced to four years in jail, see news updates below. Meanwhile the Synod of Bishops has come out with a brilliant New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits in the words of Filipino Bishop Tagle, a potential Pope, drums roll, "humility and the power of silence”. Those 262 Bishops are saying that the world must simply “follow Jesus’ example of humility and shut-up their mouth…and not think or criticise and speak the truth about the Pope and his cohorts of criminals at the Vatican.

Assignment Record – Bishop George E. Rueger

BishopAccountability.org - Assignment Record

Summary of Case: A priest of the Worcester diocese, Rueger was named Auxiliary Bishop in 1987. He was accused in a 2002 lawsuit of sexually abusing a boy, aged 13-14, in the 1960s, after giving the boy alcohol. Rueger denied the accusation. A diocesan investigation found no proof of the charges and a Pope's representative to the US agreed with the findings. Rueger retired in 2005. In Oct. 2012 he is known to be in residence at the Worcester parish that has been his home since 1987.

Ordained: 1958
Incardinated: Worcester
Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Worcester: Jan. 19, 1987
Consecrated: Feb. 25, 1987
Retired: 2005


Galway News

October 28, 2012

THE National Board for the Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCC) says it has "no reason to be dissatisfied" with the Bishop of Clonfert's assurances on the reporting of child abuse allegations.

Ian Elliot, chief of the NBSCCC, has confirmed that they sought and received assurances from Bishop John Kirby that all the diocese's documentation for the period covered by the review of safeguarding practices had been made available.

That is according to a report in today's "Sunday Business Post" and the statement by the child safeguarding board contradicts a story in "The Irish Times" some weeks ago which alleged that the Bishop was aware of a higher number of abuse victims in his diocese than had been declared.

Bishop Kirby strongly rejected the allegations in the daily newspaper's story at the time they were published.

Jimmy Savile: Gary Glitter arrested over sex offences

BBC News

The BBC's Tim Reid said police have confirmed they "have today arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation"

Former pop star Gary Glitter has been arrested on suspicion of sex offences by police investigating Jimmy Savile abuse claims.

He has been taken from his home into custody at a London police station.

Glitter, 68, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was jailed in Vietnam in 2006 for child sex offences.

Catholic church wants perv Jimmy Savile's papal knighthood removed

Daily Record

THE leader of Scotland’s Catholics, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, was a long-standing friend of Savile but was not aware of his dark secrets and has now said that he should lose the papal honour.

THE leader of Scotland’s Catholics yesterday called for paedophile Jimmy Savile to be stripped of his papal knighthood.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien had a long-standing friendship with Savile and, unaware of his dark secrets, paid tribute to the DJ and TV presenter after his death last year at the age of 84.

But his spokesman said yesterday that Savile should lose the papal honour, which was bestowed in 1990.

He said: “As far as we are concerned, we would absolutely endorse and support that move.

Bethesda synagogue grapples ...

Washington Post

Bethesda synagogue grapples with presence of rabbi convicted of sex crime

By Michelle Boorstein,

Published: October 26

The early months of 2012 at Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Synagogue were busy with the things typical for a liberal congregation: a phone bank for gay marriage, a silent retreat, a weekend study session on unorthodox ideas such as observing Sabbath through dance and movement.

Then in February, David Kaye, a longtime Montgomery County rabbi and registered sex offender, started attending Saturday services.

Adat Shalom’s three clergy had quickly agreed to a request from Kaye to pray at the synagogue, believing his presence to be in keeping with Adat Shalom’s identity as an open, diverse spiritual community where all are welcome.

Through the spring and early summer, Kaye was a part of the congregation. He came for Sabbath and oneg, the post-service lunch. He stood with other mourners to say the communal prayer for the dead, for his parents. He went to the silent retreat.

But over the months, discomfort with Kaye’s presence in some quarters of the 500-family congregation grew. Finally, he was asked to leave.

Prosecution Very Possible for Scout Offenders

The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register

October 28, 2012

By FRED CONNORS - Senior Staff Writer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

GLEN DALE - In some states, including West Virginia, child sexual predators named earlier this month in the Boy Scouts of America's so-called "perversion files" can still be prosecuted.

West Virginia law has no statute of limitations on a felony. In Ohio, the statute in child sex cases limits prosecution to a time period of 21 years either from when the child turns 18 or when it was first reported to an adult.

Portland, Ore. Attorney Kelly Clark released the BSA documents on Oct. 18 after the Oregon Supreme Court ruled they could be made public.

The 14,500-page file reveals decades of alleged child sexual abuse involving scout leaders but never reported to law enforcement. It contains allegations of abuse of more than 1,000 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts across the country and internal memos and reports between scouting officials and letters from victims. More than 1,200 offenders are named in alleged sexual assaults from 1965-85.

Locally, a Glen Dale man who served as scoutmaster for Troop 82 sponsored by the P.T.A. at Glen Dale Elementary School is named as an offender. Six boys reported allegations against the man, according to the BSA files.

New mission ...

Sheboygan Press

New mission: The Rev. James Connell has made it his duty to reach out to victims of clergy abuse

SHEBOYGAN — One day, the Rev. James Connell heard himself described as a party to a fraud who helped to cover up a notorious case of clergy sexual abuse.

That’s the day his whole life changed.

At the time, Connell was both pastor of St. Clement and Holy Family Catholic churches and a vice chancellor at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. He was looking into the sexual abuse case against Lawrence Murphy, who abused students at a Milwaukee-area school for the deaf beginning in the 1950s.

And on that day in 2009, members of a group called the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests stood on the steps of the archdiocese and demanded his removal from the review board investigating the case because, they said, he sent information about Murphy’s crimes to church officials instead of to the police.

That’s all he was required to do, but Connell went home and took a long look at himself. Now, he calls that moment his epiphany.

Sex-abuse doc blames Vatican

New York Post

Alex Gibney — the Oscar-winning documentarian who has trained his lens on Eliot Spitzer, Lance Armstrong, Julian Assange and Enron — has found his most controversial topic yet with the Oscar-buzzed exposé “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God,” which traces a sex-abuse scandal from a Milwaukee Catholic church to the Vatican.

The movie was banned by the Venice and Rome film festivals this year, and Gibney says of its rejection: “I was disappointed. The Vatican exerts a very strong influence in Italy. There is a palpable sense of fear there. This film takes on the Vatican’s complicity [in covering it up].”

The HBO film, in theaters Nov. 16, follows the story of Father Lawrence Murphy at the St. John’s School for the Deaf in Wisconsin, who molested 200 of the school’s pupils for 24 years until 1974. He was never disciplined, even after his actions were brought to the attention of the Vatican. Instead, he was moved to other schools.

“The direct connection of the Vatican to this sheds light on the way they’ve shoved this stuff under the carpet,” says Gibney, who discovered a similar scandal involving deaf students in Verona, Italy, while making the film.

Sheboygan family shares its story of priest abuse to help others come forward

Sheboygan Press

Written by
Janet Ortegon

Adam Sprenger’s parents suspected for years that something horrible had happened to their son.

It took 10 years and a random piece of mail — a mysterious credit card bill for an astronomical amount of money — for the truth to come out.

And the truth was nightmarish: When he was about 12, Adam was assaulted by his priest.

Adam, who is now 36 and living in Minnesota, agreed to let his parents tell the family’s story. Though he’s put the trauma behind him, the Sprenger family hopes that telling Adam’s story will encourage other victims to come forward.

The Rev. Bill Effinger, pastor of Holy Name Parish from 1972 to 1992, took Adam under his wing in 1987 to help the boy consider a possible future in the priesthood. After two overnight trips, Adam stopped talking about wanting to be a priest.

Moreno’s work and outward appearance hid an often troubled side

Buffalo News

BY: Jay Tokasz

He endeared himself to area police officers, responding at any hour of the day to their personal or professional tragedies.

Parishioners of the East Side parish where he celebrated Masses grew to love his disheveled, everyman way of ministering, and impoverished residents in the neighborhood appreciated his caring attention.

In some ways, the Rev. Joseph F. Moreno Jr. did the kind of gritty priestly work for which few other clergy are suited.

Yet Moreno, 54, also was by many accounts a tortured soul – an enigmatic man who craved attention but refused to allow people to really know him.

His death Oct. 13 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound sent shock waves across Western New York and caused his family and other supporters to blame diocesan officials for what they called a callous mishandling of the priest.

With the Catholic Church’s clergy sexual abuse scandal still looming as a backdrop, some people wondered whether an allegation of that sort had surfaced for Moreno, who reportedly was distressed over his pending departure from St. Lawrence Church, where he had been living since 2005.

In a statement, the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo said no allegations of sex abuse of a minor were ever raised about Moreno. There were no indications Moreno harmed a child. But the priest had other troubling incidents in his past, including a 1989 conviction for attempted arson and falsely reporting an incident and a 2005 bankruptcy filing in which he listed $447,000 in debts.

October 27, 2012

British Lawmaker Tom Watson Links Unnamed Former Prime Minister To Pedophile Ring

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post | By Mark Hanrahan Posted: 10/24/2012

British lawmaker Tom Watson MP sent shock waves through the country's political establishment Wednesday, when he asserted in parliament that a former UK prime minister was linked to a "powerful pedophile ring."

Watson made the assertions during the weekly questions session with Prime Minister David Cameron. In a question to Cameron, Watson said:

"The evidence file used to convict pedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear evidence of a widespread pedophile ring.

"One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.

"The leads were not followed up but if the file still exists I want to ensure the Metropolitan police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to parliament and to No 10."

Savile victims allege pedophile ring

China Daily

A sex scandal gripping Britain's BBC deepened on Wednesday with claims that a pedophile ring had existed involving some of its stars, as its former director-general said his handling of the case shouldn't stop him becoming the boss of the New York Times.

The BBC has been thrown into disarray by accusations it helped cover up sexual abuse by one of its most celebrated former presenters, Jimmy Savile, and has struggled to explain why one of its own shows killed an investigation into it.

The broadcaster's current Director-General George Entwistle has been condemned for his handling of one of the worst crises in the corporation's 90-year history, and questions have also been raised about his predecessor Mark Thompson, who is set to take over at the New York Times next month.

The British government warned the BBC on Wednesday that the scandal was raising "very real concerns" about public trust. ...

Lawyers representing some of the male and female victims, some of whom were as young as 8 when the abuse occurred, said their clients had indicated an organized pedophile ring involving other celebrities had existed at the BBC during the height of Savile's fame in the 1970s and 1980s.

"There is information of a possible pedophile ring, and we have people who have approached us with that information," said Alicia Alinia, one of the lead lawyers involved in the cases for the Slater and Gordon law firm.

"It seems to be a number of people who were involved other than Jimmy Savile, I can't reveal any specific names of celebrities involved, but it seems as though it wasn't just limited to unknowns."

If the vile Jimmy Savile revelations hadn't come out, abuse would still only be whispered about


Fiona Phillips

As much as I’m sick of seeing his leering, lecherous face, chewing on his fat “look at me, I’m more important than you” cigar.

As much as I cringe when I see his medallion-adorned chest, shell-suit teasingly unzipped to expose it.

As much as I abhor the vile ­turbocharged egocentricity that made him think they “wanted it” as much as he did.

And as much as I really don’t want to say this, I’m going to.

I’m going to say there is a positive to the mire of misery and depravity and vile ­exploitation wreaked by Jimmy Savile.

Because, if it weren’t for the revelation of his prolific abuse of young children, paedophilia might still be where it was.

Largely not talked about. Or ­whispered. The abused struck dumb by shame.

Jimmy Savile: Catholic Church bid to remove papal knighthood

BBC News

The papal knighthood given to Jimmy Savile "should not have been bestowed", a Vatican spokesman has told the BBC.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales confirmed it has written to the Holy See to ask if the honour can be posthumously removed.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, called for an investigation, recognising the "deep distress" of Savile's alleged victims.

Savile, who may have abused some 300 people, was granted the award in 1990.

Meanwhile, a statement released by Savile's nephew, Roger Foster, described the family's "despair and sadness" over the revelations, adding "our feelings are in turmoil as we await the next turn of events".

Savile's papal knighthood died with him - Vatican

RTE News

The Vatican has said it cannot rescind the papal knighthood awarded to television star Jimmy Savile, however the honour dies with the individual.

Savile, a well-known BBC children's television host who died last year at the age of 84, has emerged as an alleged child sex predator after his death.

Savile was made a Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II in 1990.

The Catholic Church of England said it has contacted the Holy See to ask it to posthumously revoke Savile's honour in recognition of the "deep distress" of the victims allegedly abused by Savile, a well-known BBC children's television host who died last year at the age of 84.

First book on Vatileaks affair is out

Vatican Insider

Vatican news correspondent, Enzo Romeo, has just published a book analysing the tensions in the Holy See over the past two years. The text reveals the involvement of a Vatican policeman in the Vatileaks inquiry

Andrea Tornielli
Vatican City

“It does make one wonder what poison pen letter writers, moles and all this poison have to do with the announcement of Christ’s message, which should be the Church’s only priority. Nothing in theory…But money, power, scandals and gossip – evenn wars – are part of human history and the Church is immersed in this history…The Church must live with the failures which are a reminder that we need to constantly convert to the Gospel. It will also have to take recent events as a lesson and speed up that renewal which is vital if the Church is to engage in a dialogue with modern man and ensure that he does not forget the transcendental realm.”

These opening words are the key to reading “Guerre Vaticane” (“Vatican Wars” - Rubettino publishers, pp. 272, 13 Euros), the book written by Enzo Romeo, Vatican correspondent and editor-in-chief of Tg2’s world news section (Tg2 is Italian television channel Rai 2’s news programme, Ed.).The book is the first attempt to analyse what has been going on in the Roman Curia over the past two years. What is interesting about Romeo’s book is that it gives a comprehensive interpretation of events, a “war” characterised by blows and counter-blows, anonymous letters and an unscrupulous use of the media, which caused clashes between various networks and groups.

One of the revelations the book makes is the involvement of a Vatican policeman in the inquiry into the leaked confidential documents. It is likely that the policeman had some kind of contact with the Pope’s self-confessed former butler who has now been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for the theft of secret documents from the papal apartment and for photocopying and sending them to Italian writer, Gianluigi Nuzzi. The policeman was initially suspended from service as a precaution and had no direct involvement in Gabriele’s trial. He may do in the brief and less important trial against Vatican Secretariat of State computer technician, Claudio Sciarpelletti, on 5 November. However, it is likely Vatican investigators have not found enough evidence against him and this is probably the reason why his involvement has so far been kept secret.

Lombardi tells BBC bestowal of papal knighthood to Jimmy Savile was a mistake

Vatican Insider

The British DJ who was made Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II was accused of abuse against minors

Vatican Insider staff

Jimmy Savile, the late BBC DJ who was posthumously accused of sexually abusing minors, was invested as Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great (an equestrian order recognised by the Holy See) during John Paul II’s pontificate. Now, after information requests from the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, the Holy See stated that the knighthood given to the DJ should never have been bestowed. It also strongly condemned the acts of sexual abuse committed by Savile and stressed through the Vatican’s official spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi that “the honour expires with the death of the individual.”

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in England and Wales confirmed that Archbishop Nichols "wrote last week to the Holy See asking the competent office to investigate whether the papal honour awarded to Jimmy Savile for his charitable works could be posthumously removed and its effects nullified."

The Jesuit Vatican spokesman told the BBC that the Holy See "firmly condemns the horrible crimes of sexual abuse of minors," and considers the Savile revelations "very grave". He said the Holy See is “deeply saddened that a person who has been soiled in this way could in his lifetime have been proposed for an honour by the Holy See, which in the light of recent information should certainly not have been bestowed."

My TV interview of Father Emmett Coyne, Author of The Theology of Fear



By Suzette Standring

In this TV episode I interview Father Emmett Coyne, author of The Theology of Fear, which details how the Vatican is more concerned with its political power than Jesus' teachings. A Roman Catholic priest of 46 years, Father Coyne feels he is "on the last lap of his life," and wants to tell the truth. Click the above link to watch this eye-opening program!

Jimmy Savile scandal: the evil we do in giving celebrities a free pass

The Guardian

Deborah Orr
The Guardian, Friday 26 October 2012

There are many lessons to be learned from the Jimmy Savile scandal. One of the more simple ones, surely, is that celebrity shortens the arm of the law. Yet Scotland Yard has said to the media that it expects to arrest "up to a dozen" household names soon. What can this achieve, beyond providing chances to dump computers, hire a lawyer or get on a flight to Thailand?

Part of the reason Savile and others were able to prey on young people with impunity was that their word was always considered more valuable than those of their victims. The point when sympathy for Peter Rippon, the man who halted the Newsnight investigation into Savile's crimes, evaporated was when it emerged that he'd dismissed the collaborative testimony of four of Savile's victims as "just the women", adding for good measure that, 40 years ago, 14 years old was "not too young" to be a girl in a special school, manipulated and bribed into sexually servicing a powerful man. How appalling.

Such behaviour is utterly reprehensible, whatever age a preyed-upon person is. For under-16s, then as now, it is immoral and illegal. The age and gender of the people who complained about Savile was viewed, even last November, as somehow a mitigation of his behaviour, when those, along with his celebrity, were actually details that abetted him in both his exploitation and his ability to get away with it.

Investigation of BBC Host Examines Dropped Cases

The New York Times


Published: October 26, 2012

LONDON — As sexual abuse accusations multiplied against Jimmy Savile, one of Britain’s best-known television hosts before his death last year, attention turned on Friday to clues of any misconduct that had been ignored, overlooked or brushed aside while he was alive.

One of the most recent episodes to come to light, the police said, involved a retired officer who revealed that he investigated an accusation that Mr. Savile had attacked a woman in his trailer at the British Broadcasting Corporation studios in the 1980s.

The case could not be pursued for lack of evidence, the officer is reported to have said, and the police said they were looking for the case file. But it joined others in a tally of seven complaints against Mr. Savile that the police had investigated and then dropped.

The complaints are bound to deepen questions about why senior managers at the BBC, Mr. Savile’s employer for decades, failed to take such indications into account when, last December, they prepared Christmas season tributes to him two months after he died at 84.

Jimmy Savile: a strange and sordid life unravels after death

The Telegraph

Jimmy Savile’s depraved sexual activities went unchallenged for decades – but the clues were there for all to see in his long-forgotten autobiography

By Neil Tweedie, and Tom Rowley
8:30PM BST 26 Oct 2012

It was the nearest the pop world gets to a royal funeral: the vast cortege processing through crowded streets, the Royal Marine pallbearer party, white-gloved in ceremonial uniform, and, fittingly for a national treasure, a golden coffin. James Wilson Vincent Savile, Knight Bachelor, Papal Knight Commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great, was as loud in death as life.

“His story was an epic of giving. Giving of time, giving of talent, giving of treasure,” Monsignor Kieran Heskin informed the congregation. “Sir Jimmy Savile can face eternal life with confidence.”

God would undoubtedly “Fix it”.

Last week, the Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, wrote to the Holy See asking for the posthumous removal of Savile’s papal knighthood. Like other organisations, the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales is attempting to rid itself of the stain of association with its son, the late disc jockey and television presenter. The two charities set up in his name are to be closed down and their funds dispersed anonymously.

The number of people alleging sexual abuse at the hands of Jimmy Savile from the 1960s to the 1980s now stands at some 300. The vast majority were children at the time, young teenagers, girls and boys, groped, fondled and raped. History is being hastily rewritten. A year on, and the pop pomp of that funeral in Savile’s native Leeds appears worse than a bad joke, a travesty. The DJ who flaunted his friendship with the Royal family, who gave marital advice to Charles and Diana, who spent Christmas at Chequers with Margaret Thatcher, who posed for a photograph with Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, was, in all probability, one of Britain’s most prolific paedophiles. He was a man who could barely contain his perverse sexual appetites, even to the extent of assaulting a young woman on the terrace of the House of Commons in full view of MPs. He proudly related such exploits in his 1974 autobiography, yet managed to escape retribution until his death in October last year at the age of 84.

Vatican says it cannot posthumously remove Jimmy Savile's papal honor; condemns sexual abuses

Fox News

Published October 27, 2012

Associated Press

LONDON – The Vatican says it cannot rescind the papal knighthood awarded to television star Jimmy Savile, who emerged as an alleged child sex predator after his death.

The Catholic Church of England said it has contacted the Holy See to ask it to posthumously revoke Savile's honor in recognition of the "deep distress" of the victims allegedly abused by Savile, a well-known BBC children's television host who died last year at the age of 84.

But the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told The Associated Press on Saturday that the names of people who receive the knighthood don't appear in its yearbook and that the honor dies with the individual.

Editorial: Evangelization requires bishops’ self-examination

National Catholic Reporter

by NCR Editorial Staff | Oct. 27, 2012


On Oct. 6, 262 bishops gathered in Rome for the 13th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops to discuss "The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith." One of the gathering's primary concerns, particularly for those leaders of churches in the prosperous North, is how to reach out to disaffected Catholics.

That same day, half a world away in Bethesda, Md., researchers for the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life were telling a gathering of religion writers that two new markers had been reached in the religion landscape in the United States: For the first time since the organization had begun surveying about such matters, the country was no longer majority Protestant, and one in five American adults now claimed no religious affiliation.

Though Catholicism showed no significant drop in overall membership -- thanks in large part to the influx of immigrants -- we also know that Catholics in the United States have been exiting the church in recent years by the millions, the younger ones before they reach age 18. ...

There were hints around the synod that some realize what needs to be done. Tagle said that for the church to be a place where people meet God, it needs to learn three things from the example of Jesus: humility, respect for others, and "the power of silence." Tagle said, "Confronted with the sorrows, doubts and uncertainties of people, she cannot pretend to give easy solutions. In Jesus, silence becomes the way of attentive listening, compassion and prayer. It is the way to truth."

Bishop Brian J. Dunn of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, whose diocese was shattered by the sexual abuse crisis, spoke of the resulting "great disorientation that leads to forms of distrust of teachings and values that are essential for the followers of Christ." Regaining trust requires more than steps forced by an outraged public. Dunn acknowledged the call for a change in church structures and advocated, in addition, the need for "a profound change of mentality, attitude and heart in our ways of working with laypeople."

Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan, the Philippines, made an equally strong plea for change. "Evangelization has been hurt and continues to be impeded by the arrogance of its messengers," Villegas said, adding, "When pride seeps into the heart of the church, the Gospel proclamation is harmed."

Catholic Church in England wants Savile's papal honor removed


By Alessandra Rizzo

LONDON | Sat Oct 27, 2012

(Reuters) - The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England has written to the Vatican to ask whether it is possible to strip the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile of a papal knighthood because of his role in a sex abuse scandal, a spokesman said on Saturday.

Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols wrote to the Holy See in the light of "deeply shocking" allegations and in recognition of the "deep distress" suffered by any abuse victims, a spokesman for the archbishop said.

Allegations that Savile, a cigar-chomping former DJ who was one of the BBC's top presenters, sexually abused young girls for decades has thrown the publicly-funded BBC into disarray. On Thursday, police said some 300 victims had come forward and that they were preparing to make arrests.

Savile, a Catholic active in charitable works, died last year aged 84.

Pope to rule on cleric dismissal

Sudbury Star

By Carol Mulligan, Sudbury Star

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Basilian Fathers of Toronto are awaiting a reply from Pope Benedict about whether the Holy Father will grant a former Sudbury cleric his request to be dismissed from the priesthood and from his religious order.

Rev. William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall was released from Kingston Penitentiary in early October after serving part of a two-year sentence. Marshall was convicted in June 2011 in Windsor of 17 counts of sexual assault against 16 children and one woman in Toronto, Windsor, Cambridge and Sudbury. Six of the victims are from Sudbury.

Marshall, 89, ser ved as a priest and educator for 21 years in Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. He taught at St. Charles College from 1961-70 during which time at least two parents complained to school and Basilian officials that their sons were sexually abused by Marshall.

At the time, St. Charles was an all-boys school, although it is co-ed today.

Catholic Diocese to seek $125 million to fund 'the intangibles'

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Ann Rodgers / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh will launch a $125 million fundraising campaign in January, with 40 percent of donations going directly back to the parishes that raise them.

Through quiet conversations with major donors, Bishop David Zubik said, initial pledges have already reached more than $25 million. Planning has been under way for 18 months, with a feasibility study that interviewed most priests and about 350 laity in the 635,000-member diocese.

The response was enthusiastic, the bishop said.

"The overwhelming focus of what they said was that the campaign should focus on the intangibles, all of the things that the church does and needs to be able to do, as opposed to a campaign for buildings," he said.

Some of the many planned expenditures include creating a $1 million endowment to permanently fund dental care at the Catholic Charities Free Health Care Center, Downtown, $1.5 million for evangelization of fallen-away Catholics, $7 million in grants to isolated needy parishes, $1 million to campus ministry and $2 million to support education of autistic students in parish schools. The single largest allocation is $12 million in needs-based tuition grants for parish children to attend Catholic schools.

‘Marriage would have made me a better priest’

Irish Examiner

By Sarah Mac Donald

Friday, October 26, 2012

One of Ireland’s best-known priests has revealed the anguish the Church’s requirement of mandatory clerical celibacy has caused him.

Fr Brian D’Arcy admitted: "I would have been a much better priest had I married."

Marriage would have provided "a companion, a closeness, a friend, someone to call home" as well as requiring "making sacrifices for somebody else," he told BBC NI. "At the end of my life, I don’t have a home. Ideally religious life is supposed to be a type of home. It isn’t, not now anyway."

In a BBC documentary, he says he contemplated leaving the priesthood in the wake of his disciplining by the Vatican.

Last April, it emerged he had been told by the Vatican watchdog, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, that he must submit his writings and broadcasts to an approved Church censor before publication.

Disgraced priest asks to be dismissed from order

Sun News


SUDBURY, ON -- A former cleric has written Pope Benedict, asking to be dismissed from the priesthood and from his religious order, the Basilian Fathers.
Rev. William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall was released from jail in early October after serving part of a two-year sentence. Marshall was convicted in June 2011 of 17 counts of sexual assault against 16 children and one woman in Toronto, Windsor, Cambridge and Sudbury, ON.

Marshall, 89, served as a priest and educator in this area for 21 years. He taught at St. Charles College from 1961-1970, during which time at least two parents complained to school and Basilian officials that their sons were sexually abused by Marshall.
At the time, St. Charles was an all-boys school, although it is co-ed today.

Marshall was transferred from St. Charles in 1970, returning three years later as principal and serving another five years at the school.

Fr Brian D’Arcy: ‘Why I’d have been a better priest if I’d marrie

Belfast Telegraph

In a fascinating documentary to be shown next week, Fr Brian D’Arcy opens his heart as never before. Stephanie Bell reports

A lonely man whose heart ached for a wife and a home of his own while remaining true to his calling is the tragic portrait which Fr Brian D’Arcy reveals of himself in a powerful new documentary.

The controversial Catholic cleric has laid bare his soul in what is a deeply personal and at times highly emotive film charting the extent of his torment in the wake of the Vatican’s move to censor him.

Al 403 slachtoffers seksueel misbruik in Kerk vroegen vergoeding

Gazet van Antwerpen

Al 403 slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik in de Kerk dienden een verzoek tot schadevergoeding in bij de Koning Boudewijnstichting. Slachtoffers hebben daarvoor nog tot 31 oktober de tijd. Dat deelde Kamerlid Renaat Landuyt (sp.a) zopas mee. Landuyt is niet alleen lid van de parlementaire opvolgingscommissie over seksueel misbruik, maar ook advocaat van één van de slachtoffers van Operatie Kelk.

Twee op de drie verzoekers is Nederlandstalig en 80% zijn mannen, aldus Landuyt. Het Kamerlid zegde dat de opvolgingscommissie in het parlement zich ook gebogen heeft over de tekst die slachtoffers voorgelegd krijgen in geval van verzoening (bij akkoord over de schadevergoeding). Volgens Landuyt wil de Kamercommissie dat slachtoffers nog altijd mogen blijven praten over de feiten waarvan zij het slachtoffer waren, ook als ze een schadevergoeding hebben gekregen. En zo'n schadevergoeding sluit rechtszaken over andere feiten dan die waarvoor er een schadevergoeding was, niet uit.

Church considers removing Jimmy Savile knighthood

Christian Today

The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales has reportedly asked the Vatican if Jimmy Savile can be stripped of his papal knighthood posthumously.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols has made the request to Vatican officials after hundreds of people came forward to say they had been abused by the late TV star.

Savile was made a Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II. He received the honour in 1990 in recognition of his charity work.

According to the BBC, the Archbishop has asked officials in Rome to investigate the possibility of removing the honour from Savile.

Jimmy Savile could be stripped of papal knighthood

Channel 4

Jimmy Savile could become the first person to be stripped of a papal knighthood posthumously after the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales asked the Vatican to investigate its removal.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, has now written to Rome asking whether Savile's papal knighthood can be annulled in recognition of his victims' "deep distress".

Church sources said there was no established process to remove a papal honour posthumously because the award dies with the recipient.

However, senior Roman Catholic clergy in Britain feel that the Vatican should look at whether it can do something to recognise its disgust at the "deeply shocking" series of allegations of child sexual abuse made against the former Jim'll Fix It presenter.

Catholic Church bid to strip Savile's papal honor

Seattle Times

The Associated Press

The Catholic Church of England says it has contacted the Holy See to ask if the papal knighthood awarded to late television star Jimmy Savile could be removed following sexual abuse allegations.

Police say some 300 potential victims have come forward with abuse allegations against Savile, a well-known BBC children's television host who died last year. Most of them say they were abused by Savile, but some say they were abused by other people, police said Friday.

The church said Saturday that Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichol wrote to Vatican officials last week, asking the Holy See to investigate the possibility of posthumously removing Savile's honor in recognition of the "deep distress" of the alleged victims.

He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and the Vatican for his charitable work.

Dismantling stereotypes about child sex abuse: A Q&A

The Star-Ledger

By Star-Ledger Editorial Board
on October 26, 2012

The Boy Scouts of America called it the “Perversion Files” — documentation of sex abuse allegations in the Scouts, culled from police and newspaper reports over 25 years, including statements from boys who were victimized. Police were rarely notified, and some of the abusers simply moved on to other troops, to prey on other youths.

The 1,200 files were released by court order after news organizations requested access to the files. Similarities to the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal that unspooled over the past 10 years are unmistakable.

What are we learning about these crimes against children and the adults who commit them? The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned two reports over the past decade, the latest one delivered last year by a research team at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. Their findings demolish many closely held stereotypes, especially the one that equates homosexuality with child abuse.

Editorial writer Linda Ocasio spoke with Margaret Smith, a member of the research team, about its findings.

Q. The Boy Scouts and Catholic Church both ban gays from membership. Yet they are the two organizations hardest hit by sex abuse scandals involving gay men and boys. Why is that?

A. It’s really a mistake to perceive this as a problem of homosexual men and adolescents. First of all, there is no reason to think that homosexuals are any more likely to abuse a child than heterosexuals.

In general, the typical man who abuses a boy is a married heterosexual. This finding is common to many social science studies and is endorsed by those who treat abusers. We found in our research that 80 percent of the priests who abused boys also had sexual relationships with adults.

A new phase of child protection

Washington Post

By Stephen J. Rossetti

The steps taken in the last 30 years to prevent the devastating trauma of child sexual abuse are making a difference. From 1990 to 2010, substantiated cases of child sexual abuse throughout the United States dropped 62 percent, according to experts David Finkelhor and Lisa Jones using a variety of sources including national surveys, FBI and NDACAN (National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect) data. Similarly, since the late 1970s, abuse by Catholic clergy has plummeted from 4 percent to less than 1 percent.

Mandatory reporting laws, prosecution of offenders, increased public awareness, and child-safe education programs have certainly contributed to this trend. Mirroring these aggressive efforts has been the remarkable turnaround in the Catholic Church with it currently having one of the most extensive, comprehensive child protection programs in the country.

The temptation now is to think society has done its job. It has “gotten rid” of the offenders by sending them to prison. Likewise, the church is dismissing clergy-offenders from priesthood. But such thinking is short-sighted. The process of making both society and church safe for children is not over. Rather, dealing with this terrible scourge, affecting all corners of our society, is entering a new phase.

I recall being at the bishops’ meeting in Dallas 2002 when the clergy sexual abuse crisis was at its zenith. In this intense environment, American public sentiment sent a clear message to the bishops, “Get rid of them.” And they did. A few hundred were immediately dismissed and more followed. Child advocates then queried the bishops, “So now, you are supervising these men?” The response came, “Once they are dismissed from priesthood, they are beyond our reach.”

Scoutmaster who admitted abusing kids worked in Charlotte church daycare

The State

Steve Lyttle - Charlotte Observer

Monroe — A former Scoutmaster who admitted this week to molesting numerous Boy Scouts in the Fayetteville area nearly four decades ago worked for years in the preschool center at Charlotte’s Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church, the senior minister there said Friday.

The Rev. Rush Otey said Joseph Menghi Jr., 69, who now lives in Monroe, was employed for more than eight years at Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian’s Child Development Center.

Menghi worked mostly as an office worker, Otey said, but occasionally substituted for teachers who were out.

Otey said there were never any reports of problems with Menghi, who told the Associated Press this week that he molested Scouts in the 1970s while leading Troop 786 in the Fayetteville area.

Catholic Church to strip Savile of papal knighthood

British Weekly

October 26, 2012

Jimmy Savile could become the first person to be stripped of a Papal knighthood posthumously after the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales asked the Vatican to investigate removing the honour.

There is growing disquiet among senior members of the church, which has itself been rocked by child abuse scandals, that the disgraced late TV presenter’s name remains on the list of recipients of one of the highest awards the Pope can bestow.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, has now written to Rome asking whether Savile’s Papal knighthood can be annulled in recognition of his victims’ “deep distress”.

Church sources said there was no established process to remove a Papal honour posthumously because the award dies with the recipient.

However, senior Roman Catholic clergy in Britain feel that the Vatican should look at whether it can do something to recognise its disgust at the “deeply shocking” series of allegations of child sexual abuse made against the former Jim’ll Fix It presenter.

Some advocacy groups demand action against former scout leader



Some children's advocacy groups are demanding action after learning a former scoutmaster admitted to molesting young boys decades ago and went on to work at a church day care center in Charlotte.

The pastor of Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Rush Otey, said Thomas Menghi Jr. worked there from 2002 to 2011 and left because his position was eliminated, not because of any allegations.

"I just feel anger and disgust," said David Fortwengler, a survivor of child abuse and a spokesperson for the child advocacy and anti-abuse group SNAP.

SNAP stands for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, but advocates for people who were targeted in Boy Scouts, camps, schools and athletic programs as well as those victimized by clergy members.

Former NC scoutmaster admits he molested boys

Associated Press


MONROE, N.C. (AP) — Former scoutmaster Thomas J. Menghi Jr. says he was usually drunk when he molested numerous Boy Scouts during the early 1970s.

He was in his late 20s, living in a Fayetteville motel and working as Tupperware deliveryman. He invited boys from Troop 786 as young as 11 years old to ride with him along his route, requesting that they spend the night in his room so they could get an early start.

"Yes, I abused kids," Menghi, now 69, said in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. "But just how many and other details I can't remember. It was a long time ago and I was in a fog."

Menghi's file is just one among 14,500 pages of "perversion files" compiled by the Boy Scouts of America between 1959 to 1985 and made public last week by court order.

Admitted scout molester worked at day care in Charlotte

Winston-Salem Journal

By: The Associated Press | Winston-Salem Journal

A former North Carolina scoutmaster who was not reported to police after molesting as many as 10 boys in the early 1970s went on to work for years at a church-run day care in Charlotte.

The Rev. Rush Otey confirmed Friday that Thomas Menghi Jr. worked as the office manager at Selwyn Presbyterian Child Development Center from 2002 to 2011 and was routinely alone with young children. Parents at the daycare were shocked to learn of Menghi's past after reading an Associated Press story in which Menghi admitted he abused scouts when he led Troop 786 in Fayetteville.

Otey said there were no such complaints at the day care.

“At no time during Mr. Menghi's employment were there hints, suspicions, observations, or allegations of any inappropriate conduct related to sexual abuse, molestation, or neglect duties,” he said. “Had there been such accusations from any child, parent, supervisor, volunteer or co-worker, this would have been reported immediately to the proper authorities.”

Jimmy Savile family's 'turmoil' over sex abuse claims

BBC News

The nephew of Jimmy Savile has spoken of his family's "turmoil" over allegations of sexual abuse surrounding the late TV presenter and DJ.

Police have said Savile could have sexually abused as many as 300 people.

Roger Foster said the claims had "overwhelmed" Savile's family and left them questioning their feelings towards him and his charitable work.

But their own "despair and sadness" could not compare to that felt by the victims, said Mr Foster. ...

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has confirmed it has written to the Vatican to ask if Savile's papal knighthood can be posthumously removed.

Charlotte pastor: Admitted Boy Scout molester worked at church daycare


By Chris Dyches

The pastor of a Charlotte church says that a man who admitted to molesting Boy Scouts in the 1970s worked at a church daycare for the past decade.

According to Pastor Rush Otey of Selywn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Thomas Menghi Junior worked at the church's daycare starting in 2002.

During an interview with the Associated Press released on Thursday, Menghi admitted that he molested as many as 10 boys from Troop 786 in Fayetteville in the early 1970s.

Menghi was just one of thousands of former scout leaders named in secret files on suspected abusers kept by the Boy Scouts of America and released under a recent court order.

October 26, 2012

How did Jimmy Savile fool everyone for so long?

Cstholic Herald

By Francis Phillips on Friday, 26 October 2012

I have just been watching a replay of the BBC Panorama programme about Jimmy Savile. There were many clips of his very successful TV programmes dominated by Savile himself, with his trademark cigar, platinum hair and wearing his tracksuit. With the advantage of hindsight we all now know that he was far from the public-spirited eccentric that he presented in the media. Watching his antics during the Panorama programme, the question in my mind was: how did he get away with not just fooling some of the people some of the time, but seemingly all the people all the time – for decades?

Some of the answer to this lies in the institutional blindness of the BBC to the reality behind Savile’s smiling, zany mask. Mary Riddell, in an article about Savile in the Telegraph, rehearsed the well-known quote of Edmund Burke that evil flourishes when good men do nothing. But in this case it seems that the BBC did nothing because they saw nothing; they lived in a complacent cocoon in which high ratings and celebrity status were all-important.

This inability to see what is obvious can be true of any institution – including the Church. I am not talking here about cover-ups in the case of child abuse (though that has parallels with the Savile case) but more generally: when the self-belief of an institution takes over and becomes an end in itself, so that no one says “Wait a minute. What’s going on here?” Self-preservation has become more important than truth.

The BBC's real crime over Jimmy Savile was to act like the Catholic church

The Guardian

Jonathan Freedland
The Guardian, Friday 26 October 2012

There is a tide in the affairs of men and this one has gone in and out and back in again. The first wave brought horror at the alleged crimes of Jimmy Savile, revulsion at a deception that had been perpetrated on the British public over four decades: hoodwinked by visible good deeds, so that we wouldn't see the darkness beneath.

The next wave saw that fury turned on Savile's longtime employer, the BBC, for failing to reveal the truth about him when it had a clear chance, by binning a Newsnight investigation a year ago – a decision the programme's editor made, we now discover, a day after the corporation had published its Christmas schedule, a lineup that included not one but two fawning tributes to the presenter. That BBC-focused rage reached a peak at the start of the week, when Panorama tore into its sister programme as George Entwistle prepared to take a pasting from a House of Commons select committee.

Since then the tide has headed in the reverse direction, with both commentators and politicians insisting it is wrong to obsess over BBC management practices when the real issue is the sexual abuse of children. "The voices of the victims seem to have been completely ignored," the Tory MP Claire Perry told Question Time, because "the BBC is doing too much navel-gazing".

Jimmy Savile: Catholic Church seeks to strip star of Papal knighthood

The Telegraph

Jimmy Savile could become the first person to be stripped of a Papal knighthood posthumously after the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales asked the Vatican to investigate removing the honour.

By Tom Rowley, and Sam Marsden
10:07PM BST 26 Oct 2012

There is growing disquiet among senior members of the church, which has itself been rocked by child abuse scandals, that the disgraced late TV presenter’s name remains on the list of recipients of one of the highest awards the Pope can bestow.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, has now written to Rome asking whether Savile’s Papal knighthood can be annulled in recognition of his victims’ “deep distress”.

Church sources said there was no established process to remove a Papal honour posthumously because the award dies with the recipient.

However, senior Roman Catholic clergy in Britain feel that the Vatican should look at whether it can do something to recognise its disgust at the “deeply shocking” series of allegations of child sexual abuse made against the former Jim’ll Fix It presenter.

Man Arrested on Child Porn Charges in Huntington


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A man has been arrested on charges of possession of child pornography.

Huntington Police tell WSAZ.com members of the West Virginia Cybercrimes Task Force executed a search warrant just before 9 a.m. Friday at a home in the 200-block of Guyan Avenue.

Inside the home, police say they found child pornography on a laptop computer. ...

Police say Jordan Jr. told them he works as a volunteer at a local church and several youth camps.

WSAZ.com has calls into the church for comment.

Fr. Emmett Coyne, The Theology of Fear: When Religion Takes Leave of Spirituality


William D. Lindsey

Usually, when I discuss or recommend a book on this blog, I've already read it. In fact, I can't think of an instance in which a book I've recommended here hasn't been one I've yet read.

Today, I want, however, to tell readers about a book I haven't yet read, but am planning to read. And I want, as well, to explain why I think this book will be very useful to me--asking, as I do so, whether any readers of this blog may already have read the book in question and if we might talk together about it as a dialogic community on this blog.

The book I'm intending to read is Fr. Emmett Coyne's Theology of Fear. As this Amazon link to the book indicates, Fr. Coyne published the book this past May in conjunction with Amazon's CreateSpace self-publishing program. As Fr. Coyne's website also notes, profits from the sale of Theology of Fear are going to Partners in Health, to provide healthcare to those on the margins of society.

The website's summary of the book notes that Fr. Coyne wrote it to foster "a dialogue of change in our understanding of doctrine, morality, and how the Roman Church ought to 'seek first the Kingdom of God' by reading the signs of the times." It is, in other words, a direct reflection on the theology of Vatican II, which accentuated the concept derived from the theology of Cardinal Newman that doctrine develops, and that in the process of doctrinal development, the voice of the laity, our sensus fidelium, is critically important.

David Quinn: The Savile scandal has echoes of our own child abuse nightmares

Irish Independent

Friday October 26 2012

The BBC's response to the Jimmy Savile revelations has been eerily reminiscent of both the Catholic Church's response to its child abuse scandals, and to our own national broadcaster's handling of the Fr Kevin Reynolds case.

Writing about the BBC in the London 'Times' on Wednesday, David Epstein had this to say: "It turns out that the BBC is no different from any other large organisation when it comes to handling a crisis. First there has been denial, then reluctant acknowledgement ... then the internal inquiry rapidly overtaken by external inquiries, then the abject apologies and finally the admission that the system failed."

When news of the Fr Kevin Reynolds libel action first emerged, RTE's initial response was a fierce defence. Later we had a station executive announcing that "rolled heads learn nothing". Then we had several inquiries and appearances before Oireachtas Committees plus several resignations. In the meantime, Fr Reynolds received a huge out-of-court settlement.

How the Catholic Church responded to revelations of abuses is well recorded, which is what makes the BBC's response to the Savile revelations all the more bewildering.

BBC Director General, George Entwistle, showed a singular lack of awareness when he tried to explain to a House of Commons committee on Tuesday why the station did not put a stop to Savile's reign of terror.

How Jimmy Savile did it: Thomas Duggan got there first


Posted by: A.Dean on Oct 26 2012

The number of victims of Jimmy Savile’s abuse continues to rise. As of yesterday, Scotland Yard had identified 300 of his victims—an increase of 100 over last week. The police have already spoken with 130 victims thus far, and are exploring 400 lines of inquiry.

These figures boggle the mind. That a man who never left the limelight for five straight decades could have gotten away with child abuse on this scale begs many questions; inquiries have now been launched to answer these, and examine the roles and failures of the BBC, NHS, and police in overlooking the evidence of his activities. While it is too little too late for survivors to face Savile down in court, civil redress remains a possibility for survivors of his abuse.

The Savile story begs the question of whether he was an anomaly, or whether what he did tells us more about serial child abusers generally. Savile was distinctive in many ways, both as an entertainer and perpetrator. He empowered himself by becoming a household name, a beloved figure, ultimately a “knight”. He abused young children around the country, using his fame, wealth, flamboyant demeanour and style of dress to double bluff his countrymen into thinking him a harmless, gold-hearted eccentric. Any suspicions about his keen interest in children, especially vulnerable children, and even the occasional rumours of his sexual improprieties were quashed by his celebrity. He was a living legend – which bought him a strange kind of insulation from scrutiny, and allowed him to leave a trail of hundreds of damaged, disturbed or broken lives that stretches back to the late 1950s. ...

One of the most striking stories of child abuse dating back to this time involves St Bede’s College in Whalley Range, Manchester, an esteemed Catholic grammar school for boys at the time. St Bede’s College was closely tied with the Catholic Diocese of Salford. Between 1950 and 1966, the Rector of St Bede’s College was Father Thomas Duggan, who was elevated to the status of Monsignor in 1958. As reported in the Manchester Evening News last year, more than 50 former pupils of St Bede’s have recently come forward to the Diocese of Salford to highlight the sexual and psychological abuse they experienced while at the school, specifically at the hands of Monsignor Duggan, who molested, fondled, and raped these boys in his care. The Diocese of Salford has apologised for what happened, though in less than robust terms. Civil redress is being explored by many of Duggan’s victims, 15 of whom our firm is representing.

It remains possible, maybe even likely, that far more boys were harmed by Monsignor Duggan than just those who have already come forward. Thousands of boys were educated at St. Bede’s when Duggan ran it, and he had a definite system for grooming and abusing his charges, repeated with chilling efficiency. Like Savile, Duggan established himself at the top of the pyramid of power in his community; in life he was beyond reproach, a Monsignor of the Catholic Church, and a force to be reckoned with. It appears he was given almost free reign over St Bede’s College and his young students there—and certainly little scrutiny. Only in the years since his death has the scope of his abuses come to light, and only in the last year have some of his victims found it within themselves to speak out about what they endured as pupils at St Bede’s.

A symposium has never stopped sex abuse and cover-up

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on October 26, 2012

What if Pablo Escobar had hosted a symposium on Drug Trade Gangland Violence Prevention?

No matter what well-respected, hard-working experts he invited, the symposium wouldn’t have stopped the continued promulgation of violence in the Columbian Drug Cartel.

Later this month, Penn State will be hosting a symposium on child sexual abuse and prevention. Their list of partners is very impressive.

The Boy Scouts of America will also be hosting a symposium in November in Atlanta.

Sounds similar, don’t you think?

At least they are doing something, I hear many of you say. But that’s the problem: Right now, that ALL they are doing.

The Boy Scouts and Penn State did not voluntarily go to the cops and say, “We have a problem.” The Scouts were sued by hundreds of victims who were aching after decades of abuse and cover-up. Penn State was exposed because of the bravery of Jerry Sandusky’s victims, who bucked the Happy Valley “code of silence” and came forward to protect other kids.

Bradford priest sent for trial on sex charge

Telegraph & Argus

A Roman Catholic priest in Bradford is to stand trial accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

Father William Finnegan, parish priest at St Clare’s RC Church in Fagley, has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

He appeared before Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court yesterday and was told he will face trial before a jury at the city’s crown court on December 7.

Gerald T. Slevin...


Gerald T. Slevin: After Elections, Who Will Prosecute More Predatory Priests? Constitutional Lawyer Obama Or The Three R's---Romney, Ryan & Ratzinger? And Why Does It Matter?

Another hard-hitting and exhaustively researched essay by the Harvard-trained former Wall Street lawyer Jerry Slevin today. Jerry looks at the two U.S. presidential candidates in light of their records in dealing with issues of child abuse and of church and state, and challenges Catholics to inform our consciences as we select a candidate by thinking carefully about why the Vatican and U.S. bishops appear to be playing very overt partisan politics in this election cycle--to assure that the candidate (Romney) more likely to be lenient to Catholic officials prosecuted for criminal activity with child abuse cases is elected. What follows is Jerry's essay:

Is Anyone Above American Law For Misdeeds Committed In U.S.?

The U. S. Founders in the American Revolution risked their fortunes and even their lives to establish a basic legal principle, namely, that sovereigns, whether kings, clerics or presidents, must be subject, as all other citizens are, to the rule of law, in particular, under laws that are democratically enacted, transparently applied and impartially enforced. In 1776, European absolute monarchs and clerics were in practice very often "above" the law. This had been a major grievance of many of the Founders, who were wisely and understandably appalled at the unaccountable monarchs and clerics of the Old World. Consequently, the Founders made sure in the U.S. Constitution that no one was to be above the law.

President Nixon with Watergate, and President Clinton with "Monicagate," learned painfully that the Founders really meant what they said about the supremacy of the rule of law, as these two powerful U.S. Presidents were humiliated in public Constitutional proceedings for their misdeeds. My Harvard Law mentor, Constitutional scholar and Watergate prosecutor, Archibald Cox, made this very clear to Nixon.

Will This Essential Legal Principle Still Apply After the Elections?

Ominously, it now appears that this fundamental legal principle, that all persons, including politically powerful ones, are subject to American law for their U.S. misdeeds, may be seriously at risk following the current U.S. elections, at least as it may relate to the U.S. misdeeds of the pope and his U.S. bishops. Religious liberty for all, under the rule of law, appears to be in danger of becoming clerical privilege for some, depending possibly on whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is elected.

All American voters, but especially Catholics, have to include this serious consideration conscientiously in their voting calculus. Catholics cannot let themselves by manipulated by a cynical Catholic hierarchy that appears to be attempting to exploit election-year wedge issues like contraception and gay marriage to further the Catholic hierarchy's narrow self-interest and possibly even to protect themselves from possible criminal prosecution.

Barack Obama's U.S. Justice Department prosecutors recently took very aggressive legal action in a criminal case of a priest child pornographer directly related to the subsequent conviction of the first U.S. Catholic bishop, Bishop Finn of Kansas City, for a child endangerment related crime. Obama also, following the Penn State Sandusky revelations, condemned strongly child sexual abuse, and his Federal prosecutors are actively presently pursuing Penn State cover-up investigations. Obama could have pursued a less aggressive approach to child sexual abuse to accommodate the Catholic hierarchy's anxieties, but he did the right thing for defenseless children instead.

A global crop of cardinals; Syria; Vatileaks; and possible popes

National Catholic Reporter

by John L. Allen Jr. | Oct. 26, 2012 All Things Catholic

One could argue that in its strong focus on Western secularism, the papacy of Benedict XVI has been somewhat Eurocentric. When that case is made, however, the consistory of Nov. 24 will have to be recorded as a counter-example.

This will be Benedict's fifth crop of new cardinals, and for the first time, there's not a single European in the bunch. Granted, there are only six total, but most observers still expected a couple of guys from the old continent -- for instance, German Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the new prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, or Rino Fisichella, an Italian and president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.

Instead, Benedict announced he would hold a consistory one month hence that includes only one Westerner: Archbishop James Harvey, a Milwaukee native, following 14 years as prefect of the Papal Household. The pope said he plans to name Harvey as archpriest of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls.

The other five come from the developing world: one each from the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, and two from Asia. In that sense, November's consistory reflects the rise of a "world church" in which leadership will increasingly come from the southern hemisphere.

Immediately, the consistory would seem to elevate two figures into the ranks of the papabili, meaning candidates to be pope:
• Luis Antonio Tagle, 55, of Manila in the Philippines
• John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, 68, of Abuja in Nigeria

AL - Case against youth minister settled, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 26, 2012

We are grateful to the police and prosecutors who worked for justice on behalf of the young victim of William David Webb, and to the judge for handing down this large settlement. We believe that this stiff punishment will send a message to other would-be wrongdoers that their crimes will be caught and they will be punished severely, and will also help bring closure to the victim.

We hope that others who may have seen or suspected crimes by Webb will be motivated by this settlement to come forward and make a report to police.

Rolando Garcia, St. Agatha Priest, Placed On Leave Following New Claims of Sexual Abuse

Huffington Post

After weeks of repeated calls for his dismissal, the Archdiocese of Miami indefinitely removed Father Rolando Garcia from pastoring his congregation as new claims of underaged sexual abuse were brought to light.

Tony Simmons, 34, stood before media at St. Agatha Catholic Church Wednesday to publicly reveal himself as the "John Doe No. 95" who filed the latest lawsuit against Fr. Garcia and South Florida's embattled archdiocese.

Since August, Garcia has been named by several men who were purported victims of abuse as boys, and the priest has a history of similar sordid accusations dating back several years.

In the latest suit, Simmons charges the Catholic clergyman molested him for several years as a teenaged runaway, abuse which started in 1994. He says the priest began performing sex acts on him soon after Simmons sought his counsel at age 16, and that the abuse continued for several years.

Punishment, penance should come via a royal commission

The Age

Michael Short

ONE of the most fundamental responsibilities of government is to protect the community's most vulnerable citizens. Children are achingly vulnerable. They have a right to be able to trust adults who exercise direct institutional power over them. Schools and the church are two of the most powerful institutions. Children are at their mercy.

There is abundant, tragic evidence that many thousands of children have suffered sex crimes by Catholic priests in schools and dioceses. These perverted men of God have shown the children no mercy. Their putrid crimes have destroyed lives and caused untold misery, not only for their direct victims, but for the people who love them. There is no greater love than that felt by a parent for their child. Think how you would feel to discover a priest had raped your child.

These crimes have caused many to commit suicide. They have caused crippling anguish and mental health problems. They have caused drug and alcohol problems. They have caused relationship problems.

The Catholic Church has spent millions protecting paedophile priests. It has withheld evidence from police that would be likely to lead to the prosecution and jailing of an unknown number of perpetrators. These are criminals who, to add hypocrisy to horror, claim to speak for Jesus Christ, a figure revered by many for his love and compassion and who, one would think, would condemn child abuse above all else.

Austrian bishops call for church unity to bust stalemate

National Catholic Reporter

[link to Austrian Bishops' Conference and to the pastoral letter]

by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt | Oct. 26, 2012

Vienna Austria --
In a 15-page pastoral letter, which Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna admitted was the "outcome of intensive dialogue with Rome," the Austrian bishops insist that renewal of faith in full communion with the pope and the church's magisterium, and with special emphasis on church unity, is the only way out of the stalemate between the bishops and the Austrian Priests' Initiative, which demands far-reaching structural church reforms.

The pastoral letter, titled Jahr des Glaubens or "Year of Faith," has a special chapter on the ongoing deadlock in the Austrian church since the Austrian Priests' Initiative, which has more than 400 members, published its "Appeal to Disobedience" in June 2011. The initiative, which has the support of a large number of Austrian lay Catholics, calls for radical church reforms, including the ordination of married men and women.

Schönborn, president of the Austrian bishops' conference, presented the pastoral letter at a news conference in Vienna in the first week of October, before he headed to Rome for the 2012 Synod of Bishops, which has the theme "the new evangelization" or reviving Christian faith in increasingly secular societies. The synod coincides with the opening of a special "Year of Faith," which runs from Oct. 11, 2012, to Nov. 24, 2013, which also has focus on "the new evangelization."

Playboy Croatian priest's 'accomplice' arrested

The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

A female banker believed to be the accomplice of a Croatian Catholic priest who went on the run with around a £1 million pocketed from an illegal property deal has been arrested.

By Matthew Day, Warsaw
2:59PM BST 26 Oct 2012

Jasmina Bilonic, 41, faces charges of aiding Father Sime Nimac abuse his office and authority when he allegedly sold a piece of Church land without permission earlier in the year. The director of private banking for a Split bank was remanded in custody.

Arrested in Zagreb last week, Father Nimac hit the news in both his native Croatia and around the world when he disappeared from his parish with millions of Croatian kuna in cash, and leaving behind a mountain of rumours of an extravagant lifestyle festooned with cars, fine clothes, boats and a relationship with a married woman.

But despite the scandal and Father Nimac's Franciscan order issuing an apology for his behaviour some of his parishioners have rallied to his defence, claiming that the 36-year-old priest was led astray by a mysterious femme fatale character.

Priest gets one-year jail for sex with estranged wife

Press Trust of India

Ambala, Oct 26 (PTI) A priest was today sentenced to a year in jail by a court here for having sex with his estranged wife, who was living separately, without her consent.

Additional Sessions Judge Poonam Suneja also imposed a fine of Rs 2,500 on the mahant (priest) of an Ambala dera.

Priest’s name finally cleared after two-year ordeal

Dundalk Democrat

Published on Friday 26 October 2012

THERE was joy, applause and even cheers at the vigil Mass on Saturday evening at St Oliver Plunkett Church Blackrock when Cardinal Sean Brady announced to the congregation that former Parish Priest Fr Oliver Brennan has been fully cleared by the Catholic Church investigation into allegations of child abuse which were made against him.

Fr Brennan had already been cleared last November in an investigation by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

Fr Brennan spoke to the Democrat about his two-year ordeal, the long wait for his name to be fully cleared.

“It has been two years since I have been without a ministry, and a year since I was told my the PSNI that the allegations against me were false.

Priest is in rehab; hearing delayed


DEARBORN — A judge on Thursday postponed a hearing for a priest accused of driving naked and drunk in Dearborn this summer because the priest is at a Pennsylvania rehabilitation center receiving treatment.

The pretrial hearing for the Rev. Peter Petroske of Sacred Heart Parish in Dearborn was adjourned until Dec. 27. Dearborn District Judge Richard Wygonik approved the postponement sought by defense lawyer Edward Zelenak and over the objections of a city attorney.

"He's in a lock-down facility," Zelenak said of Petroske, a longtime Detroit area priest. "It's not as if he's thumbing his nose at the system."

Prestonwood Baptist: A Heroic Stand Amidst Parental and Church Betrayal

The Wartbuurg Watch

Approximately 1 year ago, TWW post a story on a noteworthy pedophile, John Langworthy called Does the SBC Fear Women Pastors More Than Their Kids Getting Molested? Link

I heartily suggest that you read that post first for some background. In it, you will be introduced to Amy Smith, the heroine of this story. In this post, we congratulated her for her dogged determination to uncover the truth.

John Langworthy, now awaiting trial for pedophilia, was serving on staff at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas,in 1989 when he was abruptly, and quietly dismissed, due to an allegation of impropriety. Langworthy would go on to allegedly molest other children in subsequent ministries in Mississippi.

Synod of Bishops & New Evangelization...or New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits. Why Vatican must end as a “country”

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils...

Paris Arrow

Updated October 25, 2012

1) VCC Vatican Catholic Church … not RCC Roman Catholic Church

2) Cardinal Dolan’s Vatican Deceit strategy: Entertainment Hollywood Hype

3) Australian Jesuit blames “Original Sin” for phenomenal JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in Australia slammed by Police and Government Inquiry

4) Benedict XVI canonizes centuries old dead saints while condoning current alive criminals Bishop Finn and Monsignor Lynn

5) Pope appoints new Cardinals while keeping old criminals Cardinal Bernard Law and Cardinal Roger Mahony

Bill to expand statute of limitations on sex abuse lawuits stalls in N.J. Senate


By Matt Friedman/Statehouse Bureau
on October 25, 2012

TRENTON — A bill to greatly expand the statute of limitations for sex abuse lawsuits remained in legislative limbo today after it stalled for a second time on the Senate floor.

The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex), pressed his colleagues until the last minute, but to no avail, in an effort to get the 21 votes needed for passage.

The measure (S1651) would have sharply expanded the statute of limitations from two years to 30 years for suing alleged perpetrators, institutions and their officials ruled culpable for the abuse.

A previous version of the bill, which sought to remove the statute of limitations altogether, began moving through the Legislature in December 2010 but never made it to the floor of the Senate or Assembly after facing stiff opposition from Catholic clergy.

The bill almost made it through in August, but stalled at the last minute.

Jefferson County jury awards $1 million judgment against former youth minister who had sex with 15-year-old girl


By Greg Garrison | ggarrison@al.com
on October 25, 2012

BIRMINGHAM -- A Jefferson County jury today awarded a $1 million judgment against a former youth minister at Word of Life Christian Center who was accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old girl in the congregation.

William David Webb pleaded guilty in 2009 of transporting a minor girl across state lines for sex. Webb, 39, is serving a five-year sentence at a federal prison in Forrest City, Ark.

The victim in that case, Barbara Elizabeth Echols, now 24 and married, filed a lawsuit in 2009, alleging seduction of a minor, assault and battery. The jury today returned a verdict in Jefferson County Circuit Court for $500,000 in compensatory and $500,000 in punitive damages, said Echols' attorney, Johnny Brunson.

"They found that she was 15 when he initiated contact," Brunson said. "She testified that he sexually assaulted and sexually abused her beginning when she was 15."

News outlets seek unsealing of Legion of Christ docs in lawsuit

Catholic News Agency

By Kevin J. Jones

Providence, R.I., Oct 24, 2012 / 06:22 pm (CNA).- Four news organizations are seeking the release of sealed court documents from a lawsuit contesting the will of a Rhode Island woman who gave $60 million to the Legion of Christ.

Jim Fair, Communications Director with the Legion of Christ, said the donor was “a beloved member of our spiritual family” and the religious congregation was “respectful and diligent in carrying out her wishes.”

He told CNA Oct. 24 that it is “appropriate” for the documents to stay sealed “to ensure that potential jurors are not influenced and that the Legion’s constitutional right to a fair and impartial jury is protected.”

On Oct. 24 the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Providence Journal and the National Catholic Reporter submitted a legal filing that argued the public has a right to access the documents concerning a legal challenge to the will of Gabrielle Mee.

Jury awards $1M in sexual abuse trial

Trussville Tribune

By Scott Buttram

A Jefferson County jury awarded a $1 million civil verdict against the former youth minister of Word of Life Christian Center, David Webb on Thursday. Webb’s father, Scott Webb serves as senior pastor at the church. The victim had previously settled her claim against the church.

The jury found in favor of the plaintiff, Elizabeth Echols, 24, on all four counts. Echols, who was 15 at the time of the incident, was represented by Rick Stotser and Johnny Brunson of Massey, Stotser and Nichols. The verdict was for compensatory and punitive damages.

The plaintiff alleged assault and battery of a sexual nature, trespass on her body, wantonness, and seduction of an underage and unmarried woman.

When contacted by The Tribune, Stotser said he was pleased with the verdict.

Fr Brian D'Arcy: 'I felt like giving it all up when the Church tried to gag me'

Irish Independent

By Sarah MacDonald

Friday October 26 2012

THE well-known broadcaster and priest Fr Brian D'Arcy contemplated leaving the priesthood following his censure by a Catholic Church watchdog, a new BBC documentary reveals.

The documentary, titled 'The Turbulent Priest', which is due to be screened by BBC NI on Monday evening, provides an insight into the high-profile cleric's dilemma as he confronts his censure by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and grapples with some of its thorny issues such as its teachings on clerical celibacy.

He also openly discusses his personal experience of clerical abuse as a young seminarian.

Last April it emerged that the Passionist priest had been censured by the the Catholic Church's doctrinal watchdog, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in Rome, which was angered by his criticism of the church's mishandling of clerical sexual abuse and his views on celibacy for priests, its teachings on contraception and homosexuality.

Hope for victims in church abuse inquiry

The Australian

[Submissions to the Victoria inquiry]

Paul Mulvey
From: AAP
October 26, 2012

AS Victoria's assistant police commissioner gave condemning evidence against the Catholic Church, sexual abuse victims and their families were brought to tears.

But for once in this shameful saga, they weren't sad tears.

"It was because a senior member of the community was finally sticking up for us. Telling it like it is," one survivor told AAP.

Telling it "like it is" paints a shocking picture.

Victoria's parliamentary inquiry into church sexual abuse has heard one in 20 Catholic priests are child abusers (and the figure could be higher among Christian Brothers), the church has never referred any allegation to police, it's more worried about its reputation than the victims' welfare, is secretive and intimidating, ill equipped to deal with the scourge of sexual abuse and needs a dramatic change in culture.

Assistant commissioner Graham Ashton told the inquiry police had investigated 2110 offences committed by clergy and church workers against 519 victims since 1956, of which 370 were committed by Catholic priests or brothers.

October 25, 2012

Interview with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

National Catholic Reporter

by John L. Allen Jr. | Oct. 25, 2012

Rome --
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, Austria, is among the most interesting figures in the global church -- an intellectual and theological protégé of Pope Benedict XVI, but also known for his willingness to make surprising pastoral judgments, whether it's allowing an openly gay man to serve on a parish council, approving a sweeping plan to cluster or close almost two-thirds of his parishes, or pursuing dialogue with a priests' insurrection in Austria. Schönborn, 67, has been among the most-cited figures at the Synod of Bishops on New Evangelization, and on Oct. 23 he spoke to NCR on the margins of the synod.

The following is a transcript of the interview.

Interview with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Oct. 23, 2012

I’ve spoken to several people in the synod who were impressed with what you said about these gatherings being a chance for bishops to talk to each other about their pastoral challenges.

At the very beginning of the synod, I suggested that we share, not so much challenges, but our experiences. As successors of the apostles, we are called to be the first evangelizers. We all have experiences of all kinds of joys, fears, successes, failures, and so on, in evangelizing. We all asked ourselves, ‘Do I really evangelize?’ I preach a lot, I’m in the parishes, I write pastoral letters, and so on, but what’s meant by the ‘New Evangelization’ is not only the daily pastoral work, which obviously we have to do and we do it with joy, but what Pope Benedict repeatedly says to us, encourages us to do, is to reach out to those who no longer have, or never have had, any direct contact with the gospel. This is the real challenge of the New Evangelization. I was very moved by some examples in the synod of real shared experiences of our work of evangelization. Of course, we also have to talk about all the questions of secular society, of globalization, of the social dimension, and all these subjects, and I think we’ve had a very rich menu about what’s going on throughout the world. The situations are all different, but nonetheless also more and more similar. Some of us, however, also gave really personal testimonies, and that was very moving.

In that spirit, let me ask about a couple of your recent pastoral experiences in Austria. One is the priests’ movement, what some call the ‘priests’ rebellion.’ Where do things stand now in terms of your relationship with that group?

I think all the Austrian bishops have normal and regular contact with the priests who are in that movement. In my diocese, some of the leading priests of that movement are in the diocesan priests’ council. Just at the beginning of this month, we talked very intensely about the questions and the challenges of this group. We all share many of these. The problems and questions they raise are real questions from the field. The issue is how to respond, how to take up these challenges, and I dare to say that the majority of the priests, as well as we bishops, as we have shown in our recent pastoral letter, think that some of the proposed solutions [from this movement] fall short. We have to dig deeper, to see these questions in a vaster context. We have to see it as a common challenge for all the faithful, priests, bishops, and laity, to deal with a situation in which in many respects we have become a minority, even if by numbers we may still be the majority. We have to learn to deal with this situation in a creative way.

Your view is that tinkering with church structures won’t cut it?

Exactly. We need to take up this challenge [of church structures], because it’s one part of the reality. Like many other European dioceses have done in the last two decades, for example, we’re on our way to restructure our pastoral work.

Hearing adjourned for Dearborn priest accused of driving drunk, naked

Press & Guide

By Julie Walker Altesleben
and Joe Slezak
Press & Guide Newspapers
Twitter: @joeslezak1

DEARBORN — A pretrial hearing for the Rev. Peter Petroske, accused of driving drunk and naked Aug. 2, was adjourned Thursday afternoon.

Nineteenth District Richard Wygonik approved the adjournment at the request of Petroske’s attorney, Edward Zelenak.

Petroske is accused of indecent exposure and operating under the influence of alcohol, both misdemeanors. He had been the head priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, but was placed on administrative leave by the Archdiocese of Detroit after he was arrested.

Zelenak said that Petroske has been at an in-patient alcohol rehabilitation center in Downingtown, Pa., since Aug. 10. Petroske voluntarily entered the program at the St. John Vianney Center, which is geared toward the clergy and religious community, and is expected to be there for about 60 more days.

Miami priest placed on leave in sex abuse case


The Associated Press

MIAMI - A Roman Catholic priest in Miami has been placed on administrative leave due to a pending sex abuse lawsuit.

The Archdiocese of Miami made the announcement Wednesday. A statement says the Archdiocese had no prior notice of the allegation against Roland Garcia, pastor of St. Agatha Catholic Church. The lawsuit also names the Archdiocese.

The statement also says the Archdiocese will offer counseling to the alleged victim and conduct an investigation.

Priest accused of drunk, naked drive in treatment

Lansing State Journal

DEARBORN — A court hearing for a priest accused of driving naked in a Detroit suburb while drunk has been delayed while he’s treated at a Pennsylvania rehabilitation center.

A pretrial hearing Thursday for the Rev. Peter Petroske of Sacred Heart Parish in Dearborn was adjourned until Dec. 27. Dearborn District Judge Richard Wygonik approved the postponement sought by defense lawyer Edward Zelenak.

Petroske was arrested Aug. 2 near the church on charges of drunken driving and disorderly or obscene conduct. He was placed on administrative leave by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit.

Zelenak says Petroske is being treated for the alcohol offense at St. John Vianney Center in Downingtown, Pa.

Missbrauch: Pfarrer-Initiative will Umgang mit Mitgliedern beraten

Der Standard

Plattform Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt kritisiert Zugehörigkeit zweier mutmaßlicher Täter - Schüller verweist auf nächste Vorstandssitzung

Wien - Die Pfarrer-Initiative ist mit Vorwürfen der Plattform "Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt" konfrontiert. Laut dieser sind auch "bekannte Missbrauchstäter" Mitglied der Reformgruppe, hieß es am Donnerstag gegenüber der APA. Sprecher Helmut Schüller bestätigte dies gegenüber der APA, man werde im Vorstand beraten, wie man in den beiden Fällen vorgehen werde.

Vorwürfe gegen Pfarrer-Initiative zu Missbrauch

Kleine Zeitung

Die Pfarrer-Initiative ist mit Vorwürfen der Plattform "Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt" konfrontiert. Laut dieser sind auch "bekannte Missbrauchstäter" Mitglied der Reformgruppe, hieß es gegenüber der APA. Sprecher Helmut Schüller bestätigte dies gegenüber der APA, man werde im Vorstand beraten, wie man in den beiden Fällen vorgehen werde.

Belgien: 403 Entschädigungsanträge wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs



Brüssel, 25.10.2012 (KAP) In Belgien sind bislang 403 Entschädigungsanträge wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs im kirchlichen Bereich gestellt worden. Rund 80 Prozent der Antragsteller seien Männer, meldet die Tageszeitung "Le Soir" (Donnerstag) unter Berufung auf einen Bericht der neutralen Schiedskommission, die Ende 2011 auf Vorschlag eines Sonderausschusses des belgischen Abgeordnetenhauses eingesetzt wurde. Der Großteil der Opfer sei zwischen 1940 und 1970 geboren; etwa 5 Prozent sind den Angaben zufolge über 80 Jahre alt. Etwa zwei Drittel der Antragsteller seien Flamen, ein Drittel Wallonen.

Das Schiedsgericht, das seit Monatsbeginn tagt, habe bisher sieben Einigungen erzielen können, berichtet die Zeitung. "Den Opfern ist es in erster Linie wichtig, gehört und anerkannt zu werden", betonte die Vorsitzende des parlamentarischen Sonderausschusses, Karine Lalieux, dem Bericht zufolge. Anträge könnten noch bis Ende Oktober eingereicht werden. Das Verfahren soll insbesondere jenen Opfern Entschädigung gewähren, deren Fälle strafrechtlich verjährt sind.

FL - Archbishop owes flock an explanation for sudden reversal

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 25, 2012

We are grateful that Fr. Garcia has been suspended. We are appalled that it has taken years. Wenski owes his flock and explanation and St. Agatha parishioners an apology.

Among many other questions, the most troubling is this: why does it take four lawsuits and two settlements to get Fr. Rolando Garcia ousted from his job?

This is the latest - and most egregious - example of how many bishops are violating their pledges of reform.

Archdiocesan officials settled two cases against Garcia years ago. Now, Wenski claims that no case against him is 'credible?' We hope Wenski's flock will demand to know why their church officials are apparently paying money to victims who they deem "not credible."

No papal pardon soon for ex butler


October 25 2012
By Philip Pullella

Vatican City - The Vatican on Thursday moved Pope Benedict's former butler, who admitted leaking sensitive documents, from house arrest to a cell in the city-state's police station and indicated he would not be getting a papal pardon anytime soon.

In a detailed statement that attacked Paolo Gabriele for violating papal trust, the Vatican insisted he acted alone in what it called a personal “criminal plan” that resulted in the biggest breach of Vatican security in recent history.

Gabriele, who was sentenced to 18 months by a court on Oct. 6 for stealing and leaking the documents, was moved to the cell to serve the remainder of his term after the prosecution decided not to appeal, making the ruling definitive. The prosecution had asked for three years.

“(This) puts an end to a sad situation that has had many painful consequences,” the Vatican statement said.

US - Scouts abuse scandal-where’s the action?

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 25, 2012

It's been a week since BSA abuse and cover up files were released. It's been more than a week since BSA officials pledged to "notify law enforcement of any allegations that have not already been disclosed."

So is this happening? If so, where's the proof?

And if not, why not?

Every day that information about known and suspected child sex crimes stays hidden, kids are needlessly and recklessly and callously put at risk. Every day this information stays hidden enables child molesters to destroy evidence, intimidate victims, threaten witnesses, discredit whistleblowers, fabricate alibis, and flee elsewhere. Every day this information stays hidden, the chances increase that statute of limitations.

And where are the names of Scout officials who have been ousted for ignoring or concealing known and suspected child sex crimes?

Months ago, three Penn State officials were ousted in the Jerry Sandusky debacle. This week, a BBC official stepped down in the Jimmy Savile controversy.

Credibly Accused Priest Returned to Ministry

Voice from the Desert

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish

On Monday, October 15th, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced its decision to restore Rev. Joseph DiGregorio to ministry, a priest credibly accused of the sexual exploitation of a minor.

[Read the story here.]

It did so while releasing as little information as possible.

The archdiocese’s poor record of accountability and transparency began to become known as early as 2002 when on April 26th then Cardinal Anthony Bevilaequa was quoted on a CNN News night report saying, “We all are agreed that no priest guilty of even one act of sexual abuse of a minor will function in any ecclesial ministry or any capacity in our diocese.”

That was 2002.

Later the 2005 and 2011 grand jury reports highlighted in graphic detail the lack of accountability and transparency shown by three Philadelphia archbishops — Cardinals Krol, Bevilaequa and Rigali.

Former minister fights molestation charge

Associated Baptist Press

By Bob Allen

A former Southern Baptist music minister is asking a Mississippi judge to dismiss an eight-count indictment charging him with sex crimes in the 1980s, claiming the allegations are too old to be prosecuted.

Lawyers for John Langworthy, associate pastor of music and ministries at Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton, Miss., before his September 2011 arrest, filed a motion recently contending the statute of limitations has expired that would allow authorities to file the charges.

John LangworthyLangworthy, 50, resigned from his church job before confessing to the congregation Aug. 7, 2011, to “sexual indiscretions with younger males” that he said occurred before he moved to Clinton 22 years ago. A month later he was arrested for alleged molestation of five boys, ages 10-13, that he contacted through volunteer work at two Baptist churches while a student at Baptist-affiliated Mississippi College between 1980 and 1984.

Time may jeopardize sex charges

Clarion Ledger

[with video]

Written by
Ruth Ingram

A Hinds County judge will rule on whether too much time has passed for former Clinton High choir director and music minister John Langworthy to face felony gratification of lust charges.

Langworthy was music minister at Morrison Heights Baptist Church before his arrest in September 2011. An eight-count indictment charges him with sexually molesting five boys ages 10-13 between April 1980 and December 1984, with the alleged sexual abuse occurring at the boys’ Jackson homes, Langworthy’s sister’s home in Jackson, or in Langworthy’s dorm room at Mississippi College.

Clinton police charged him with two counts of gratification of lust; Jackson police charged him with six. Langworthy pleaded innocent before Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Bill Gowan, who will rule on a motion filed Sept. 21 by Langworthy’s attorney, Jeffrey Rimes.

Former Minister Wants Child Sex Case Thrown Out

News Channel 12


Lawyers for John Langworthy argue statute of limitations have expired on child sex crimes charges.

Priest put on leave amid sex allegations

Sun Sentinel

October 24, 2012|By James D. Davis Staff writer

The Rev. Rolando Garcia was placed on administrative leave Wednesday, a day after a 34-year-old man filed suit against the Archdiocese of Miami, saying the priest molested him when he was a teenager living in Hollywood.

“The Archdiocese will offer counseling to the alleged victim and conduct an investigation following procedures outlined in ‘Protecting God’s Children’ [policy],” according to a release from the archdiocesan communications office.

In the lawsuit, Tony Simmons alleges that Garcia initiated a sexual relationship with him around 1994, when Garcia was at Little Flower Church in Hollywood and, Simmons was a 16-year-old runaway.

“I’ve got a daughter and a boy that’s coming,” said Simmons, who lives in Charlottesville, Va. “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Ex-papal butler starts jail term in Vatican


VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI's former butler is starting his 18-month prison sentence in a Vatican City cell for the theft of papal correspondence.

But the Vatican's secretary of state's office in a statement left open the possibility of a papal pardon if Paolo Gabriele repents and asks the pope for forgiveness.

The Thursday statement said the deadline to appeal the Oct. 6 conviction by a Vatican tribunal had elapsed. It described as "mild and fair" the punishment given to Gabriele, who used to serve Benedict his meals and helped him get ready for ceremonies. It noted that Benedict, as sovereign head, has the power to pardon.

Pope ex-butler to be moved to jail cell in Vatican

Chicago Tribune


7:52 a.m. CDT, October 25, 2012

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Paolo Gabriele, Pope Benedict's former butler who was convicted this month for stealing papal documents and leaking them to the media, will be moved from house arrest to a Vatican jail cell, the Vatican said on Thursday.

A statement said Gabriele would moved later on Thursday to the Vatican's police station to carry out the rest of his 18-month sentence.

The Vatican said the decision to end house arrest for Gabriele, who has been living with his family in their apartment in the Vatican, was taken after both the defense and the prosecution decided not to appeal the sentence.


Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, (VIS) - "Since no appeals have been filed against the sentence passed on Paolo Gabriele on 6 October, that sentence has become final. Therefore, by mandate of the president of the Tribunal, the promoter of justice this morning ordered the guilty party be imprisoned, in enactment of the sentence. The order will be carried out during the course of the day", reads a declaration made today by Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J.


Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, (VIS) - Given below is the text of a communique released today by the Secretariat of State.

"The sentence in the trial of Paolo Gabriele, which has now become final, puts a full stop to the end of a sad affair which has had very painful consequences.

"A personal offence was done to the Holy Father; the right to privacy of the many people who, by virtue of their office, addressed themselves to him was violated; the Holy See and a number of her institutions suffered prejudice; communications between the bishops of the world and the Holy See were hindered, and scandal was caused among the community of the faithful. Finally, for a period of many months the serenity of the working community which daily serves the Successor of Peter was disturbed.

"The accused admitted his guilt at the end of a judicial process which took place transparently and justly, and with full respect for the rights of the defence. The trial was able to ascertain the facts, showing that Mr Gabriele had carried our his criminal plans not at the instigation or incitement of third parties, but on the basis of his own personal convictions, which can in no way be shared. Various conjectures about the existence of plots or the involvement of other people have, in the light of the sentence, been shown to be false.

Kritik an Pfarrerinitiative (01:36)



Heftige Kritik an der Pfarrerinitiative kommt von der Plattform "Betroffene kirchlicher Gewalt". Denn bei der Wahl der Mitglieder zeigt sich: Auch Priester, die in ihrer Funktion Kinder missbraucht haben, sind darunter.

MD - Victims wants Catholic officials’ help

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by David Clohessy on October 25, 2012

■Victims wants Catholic officials’ help
■Suburban DC priest is under investigation
■He allegedly abused four teens/young adults
■Group wants Catholic prelate to "warn his flock" about the accused cleric
■They also want Silver Spring church organization to oust him as their director
■And SNAP urges Cardinal Wuerl: Post names of all predator priests on your website

Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will urge the District of Columbia’s top Catholic official to:
--warn his flock about a local priest who is facing at least four sex abuse allegations, and
--post on his diocesan website the names, photos and whereabouts of every predator priest who lived or worked in the archdiocese.
They will also prod
--a Silver Spring Catholic group headed by the accused priest to oust him, and
--anyone who may have seen, suspected, or suffered clergy crimes in the DC area to come forward, call police, expose wrongdoing, protect kids and start healing.

Thursday, October 25 at 12:30 PM

Outside the headquarters of a Catholic group headed by the accused predator, the Resource Center for Religious Institutes (RCRI), 8824 Cameron St. in Silver Spring, MD 20910

‘My worst nightmare’

The Irish Catholic

Michael Kelly

A priest has said he feels “a great sense of relief” after being cleared of an abuse allegation, an experience he describes as “any priest’s worst nightmare”.

Co. Louth-based Fr Oliver Brennan (67) also said he feels let down by Church authorities who he said failed to show him compassion and respect.

Fr Brennan, who stepped down following an allegation in August 2010, also expressed dismay that he was only cleared by Cardinal Seán Brady at the weekend despite the civil authorities saying he had no case to answer almost a year ago.

During the more-than-two-years that Fr Brennan has been out of ministry he has been unable to say Mass publicly or celebrate the sacraments.

“It has been my worst nightmare,” he admitted to The Irish Catholic this week after 40 years service in the priesthood. He was immediately forced to step aside and leave his parish under guidelines that have been criticised by priests’ representatives as too draconian.

Church shamed by sex abuse: Archbishop

The West Australian

Kate Emery, The West Australian
Updated October 25, 2012

Perth's new Catholic Archbishop says the Church's "shameful" history of sexual abuse is to blame for it no longer being "heard or respected" in public debate.

Timothy Costelloe said there was a growing gap between Catholic values and those accepted in society, with the Church "sidelined, attacked and ridiculed" for expressing its views on everything from abortion and marriage to the treatment of asylum seekers.

In an unusual move, Archbishop Costelloe, writing in Catholic newspaper The Record, suggested the Church must shoulder some blame for its loss of community standing.

His comments come amid renewed criticism of the Church's methods for dealing with abuse allegations, which have been aired at Victoria's parliamentary inquiry into child sexual abuse.

Top Pick for Illinois US Attorney Represented Jesuits in Sex Abuse Cases

What They Knew

In another chapter of the best defense money can buy, we look at one of the top picks to replace Patrick Fitzgerald as the US Attorney (chief federal prosecutor) in the State of Illinois. The Chicago Tribune named the top picks to replace the outgoing Jesuit friendly US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, and surprise of all surprises one of the top names up for consideration is one (of many) of the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus’ criminal defense attorneys, Patrick Collins.

Mr. Collins has a very impressive resume both as a prosecutor and in the realm of criminal and civil defense. However, he leaves out one of his most surprising and major accomplishments, keeping the Jesuit hierarchy in Chicago out of jail and away from the police and juries.

From the documents below we can see how Mr. Collins deftly maneuvered through the murky facts that his client, the Chicago Province:
■failed to report the sexual abuse of minors to the police for decades
■failed to turn over documents to Wisconsin Prosecutors and the Police
■Collins limited the scope of the investigation by his former employer, the US Department of Justice, into the federal criminal activity of the Chicago Jesuit Province
■Lastly, advised the Chicago Jesuits on PR and the handling of multiple state criminal complaints, especially in Arizona

Lawsuit against local diocese, priest settled

Daily Comet

By Katie Urbaszewski
Staff Writer

A lawsuit that accuses a former Houma priest of molesting a child and the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux of protecting him has been settled, the accuser’s attorney said.

The now-retired Rev. Etienne LeBlanc was interviewed by attorneys last month, and both sides began to work toward a settlement after the interviews were completed, said the accuser’s attorney Roger Stetter.

Catholic priest gets placed on leave


SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) -- A Catholic priest has been placed on leave after allege sexual allegations.

The Archdiocese of Miami has placed Father Rolando Garcia on administrative leave on Wednesday.

Garcia is the pastor at Saint Agatha Catholic Church' in Southwest Miami-Dade.

The Archdiocese made the move just a day after a man came forward, filing suit claiming he was sexually abused by Father Garcia as a child.

Sex offender accused of giving fake medical exams at AZ church


By Breann Bierman

A convicted sex offender has been arrested for allegedly performing fake medical examinations on a boy at a Phoenix church.

Phoenix police said on Oct. 6, the 15-year-old victim told his mother that Eduardo De Los Reyes had been touching him inappropriately in the medical room at the construction site for their church on West Grand Avenue.

When the mother approached Reyes, he told her not to call police and "to think of his family," according to the police report.

The woman called police and Reyes was arrested. He told police he volunteered at the church and had been attending nursing school but didn't finish school because he was arrested for exposing himself to a juvenile in 2010. At the time of the arrest, Reyes was also in violation of his sex offender registration because he wasn't living in the home where he was registered, police said.

Reyes also has an indecent exposure conviction from 1998 in Bakersfield, CA.

Abuse sidelines Church in public debate, says archbishop


The Archbishop of Perth says the Church's "shameful" history of sexual abuse has resulted in it no longer being "heard or respected" in public debate, reports The West Australian.

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, writing in The Record, said there was a growing gap between Catholic values and those accepted in society, with the Church "sidelined, attacked and ridiculed" for expressing its views on everything from abortion and marriage to the treatment of asylum seekers.

Archbishop Costelloe suggested the Church must shoulder some blame for its loss of community standing.

His comments come amid renewed criticism of the Church's methods for dealing with abuse allegations, which have been aired at Victoria's parliamentary inquiry into child sexual abuse.

Man accused of sexually abusing teen at Phoenix church


by Jennifer Thomas

Posted on October 24, 2012

PHOENIX -- A registered sex offender was arrested Monday for allegedly sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy in Phoenix.

Eduardo De Los Reyes, 46, was booked into jail for sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse and sexually motivated kidnapping.

The victim recently told his mother that he was inappropriately touched by a member of the church they attend, according to Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Steve Martos.

The boy's mother arranged to meet De Los Reyes and also called police. During initial questioning of the suspect, he denied having any involvement in this crime.

Archdiocese seeks settlement following abuse scandal

Marquette Tribune

October 25, 2012

By Seamus Doyle

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 4, 2011, failed last week to reach an out-of-court settlement with those to whom it owed money, namely victims of sexual abuse.

With mediation over, the archdiocese must now return to costly bankruptcy court proceedings to come to an agreement with those filing suit against it.

“The archdiocese had spent about $7.2 million as of Aug. 1 for attorneys and consultants on both sides, and more than $300,000 in fees has been added since then, according to court records,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Oct. 15.

Unlike many other court proceedings, in bankruptcy court, the debtor (in this case the archdiocese) has to pay legal and court fees for both sides.

Miami archdiocese suspends priest accused of sexual abuse

Miami Herald

The archdiocese changed course Wednesday and suspended the Rev. Rolando Garcia, pastor of St. Agatha Church, after an Iraq veteran accused him of abuse in the 1990s in Hollywood.


When an Iraqi war veteran publicly accused the pastor of St. Agatha Catholic Church of sexually abusing him in the 1990s, the Archdiocese of Miami issued a statement admonishing the news media for not asking tougher questions of his lawyer about the molestation claims.

The archdiocese immediately countered Tuesday that the attorney had filed “several lawsuits” in the past against the archdiocese in which he accused St. Agatha’s Rolando Garcia of abusing boys. “And yet to date, none have been proven credible,” the archdiocese declared.

But late Wednesday, the archdiocese dramatically changed course, saying Garcia “was placed on administrative leave” because of the lawsuit brought by the war veteran, Tony Simmons.

The previous day, Simmons stood with his lawyer in front of St. Agatha in West Miami-Dade to announce he was a 16-year-old runaway when he met Garcia at the Church of the Little Flower in Hollywood in 1994.

St. Agatha’s Priest On Administrative Leave Amid Sex Abuse Lawsuit

CBS Miami

[with video]

MIAMI (CBS4) – The Archdiocese of Miami has placed Father Rolando Garcia on administrative leave for the second time this year after a new lawsuit alleging sexual improprieties is filed against him and the church.

In August, an Archdiocese investigation into allegations the father abused a young man years ago resulted in the church closing its case and ruling the allegations were not credible. Still, that young man and his attorney proceeded to file suit.

October 24, 2012

Response to new lawsuit against archdiocese

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Communications Department - Archdiocese of Miami
Archdiocese of Miami statement regarding new allegation against Fr. Rolando Garcia
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MIAMI| The Archdiocese of Miami has learned of a lawsuit filed by attorney Jeffrey Herman alleging sexual abuse by Father Rolando Garcia, pastor of St. Agatha Catholic Church.

Mr. Herman has filed several lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Miami involving Fr. Garcia, and yet to date, none have been proven credible.

This is how the Archdiocese of Miami handles any allegation of sexual abuse: Our policy “Protecting God’s Children” is very clear; once an allegation is received:

It is reported to the county-appropriate State Attorney’s office.

Counseling is offered to the alleged victim and accused.

An internal investigation is conducted by canon and civil lawyers to determine credibility.
The findings of the internal investigation are brought to the Archdiocesan Review Board which consists of an attorney, two doctors, including a psychiatrist, a community leader, and a member of the clergy.

Upon the conclusion of this meeting, the findings are reported to Archbishop Thomas Wenski.

Statement of the Archdiocese of Miami regarding Fr. Rolando Garcia

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Communications Department - Archdiocese of Miami
Statement of Archdiocese of Miami
Regarding Fr. Rolando Garcia
Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Archdiocese of Miami has announced that Fr. Roland Garcia, pastor of St. Agatha Catholic Church, was placed on administrative leave today due to an allegation brought forth against him by Mr. Tony Simmons yesterday, October 22, 2012.

The Archdiocese had no prior notice of this allegation before yesterday's press conference announcing this latest lawsuit against Fr. Rolando Garcia and the Archdiocese of Miami.

Upon learning of this allegation, the Archdiocese, in addition to having placed Father Garcia on administrative leave, the Archdiocese will offer counseling to the alleged victim and conduct an investigation following procedures outlined in Protecting God's Children.

This past August, when an allegation was made against Fr. Garcia, the Archdiocese contacted him while Father was on vacation in Cuba. At that time, Archbishop Wenski placed Father Garcia on administrative leave and instructed that he not return to St. Agatha's until an investigation had been complete. Fr. Garcia was extremely cooperative and voluntarily took a lie detector test that supported his denial of having abused anyone at any time. At that time, the Archdiocese also interviewed the alleged victim.

With the investigation completed and upon the recommendation of the Archdiocesan Review Board, it was determined that the allegation was not credible. Archbishop Wenski returned Fr. Garcia to his parish following his ten-day leave. Upon his return, Fr. Garcia read his statement at every Mass on the August 24-25, 2012, providing full disclosure of the allegation and the outcome of the investigation. Subsequent to these events, lawsuit was filed against Fr. Garcia and the Archdiocese of Miami.

In that case and in the present one, the Archdiocese of Miami has followed its policy Protecting God's Children on the procedures to follow when any allegation of sexual abuse is made.

Victim interviews nearly done in church abuse case

San Francisco Chronicle

MATT VOLZ, Associated Press

Updated 3:16 p.m., Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena and 319 people who say priests and nuns sexually abused them as children are making progress toward a mediated settlement, attorneys representing the sides said Wednesday.

The two combined lawsuits allege decades of clergy sexual abuse in missions, schools and homes in western Montana going back to the 1940s. The plaintiffs, many of them Native Americans, say the diocese knew or should have known about the abuse, but covered it up instead of stopping it.

Earlier this year, the diocese pledged to cooperate with the plaintiffs' attorneys in identifying victims and working toward a mediated settlement. Diocese attorney Mike Patterson called this approach a different template from past sex abuse lawsuits across the nation in which a diocese would declare bankruptcy and let those involved deal with the aftermath.

On Wednesday, the sides appeared before District Judge Jeffrey Sherlock in Helena to update the case.

St. Agatha Catholic Church Pastor ...


St. Agatha Catholic Church Pastor Placed on Administrative Leave After Latest Sexual Abuse Allegations: Archdiocese

By Edward B. Colby

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012

The Archdiocese of Miami announced Wednesday that it has placed Father Rolando Garcia on administrative leave because of the newest sexual abuse allegations brought against him.

The Archdiocese said in a statement that it did not know about the allegations from Tony Simmons before he made them public in a news conference Tuesday.

After learning about them, the Archdiocese put Garcia, who is the pastor of St. Agatha Catholic Church, on administrative leave on Wednesday. The Archdiocese also said it will offer counseling to Simmons and investigate the matter following procedures in its “Protecting God’s Children” policy.

Simmons said he was a 16-year-old runaway when he met Garcia at Church of the Little Flower in Hollywood in 1994. A lawsuit filed Tuesday says that Garcia initially gave him assistance and counseling, but began sexually abusing Simmons after they went to a movie one night.

Radio host: evangelicals ignoring abuse

Associated Baptist Press

By Bob Allen

A Christian radio host says it’s time for evangelical churches to wake up to an “epidemic” of sexual abuse of children going on in their midst.

Janet Mefferd“I don’t know how long evangelicalism can ignore this problem,” host Janet Mefferd said Oct. 18 on her syndicated radio show from Dallas, heard daily on over 100 stations across the nation. “I really don’t.”

The segment included an interview with Susan Burke, the attorney representing three anonymous women in a lawsuit alleging a cover-up of sexual abuse by Sovereign Grace Ministries, a Calvinist church-planting network with close ties to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.

Mefferd said she wasn’t talking just about the Sovereign Grace lawsuit, because those allegations are unproven, but about the “appalling” number of hits that can be generated any day by typing terms like “sexual abuse” or “sexual assault” along with “pastor,” “minister” or “church.”

Is the Catholic Church behind the BBC's Child Sexual Abuse Scandal?

The Catholic World Reort

October 24, 2012

By Mark Brumley

You might expect such a headline, given the seemingly disportionate attention the Catholic Church has received for clergy sexual abuse. Mind you, CWR covered clergy sexual abuse from the outset and criticized folks high and low. It's not exactly as if we simply wanted to change the subject. At the same time, it seems that other institutions involved with cover ups of child sexual abuse have often gotten, if not a pass, at least disproportionately less attention.

That situation is starting to change. A recent case in point: the BBC. Yes, you read correctly. The BBC is being accused of sexual abuse and cover up. According to an AP story:

"A sexual abuse scandal shaking the BBC broadened Tuesday, with the broadcaster saying that it is investigating claims of sexual abuse and harassment against nine staff members and contributors, in addition to the late disgraced children's TV host Jimmy Savile.

Former priest to stand trial on sex charges

The Observer

Former Catholic priest, Gabriele DelBianco, who is charged with sexual offences involving teenage girls, will face a Superior Court trial on all charges.

DelBianco was the subject of three-day preliminary hearing that ended Wednesday in Sarnia court.

He was charged in 2011 with offences involving four girls that allegedly occurred between 1981 and 1987.

Open meeting of the ACI to coincide with ACP annual meeting

Association of Catholic Priests

A joint event, involving the AGM of the ACP and an open meeting of the new lay group, the Association of Catholics of Ireland, will take place at the Regency Hotel, Dublin on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November.

◦Friday evening, Nov. 9th: Open session: Talk by Peter McVerry on “Justice in the Church and in Society”, followed by open discussion.
◦Saturday Morning: 9.15 to 10.30am: Business meeting of ACP (Clergy only). This meeting will look at a proposed new constitution for the association: there will be a financial report, and time for any other business.
◦Saturday morning: 11.00 to 1.00: Open meeting of the ACI to approve of their aims and objectives, and chart the way forward. Everyone welcome to that, including clergy members of the ACP

Americans United Says Taxpayers Have Right To Challenge Church Control Of Federal Program

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

[Click here to read the story]

Oct 24, 2012

When the federal government lets a church group impose religious doctrine on a publicly funded program, taxpayers have the right to take the matter to court.

That’s the viewpoint put forward by Americans United for Separation of Church and State in a friend-of-the-court brief filed with the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today.

The appeals court is considering a case in which the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2006 gave the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops control over a program that helps sex-trafficking victims. The bishops’ conference then denied funding to other social service agencies unless they promised not to use the public dollars for abortion or contraceptive services.

The American Civil Liberties Union challenged the arrangement, saying it violated church-state separation and denied essential services to trafficking victims.

A federal district court ruled in the ACLU’s favor, but now the bishops’ conference and HHS are claiming that the case should be thrown out because taxpayers have no “standing” to bring matters like this into court.

Said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director, “It is an outrage that the federal government allowed a church group to deny essential public services to hurting people on religious grounds. It would compound that outrage if concerned citizens were not allowed to bring this violation into court.”

Original sin and clergy sex abuse

Eureka Street

ANDREW HAMILTON October 24, 2012

Being a Catholic priest during public enquiries into sexual abuse within the Church is a bracing experience. Infinitely less hurtful than being the victim of abuse, of course. But it prompts musing about the ways in which evil actions work out in a group and affect the individual members of the group and its perception by others.

In many cultures these questions run so deep they can be caught only through symbol. In Greek myths and tragedies they are explored through what happens in a family, or house, in which monstrous deeds are fated. They taint the house and work their way destructively through later generations. In the stories connected with Oedipus, for example, the consequences are fated and individuals are passive before them. Their best efforts to escape only create the circumstances of the doom that awaits them and those associated with them.

The proper response to such events when embodied in drama is one of terror and pity. This is how we would respond to a natural disaster when allowed to enter the human experience of those caught in it.

The Christian teaching about original sin can helpfully be seen through the lens of this myth. It understands the whole of humanity to be affected by a taint which goes back to Adam's sin. Its consequences are death. The curse that in the Greek tragedies affected particular families or groups is now universal.

Former Lincoln priest, a convicted sex offender...


Former Lincoln priest, a convicted sex offender, ordered to stop practicing psychology

By Kurt Erickson | kurt.erickson@lee.net

SPRINGFIELD -State regulators have ordered a former Catholic priest and convicted sex offender in Lincoln to stop the unlicensed practice of clinical psychology.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation found Francis A. Benham had been claiming he was a doctor who provides psychotherapy services when he had neither a doctorate degree nor a state license to practice as a clinical psychologist.

Records show Benham had business cards identifying him as a doctor and advertised himself in a local phone directory as a "psychotherapist."

The new citation, signed by agency director Jay Stewart, is the latest in a series of legal problems the 74-year-old has faced. Benham was arrested in Lincoln in July 2004 on sex charges and was extradited to Maryland where he was convicted of having sex with minors between 1977 and 1979 while serving as a priest in Prince Georges County.

Former pastor of St. Leo in Bonita Springs removed from priesthood


Written by
Christina Cepero

The former pastor of St. Leo Catholic Church in Bonita Springs is no longer a priest, according to a decision from a three-judge panel of priests from outside the Diocese of Venice.

Bishop Frank Dewane issued a letter to parishioners explaining the outcome of the canonical trial.

"By collegial decision, the judges discerned a pattern which demonstrated that Stanislaw Strycharz violated his fiduciary responsibilities to the Parish, his priestly promise to celibacy, and his promise of obedience to his Ordinary," Dewane wrote. "They declared that Mr. Strycharz no longer has the 'power, office, function, right, privilege, faculty, favor, title or insignia' of the ministerial priesthood. This means that he is unable to function anywhere as a priest.”

Vatican newsflash: Pope to name six new cardinals

National Catholic Reporter

by John L. Allen Jr. | Oct. 24, 2012 NCR Today

Rome --
During a Synod of Bishops that has been somewhat short of banner headlines, Pope Benedict XVI made some news today, announcing a consistory for the creation of six new cardinals Nov. 24.

One veteran American made the cut, as did a couple of prelates from the developing world considered possible papal contenders in some circles.

The new cardinals are:
• James Harvey, American, the longtime head of the Papal Household under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The pope said he intends to nominate as Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls.
• His Beatitude Bechara Boutros Raï, patriarch of the Maronite Church in Lebanon.
• His Beatitude Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal, head of the Syro-Mankar Church in India.
• Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, long considered one of the leading voices of Catholicism in Africa.
• Archbishop Rubén Salazar Gómez of Bogota, Colombia.
• Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila in the Philippines, considered one of the brightest theological minds among the Asia bishops and also one of their best communicators.

Tagle, 55, and Onayiekan, 68, both could draw consideration as possible successors to Benedict XVI if the mood at the time of the next conclave is to look for leadership to the booming church in the global south.

Tagle has turned heads during the current Synod of Bishops on new evangelization for his emphasis on a humbler, simpler church with a greater capacity for silence while Onayiekan has won praise for his balanced view on Islam -- insisting that despite the violence of the "Boko Haram" movement, "Christians in Nigeria do not see themselves as being under any massive persecution by Muslims."

Harvey, 63, a Milwaukee native, has served as prefect of the Papal Household since 1988. There was some speculation that when his Vatican service ended he might return to the States to head an American diocese, though today's announcement suggests he'll be staying in Rome, at least for the time being.


Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, (VIS) - At the end of his general audience today, the Pope announced that he has called a consistory to take place on 24 November, during which he will appoint six new cardinals.

"It is with great joy", he said, "that I announce my intention to hold a consistory on 24 November, in which I will appoint six new members of the College of Cardinals. Cardinals have the task of helping Peter's Successor carry out his mission to confirm people in the faith and to be the source and foundation of the Church's unity and communion".

The Holy Father then read out the names of the new cardinals. They are:

- Archbishop James Michael Harvey, prefect of the Pontifical Household who, Benedict XVI said, "I intend to appoint as archpriest of the papal basilica of St. Paul's Outside-the-Walls".

- His Beatitude Bechara Boutros Rai, patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites, Lebanon.

- His Beatitude Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal, major archbishop of Trivandrum of the Syro-Malankars, India.

- Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria.

- Archbishop Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogota, Colombia.

- Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle of Manila, Philippines.

"As you have heard", the Pope concluded, "the new cardinals carry out their ministry at the service of the Holy See or as fathers and pastors of particular Churches in various parts of the world. I invite everyone to pray for them, asking for the maternal intercession of the Blessed Virgin May that they may always love Christ and His Church with courage and commitment".

OK - Embattled church hires big PR firm

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 24, 2012

Embattled officials with Victory Christ Church in Tulsa, OK have hired one of Oklahoma's largest public relations firm to help it manage allegations that it covered up the rape of a 13-year-old girl on its campus.

Five church officials are facing charges for delaying as long as two weeks to report the girl's suspected rape.

[Read the story here.]

The firm is the Tulsa-based Schnake Turnbo Franke PR. The account executive who is handling the Victory case is Jarrod Kopp. On the firm's website, Kopp's biography says "there’s no telling what he’ll pull from his bag of tricks." Kopp can be reached at 918-277-1189 or 918-430-3011.

Legion of Christ controls $28 million estate in Rhode Island

National Catholic Reporter

by Jason Berry | Oct. 23, 2012

The Legion of Christ drew $2.19 million last year from a $28 million charitable trust that it controls, thanks to Gabrielle Mee, a wealthy widow who spent her final years as a consecrated woman in Regnum Christi, the order's lay wing. An orthodox Catholic, she was unaware that Marcial Maciel Degollado, the founder of the Legion, had out-of-wedlock children or that the Vatican had banished him from ministry.

The Timothy J. Mee Charitable Trust -- established by the late husband of Gabrielle Mee, who died in 2008 -- paid the scandal-battered Legion $2.19 million in contributions, gifts and grants last year, according to the trust's 990 form, a public record that private foundations file with the IRS.

The Timothy Mee trust's $28.27 million net value is slightly less than half of the $60 million at issue in a lawsuit filed by Gabrielle Mee's niece against the Legion, Fr. Anthony Bannon and Bank of America, which manages the Timothy Mee trust with the Legion.

The niece, Mary Lou Dauray, sought to revoke the will and retrieve the assets, on grounds that her late aunt was deceived.

Attack of the Church Apologists

Legal Examiner

Posted by Mike Bryant October 24, 2012

Writing the here at the Legal Examiner often comes with anonymous comments that come from people with their own agenda. The hide behind initials and rant about this or that. Funny, when they attack they gloss over the fact that each of us put our name and contact information on everything that we do. So even if it is an incorrect opinion, each of us are standing behind it.

There is the usual stalking that takes place on each malpractice piece. That is always good to drive up the comment numbers.

However, one I got recently was with contact information and a link to a piece that especially raised my interest..

Are the Catholic Church Leaders' Reactions Really About the Big Money?, Mike Bryant | October 01, 2012 9:13 AM

Now to be fair, the posted comment originally came as a email, so maybe the writer didn't want to be out in the open, but I figure if you take the time to send some feedback, let's talk about it.

The link took me to this page:


Boy Scouts and Catholic Church were inclined to silence on abuse: James Gill

The Times-Picayune

By James Gill, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune
on October 24, 2012

After Catholic priest Gilbert Gauthe was found to be a child molester in 1974, then-Lafayette Bishop Gerard Frey decided a change was in order. So the next year, Gauthe was assigned extra duties. He became chaplain of the diocesan Boy Scouts. Any pedophile would have whooped, and Gauthe took full advantage.

The Scouts, as their just-released "perversion files" prove, shared the Catholic Church's determination to shield criminals, sacrificing the innocence of young charges in a doomed attempt to maintain a wholesome public image.

Louisiana always figured prominently in the scandals that engulfed both institutions nationwide. Gauthe was the first to be unmasked in the endless succession of predatory priests who enjoyed years of episcopal protection. After Gauthe pleaded guilty in 1985, and was sentenced to 20 years in the state pen, Rev. Kenneth Doyle, spokesman for the U.S. Catholic Conference in Washington, said: "We don't want to give the impression that it's a rampant problem for the church, because it's not."

Then, New Orleans journalist Jason Berry, who covered the case, wrote a book predicting years of turmoil and multimillion-dollar court judgments against the church. You know who got that one right. The buggers were rampant for sure.

Surprise cardinal appointments spark Pope health concerns

Straits Times

VATICAN CITY (AFP) - Six non-European Catholic prelates will join the Vatican's College of Cardinals in a move which may influence the election of the future pope, amid uncertainty over Pope Benedict XVI's health.

The 85-year-old Benedict, who has been looking increasingly tired and worn, said on Wednesday he will appoint cardinals from Colombia, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, the Philippines and the United States in a surprise consistory in November.

The college, the elite body that advises the pontiff and elects his successor upon his death, is currently heavily weighted in favour of Europe. Religious watchers had not expected there to be another consistory until next year and the surprise announcement sparked concern among Vatican watchers that the elderly pontiff's health may be worse than thought.

Religious observers note that the pope appears to have been particularly hard hit by the child abuse scandals rocking the Church and the betrayal of his personal butler, who was found guilty this month of stealing private memos.

Venice diocese removes once-popular priest in Bonita Springs from priesthood

Naples Daily News


Posted October 24, 2012

BONITA SPRINGS — A once-popular priest at St. Leo's Catholic Church in Bonita Springs has been removed from the priesthood.

Bishop Frank Dewane, of the Catholic Diocese of Venice Florida, told parishioners the news in a letter inserted in the Saturday evening and Sunday bulletins.

The statement announced that the canonical trial for 47-year-old former Bonita Springs priest Stan Strycharz concluded that he had "violated his fiduciary responsibilities to the Parish, his priestly promise to celibacy, and his promise of obedience to his Ordinary."

"Having considered both mitigating and aggravating circumstances, we hereby declare that the accused is herewith dismissed from clerical state," the judges stated about their decision in a letter issued by Dewane. The nonpublic, canonical trial consisted of a three-judge panel of priests who were all experienced canonical experts from outside the Diocese of Venice.

Bankruptcy hopes to keep claim alive on alleged monk's assets

WCF Courier

By DENNIS MAGEE, dennis.magee@wcfcourier.com

INDEPENDENCE, Iowa --- The trustee handling Ryan St. Anne Scott's personal bankruptcy case in Iowa wants to hold onto the possibility the alleged monk may receive settlement money from the Roman Catholic Church.

The funds may be available as part of a bankruptcy case involving the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which filed a Chapter 11 voluntary petition in January 2011.

Scott, also known as Ryan Patrich Scott Gevelinger and Randell Stocks, previously led a group of followers in the former Buchanan County home. Scott. however, abandoned the property in January just ahead of eviction forced by the county attorney's office.

In separate legal action, authorities in Knox County in Illinois charged Scott with three counts of financial abuse of an elderly person, three counts of theft and one count of deceptive practices. Each charge is a felony. Scott is free on bond but scheduled to face trial in November.

Boy Scouts: Lessons from their Secret Files

Fr. Ted's Blog

Posted on October 23, 2012 by Fr. Ted

Stories of how the Boy Scouts organization dealt with sexual abuse through the past decades are now surfacing as their secret files have been made public. While there are many stories being published, this blog is going to quote from a story that appeared in my local paper, The DAYTON DAILY NEWS.

My interest in the story is not so much about the Boy Scouts and that institution but more the implications, if any, for how the Church deals with sexual misconduct. What we see in the news about the BSA, as in the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky case, sexual abuse can occur wherever there are kids present. it is not religious institutions which have a penchant for child sex abuse but rather predators find their way to organizations where they can have access to children. The temptation and tendency by institutional leaders to protect the institution and downplay the problems is prevalent in church and non-church institutions.

I am quoting from the Dayton Daily News story, Boy Scout Files Reveal Local Abuse. (I have added the red highlight in the text to emphasize the part of the quote that I thought has implications for the Church’s handling of sexual misconduct).

“The files reveal that some alleged pedophiles across the country and locally continued in scouting even after allegations were leveled against them. In several cases, community leaders such as judges and pastors helped keep the name of scouting out of the courts or the media, according to an Associated Press review of the files.

Old News Becomes New News? Hollywood Plans Film About Boston Globe’s 2002 Church Abuse Coverage


Dave Pierre

The Hollywood industry newspaper Variety is reporting that a director has been assigned to command a movie about the Boston Globe's relentless reporting in 2002 about the Catholic Church abuse scandals.

Yet again we see that the media is always looking for another angle to rehash decades-old sex abuse in the Catholic Church. According to Variety:

"Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, [Director Tom] McCarthy has been working in secret for more than a year on the project that chronicles the worldwide scandal …

"Producers have secured life rights of the Globe reporters responsible, including Spotlight Team members Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Matt Carroll, Spotlight Team editor Walter 'Robby' Robinson, special projects editor Ben Bradlee Jr. and Globe editor Marty Baron."

"Groundbreaking" work?

The proposed film is described as being in the vein of the 1976 hit film All the President's Men, which was about the efforts of the Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to investigate the alleged Watergate scandal.

Billboard calls for convicted KC bishop to resign

Southeast Missourian

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An electronic billboard in Kansas City calls for the resignation of the highest-ranking U.S. church official to be convicted of a crime related to the child sexual abuse scandal.

The Kansas City Star reports that the sign, located along Interstate 35, directs passers-by to an online petition that urges Bishop Robert Finn to step down. So far, more than 100,000 people have added their names.

Large letters read: "For the good of the people Bishop Finn must RESIGN!"

Pope nominates six new cardinals

Rome Reports

[with video]

October 24, 2012. (Romereports.com) (-ONLY VIDEO-) During the general audience in St. Peter's Square, the Pope announced that he will hold a consistory on November 24th to appoint six new cardinals. READ TEXT:

“And now, with great pleasure, I announce that on November 24th, I will hold a Consistory in which I will appoint six new members of the College of Cardinals. The Cardinals have the task of helping the Successor of Peter in the performance of his ministry of confirming the brethren in the faith, and the principle and foundation of unity and communion of the Church.

Here are the names of the new cardinals:

Msgr. JAMES MICHAEL HARVEY, Prefect of the Prefecture of the Papal Household.

Beatitude BÉCHARA BOUTROS RAÏ, Maronite Patriarch, (Lebanon).

Beatitude BASELIOS CLEEMIS THOTTUNKAL, major Archbishop of the Trivandrum of the Siro-Malankaresi in India.

Msgr. JOHN OLORUNFEMI ONAIYEKAN, Archbishop of di Abuj (Nigeria)

Msgr. RUBÉN SALAZAR GÓMEZ, Archbishop of Bogotá (Colombia)

Msgr. LUIS ANTONIO TAGLE, Archbishop of Manila (Philippines).

American Archbishop Named Cardinal in Surprise Consistory

National Catholic Register

by Edward Pentin Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A long-serving Curial archbishop from the United States is to be elevated to the College of Cardinals and become archpriest of the papal basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, Pope Benedict XVI announced today.

Milwaukee-native Archbishop James Harvey, prefect of the Papal Household, was one of six new members nominated in a surprise announcement by the Pope at the end of his weekly general audience.

The full list of the new cardinals, whom the Holy Father will appoint at a consistory on Nov. 24th, the eve of the Feast of Christ the King, are:

• Archbishop James Harvey, Prefect of the Papal Household whom the Pope plans to appoint archpriest of the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls;
• Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, His Beatitude Béchara Boutros Raï;
• Archbishop Baselios Cleemis (Isaac) Thottunkal, Major Archbishop of Trivandrum (Syro-Malankarese rite), India;
• Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria;
• Archbishop Ruben Salazar Gomez, Archbishop of Bogotá, Colombia;
• Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, Philippines.

Pope names six new cardinals, including US Archbishop Harvey

Catholic News Service

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI surprised pilgrims in St. Peter's Square Oct. 24 by announcing he would create six new cardinals, including 63-year-old U.S. Archbishop James M. Harvey, prefect of the papal household, in late November.

The pope said the consistory to create the new cardinals, who come from six countries, would take place Nov. 24, the feast of Christ the King.

It will be the smallest group of cardinals created since the 1977 consistory when Pope Benedict, the then-Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger, received his red hat from Pope Paul VI along with three other churchmen.

The new cardinals also will include: Lebanon's Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai, 72; Archbishop Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal, 53, head of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church; Nigerian Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan of Abuja, 68; Colombian Archbishop Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogota, 70; and Philippine Archbishop Luis Tagle of Manila, 55.

Pope names six new cardinals, putting stamp on Church future


VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict, putting his stamp on the future of the Roman Catholic Church, on Wednesday named six new cardinals from around the world to join the elite group of prelates who will one day choose his successor.

The six are from the United States, Lebanon, India, Nigeria, Colombia, and the Philippines. The ceremony, known as a consistory, will be held on November 24, the pope said in a surprise announcement at his weekly general audience.

Among those named to join the group known as the "princes" of the Catholic Church are Archbishop James Michael Harvey, an American who runs the pontifical household, Beatitude Bechara Boutros Rai, patriarch of the Maronite Catholic Church in Lebanon, and Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal, the major archbishop of the Syro-Malankara rite in India.

They also included Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, Archbishop Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogota, Colombia, and Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila in the Philippines.

All of the six new cardinals are under 80 years old and thus eligible under Church law to enter a conclave to elect a new pope. The elite group is known as "cardinal electors".

Pope names 6 cardinals, none from Italy

The Kansas City Star

The Associated Press

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI has named six new cardinals, adding prelates from Lebanon, the Philippines, Nigeria, Colombia, India and the United States to the ranks of cardinals who will elect his successor.

Benedict made the surprise announcement during his weekly general audience Wednesday and said they would be elevated at a consistory Nov. 24. The nominations help even out the geographic distribution of cardinals, which had tilted heavily toward Italy.

The new cardinals are: Monsignor James Harvey, the American prefect of the pope's household; Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan; Archbishop of Bogota, Colombia, Ruben Salazar Gomez; Archbishop of Manila, Philippines, Luis Antonio Tagle; Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites in Lebanon, Bechara Boutros Rai; and the major Archbishop of the Trivandrum of the Siro-Malankaresi in India, Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal.

Pope names Tagle, 5 others as new cardinals

Inquirer (Philippines)

VATICAN CITY—Pope Benedict XVI has named Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle and five other prelates from Lebanon, Nigeria, Colombia, India and the United States as new cardinals.

Benedict made the surprise announcement during his weekly general audience Wednesday and said they would be elevated at a consistory November 24. The nominations help even out the geographic distribution of cardinals, which had tilted heavily toward Italy.

At 55, Tagle is currently the world’s youngest cardinal.

The pontiff elevated Tagle, head of the Philippines’ largest archdiocese, to the College of Cardinals together with Monsignor James Harvey, the American prefect of the pope’s household; Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan; Archbishop of Bogota, Colombia, Ruben Salazar Gomez; Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites in Lebanon, Bechara Boutros Rai; and the major Archbishop of the Trivandrum of the Siro-Malankaresi in India, Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal.

Legion of Christ founder son arrested

Sky News (Australia)

A Mexico state judicial official says the alleged son of the late Reverend Marcial Maciel, founder of the Catholic order Legions of Christ, is in custody on attempted extortion charges.

The official says Jose Raul Gonzalez Lara was detained on Tuesday.

Legion spokesman Javier Bravo confirmed that the order had filed a criminal complaint against Gonzalez.

A Mexican woman divulged in 2010 that Maciel, a Catholic priest, had fathered two of her children, including Gonzalez, and accused him of molesting both.

AP, New York Times seek release of sealed documents in Legion of Christ lawsuit

Fox News

Published October 23, 2012

Associated Press

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – News organizations including The Associated Press are asking a Rhode Island judge to unseal documents from a lawsuit contesting the will of a woman who left $60 million to the Legion of Christ, a disgraced Roman Catholic religious order.

The New York Times, The Providence Journal, the National Catholic Reporter and the AP filed papers Tuesday arguing the public has a right to the documents despite the Legion's claim that they could taint prospective jurors.

The Vatican took over the Legion in 2010 after determining that its founder, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, molested seminarians and fathered three children.

Gabrielle Mee left her fortune to the Legion, but her niece challenged the will, saying the Legion defrauded her aunt. A judge dismissed the challenge after determining that the niece lacked standing. Her attorney plans to appeal.

Media groups want Legion of Christ papers unsealed

Associated Press

By DAVID KLEPPER, Associated Press

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The Associated Press and three other news organizations Tuesday filed legal papers asking a Rhode Island judge to unseal documents in a lawsuit contesting the will of an elderly widow who gave some $60 million to the Legion of Christ, a disgraced Roman Catholic religious order.

The New York Times, The Providence Journal and the National Catholic Reporter joined the AP in submitting a legal filing arguing that the public has a right to access the documents and rejecting the Legion's argument that press coverage of them could taint prospective jurors. Pope Benedict XVI took over the Legion in 2010 after a Vatican investigation determined its founder, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, had sexually molested seminarians and fathered three children by two women.

The woman's niece, Mary Lou Dauray, had sought to challenge Gabrielle Mee's will, saying her aunt had been defrauded by the order into leaving it her fortune. Mee died in 2008. Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein last month threw out the challenge because he determined the niece lacked standing. However, in his decision Silverstein noted that Maciel gave Mee financial advice and another priest helped her with estate planning.

"The transfer of millions of dollars worth of assets — through will, trust and gifts — from a steadfastly spiritual elderly woman to her trusted but clandestinely dubious religious leaders raises a red flag to this court," Silverstein wrote.

Hearing Pushed For Tulsa Megachurch Abuse Suspect

CBS Houston

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Prosecutors told a judge Tuesday that more witnesses or victims could come forward as police examine more deeply allegations of sex crimes at a 17,000-member megachurch deep in the Bible Belt.

Israel Castillo, 23, a former janitor at the Victory Christian Center, attended court for a preliminary hearing Tuesday after being accused of making a lewd proposal to a 15-year-old girl, but Tulsa County Special Judge Clifford Smith postponed proceedings until Nov. 29 after lawyers for the state said new information was forthcoming from at least one person. Castillo’s lawyer and the church said they knew nothing of it.

“I was prepared this morning to announce to the court that my client and I were ready to proceed with the preliminary hearing,” lawyer Hugh Hood wrote in an email. “Mr. Castillo has entered a plea of not guilty. I will continue to demand that his due process rights are protected throughout these proceedings.”

Creating Safe Church/Safe Ministry

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Last Updated Oct 2012

Of all human groups, the church should be the most comforting for the hurting. After all, we are called by God to be welcoming, caring and nurturing. The turmoil in many congregations and denominations over sexual abuse shows in stark relief the results of trust broken.

In Nashville in 2011, the General Assembly passed Resolution 1122, calling the Church to prevent abuse and minister to the survivors and victims of abuse. For many years the General Commission on Ministry (GCOM) and regional commissions on ministry have been encouraging boundary training and other “safe church” practices, requiring these trainings for pastors to maintain ministerial standing, and for leaders who participate in camp and other youth programming

Each of our congregations has the opportunity and responsibility to create safe space and context for ministry. We are called to 1) assess the safety of our ministries 2) educate and train our leaders, and 3) assure that children, youth, and adults alike are respected and cared for in life-giving ways.

Most of us never think there will be a problem in our congregation, until the unthinkable happens and lives and communities are devastated. The very act of creating safe space and understanding proclaims to those in our congregations and those who yet to be in our congregations that we care about their lives. To be a safe church is to be a community of Christ's welcome.

Wife of Sunday school teacher charged with sex assault supports husband


The wife of a former Sunday school teacher charged with sex and weapons-related crimes vows to stick by her man.

Joyce Laframbroise said she is shocked and had no idea anything was amiss until police put her husband Paul, 73, in handcuffs and charged him with offences including sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, sexual exploitation, uttering threats, and a variety of weapons offences.

“I wasn’t expecting all this. They are trying to get him,” she said, referring to media who had set up outside her home. “My husband is a good man, as far as I’m concerned. He has never hurt me and he never would.”

Detectives say Eduardo De Los Reyes ...

ABC 15

[with video]

Detectives say Eduardo De Los Reyes sexually abused boy while volunteering at Phoenix church

•By: Christopher Sign

PHOENIX - A 46-year-old Phoenix man faces several charges after detectives say he sexually abused a boy at a church.

Documents show the convicted sex offender was performing fake medical exams on his victim.

Eduardo De Los Reyes was arrested at his probation officer's office after a 15-year-old boy came forward with the information.

According to court documents, De Los Reyes was volunteering on a construction project at The Light Of The World La Luz Del Mundo Iglesia Church near downtown Phoenix.

The victim told detectives De Los Reyes had been touching him inappropriately while performing medical examinations on the boy in a medical room at the construction site for the church.

Man tells of alleged abuse by priest

The Eagle-Tribune

By Yadira Betances ybetances@eagletribune.com The Eagle-Tribune

METHUEN - Holding a sign that read: “Sexual Abuse of little boys and girls is soul murder,” Bassam George Haddad stood outside St. Basil Seminary yesterday in a public demonstration against a priest he alleges sexually abused him as a teenager.

Haddad, 39, of Methuen, said he was molested by the Rev. Ross S. Frey at St. Joseph Parish in Lawrence between 1986 to 1991.

“It’s been tough. He ruined my life,” said Haddad, who said he was always angry and picked fights for no reason. He kept the abuse secret from his mother and his wife of 11 years until recently.

I couldn’t handle it any longer. When I told my wife, she was upset, then told me she understood why I am the way I am,” her said.

Frey, a member of the Melkite-Greek Catholic church was ordained in 1974. He was accused in the 1990s of sexually abusing at least 11 teenage boys during weekend retreats at the Salvatorian Center on the grounds of St. Basil in Methuen and at St. Joseph’s Parish in Lawrence. Frey was transferred to Lebanon in 1996 and later placed on leave.

Suits allege priest abuse

Monterey Herald

Santa Cruz Sentinel montereyherald.com
Posted: 10/23/2012

SANTA CRUZ — A Santa Barbara-based law firm has filed suits on behalf of three alleged victims of a California priest who did two stints in the Santa Cruz area, including an assignment in Soquel from 2007-09.

The most recent suit against the Rev. Don Flickinger was filed late last month in San Francisco County on behalf of a 25-year-old man who alleges he was abused by the priest in the late 1990s at St. Frances Cabrini Parish in San Jose.

The suit names the Roman Catholic Bishop of San Jose, the St. Frances Cabrini School and Church, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Fresno, the Diocese of Fresno Education Corp. and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, among others.

In their papers, attorneys David Nye and Timothy Hale allege that their client was abused long after the defendants received multiple reports of abuse by Flickinger dating back to the 1970s.

Breaking the Silence: The Media and Male Sexual Abuse

Huffington Post

Vivian Norris

During the past few years we have finally been hearing more about an epidemic of sexual abuse of children , and thankfully, a few prosecutions.. The perpertrators were priests, well loved sports coaches, boy scout leaders and even celebrities. The recent scandal at the BBC, linking a well known personality, Jimmy Savile and his repeated abuse of underage girls, and his charity work which appeared to be a cover for access to children, had been making headline news. Sadly, foundations related to children have often been used as a way to access the vulnerable to use them for sexual abuse. In the US, Ireland, the Channel Islands, the list seems to go on and on, new sordid stories of child sexual abuse are being investigated, at times, linking to a disturbing hierarchy of silence in institutions whch were considered "sacred", be it the Catholic Church, the BBC or even Penn State football. All of these institutions have been front page headline makers for the media, and now they are losing trust as they are linked to horrific betrayals of trust. The media has a hugely important role to play in continuing to get the message out not only about sexual abuse of children, but how these children can not only survive, but thrive.

For the adult men who are still suffering from the abuse they suffered as boys, the media headlines stir up feelings of anger, sadness, frustration as they see for example priests who are simply moved, still given access to boys, or die before they are prosecuted, and, luckily, for a few, some relief as they are able to confront the men who harmed them in the courtroom. I am going to focus here on sexual abuse by men in positions of power against boys because, "survey by researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Boston suggests that approximately one in six men is sexually abused before the age of 16 ». The majority of the sexual abuse by Catholic priests takes place with children between the ages of 11 and 14. (Associated Press (2004-06-20). "Hundreds of priests shuffled worldwide, despite abuse allegations". USA Today.) I have seen this same figure repeated again and again, and knowing that it may be even higher as so many live in silence, suffering in shame, their lives damaged by alchoholism, drug abuse, and the inability to trust people in intimate relationships.

October 23, 2012

Man speaks out about priest's alleged abuse


[with video]

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) -- More allegations have come to light against a South Florida priest accused of committing sins against teenage boys.

"People do care," said Tony Simmons, "and all the tragic things that have happened to them, no it's not OK, but it is OK to speak out."

Simmons wants you to see his face even though, in a lawsuit he filed, he claims he was sexually abused by Father Rolando Garcia. Simmons said he is an Iraqi war veteran who was stationed overseas since 2003 and only recently came forward. "We're the outcast," said Simmons. "Our families have turned us down, we weren't credible as far as law enforcement goes, so it was pretty much like a candy store. They come in unquestioned, take us out for the weekend, party, and as long as we were back on time, we were good."

The lawsuit said Simmons met Garcia when he was 16 after he ran away from home. The lawsuit said they met in a church where Simmons went to pray. "Father Garcia kept this boy under his control," said Attorney Jeffrey Herman. "When he turned 18, he eventually hired him to work at St. Agatha."

Archdiocesan priest accused of sexual abuse

Sun Sentinel

By James D. Davis, Staff writer

6:44 p.m. EDT, October 23, 2012

A 34-year-old man filed suit Tuesday against the Archdiocese of Miami, saying a priest molested him when he was a teenager living in Hollywood.

In the lawsuit, Tony Simmons alleges that the Rev. Rolando Garcia initiated a sexual relationship with him around 1994, when Garcia was at Little Flower Church in Hollywood and Simmons was a 16-year-old runaway. The document names the alleged victim only as John Doe No. 95, but Simmons identified himself as the plaintiff in a phone talk brokered by his attorney, Jeff Herman.

"I've got a daughter and a boy that's coming," said Simmons, who lives in Charlottesville, Va. "I don't want this to happen to anyone else."

Garcia is currently pastor at St. Agatha Catholic Church in Miami. The archdiocese's communication office declined direct comment on the case, instead emailing a brief statement: "Mr. Herman has filed several lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Miami involving Father Garcia, and yet to date, none have been proven credible."

Priest who abused boys to be sentenced next month

Irish Times

Sentence is due to be passed next month on a former priest who has pleaded guilty to 11 charges of indecent assault on boys at various locations in Co Meath, including at two parochial houses. Raymond Brady (77), Baltrasna, Oldcastle, admitted the offences when he appeared before Trim Circuit Court earlier this year.

The crimes were committed at parochial houses in Drumconrath and Kilbeg as well as locations in the Bettystown, Kilmainhamwood and Enfield areas and at a number of unknown locations. Brady assaulted his victims on dates between April 1st, 1968, and June 30th, 1976.

Legion of Christ Founder Son Accused of Extortion

ABC News

By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO Associated Press

MEXICO CITY October 24, 2012 (AP)

A Mexico state judicial official says the alleged son of the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Catholic order Legions of Christ, is in custody on attempted extortion charges.

The official says Jose Raul Gonzalez Lara was detained. She was not authorized to speak to the press.

Legion spokesman Javier Bravo confirmed Tuesday that the order had filed a criminal complaint against Gonzalez.

A Mexican woman divulged in 2010 that Maciel, a Roman Catholic priest, had fathered two of her children, including Gonzalez, and accused him of molesting both.

Charity a scam victim

Gallup Independent

Published in the Gallup Independent, Gallup, N.M., Sept. 29, 2012

St. Bonaventure fundraising firm under national scrutiny

By Elizabeth Hardin-Burrola
Independent correspondent

THOREAU — Officials at St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School have until Wednesday to turn over an extensive list of documents to the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.

According to a letter released Thursday by the Attorney General’s Office, the state has launched an inquiry into St. Bonaventure’s tax exempt status and its business relationship with professional fundraising companies, particularly the New York direct-marketing company Quadriga Art.

“It has come to our attention that your client, St. Bonaventure School and Mission, a charitable organization, may be in significant debt to at least one professional fundraiser,” Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Korsmo wrote to Andrew G. Schultz, the mission’s Albuquerque attorney, in a letter dated Sept. 13.

Citing the New Mexico attorney general’s legal authority and the state’s Charitable Trust Act, Korsmo, who heads the attorney general’s Consumer Division, requested a lengthy list of documents and information concerning St. Bonaventure’s tax exempt status, revenue and expenses, board members and top salaried employees, and contracts with all fundraising companies.

Quadriga investigations

According to a CNN report that aired Tuesday on “Anderson Cooper 360,” the news network alleges that until quite recently St. Bonaventure’s mission owed more than $5 million to Quadriga Art after signing a fundraising contract with the company in 2008. CNN alleges Quadriga Art’s fundraising campaign generated more than $9 million in donations but passed very little of that money on to St. Bonaventure.

In a series of reports on Quadriga Art and its subsidiaries, CNN claims that at least 11 nonprofit organizations have found themselves buried in debt to Quadriga Art for professional fundraising services. It also claims that at least two nonprofits — St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School being one — saw their debt to Quadriga Art forgiven after CNN began investigating their contracts with the company.

The U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, which includes New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman as a member, is also conducting an investigation into Quadriga Art’s business dealings with at least one of its nonprofit clients.

According to a Senate Finance Committee news release dated May 23, the committee opened an investigation “into the potential abuses of tax-exempt nonprofit status by the Disabled Veterans National Foundation” through its fundraising ties to Quadriga Art.

“According to tax records, DVNF raised tens of millions of dollars over a two year period, yet reports indicate very little of the money went to directly help disabled veterans. Instead, DVNF apparently paid large sums to Quadriga Art in 2009 and 2010,” the release states.

“In order to qualify for tax exempt status, section 501(c)(3) organizations … must be operated primarily for charitable purposes and must not engage in transactions that benefit private interests or organizations insiders,” the release states.

New Hampshire address

When contacted Thursday, Quadriga Art public relations official Melissa Schwartz claimed “CNN didn’t deliver an accurate portrayal” of her company’s relationship with St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School. Schwartz refused to answer any questions about its fundraising contract with St. Bonaventure but repeatedly referred questions to St. Bonaventure officials who could “speak to the value” of Quadriga Art fundraising services.

Schwartz also declined to answer questions about Quadriga Art’s use of a New Hampshire post office box direct-mail “caging address” to solicit donations for St. Bonaventure. Several online charity consumer complaints reference unsolicited donation appeals for St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School using a Wilton, N.H. post office box address.

According to its website, Brickmill Marketing Services, a subsidiary of Quadriga Art, has a business location in Wilton, N.H.

In one online obituary, the family of an Oregon woman who died three years ago requested that donations in her memory be made to St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School. However, the family listed the direct-mail marketing address in Wilton, N.H., not the mission’s actual post office box in Thoreau. And on a direct-mail website, St. Bonaventure’s mailing list appears to be marketed for sale to direct-mail marketing companies.

Diocese unaware

Although Schwartz repeatedly referred all questions to officials at St. Bonaventure, repeated phone and email messages left Wednesday and Thursday for the mission’s attorney and its executive director Christopher Halter were not returned.

Navajo Nation Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie is a member of St. Bonaventure’s Board of Trustees. When contacted Thursday, Yazzie said he would contact the mission’s executive director and attorney and ask them to return the calls. They did not.

Although St. Bonaventure’s is located in the Diocese of Gallup, Gallup diocesan attorney James “Jay” Mason said Wednesday the Gallup Diocese was unaware of the situation until about 10 days ago when contacted by CNN.

Mason, the only local official to speak directly to the media, said the diocese was obtaining copies of documents pertaining to St. Bonaventure and fundraising.

“Debt is not owed,” Mason said, adding that St. Bonaventure no longer had a contract with Quadriga Art. He also said that didn’t mean the situation was resolved.

“We’re continuing our investigation,” Mason said.

On Thursday, Gallup Bishop issued an official statement: “The Diocese of Gallup very recently became aware of the details of St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School’s fund raising agreement with Quadriga Art/Brickmill Studios, Inc. The Diocese is not a party to that agreement. The Diocese understands that St. Bonaventure has now terminated its fund raising agreement with Quadriga Art/Brickmill Studios, Inc. The Diocese does not have all of the facts and accordingly, will refrain from further comment pending future developments.”

Reporter Elizabeth Hardin-Burrola can be contacted at (505) 870-0745 or ehardinburrola@yahoo.com.

“Win Win” director Tom McCarthy takes on Catholic Church sexual abuse crisis in new movie

Irish Central

IrishCentral Intern

Published Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Actor and director Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer, one of the writers for “The West Wing,” have joined forces on an untitled drama which will follow the footsteps of the Boston Globe journalists who uncovered the sex abuse coverup in the Catholic Church in that area.

McCarthy has been working on the project for over a year, but has kept his work secret due to the sensitive nature of the film. The project was initially announced in April 2010 and is said to have similarities to “All the President’s Men.”

McCarthy told Boston.com about the film. He said, “This is a story that feels like it has to be told.”

McCarthy, who is a graduate of Boston College and grew up in a large Irish American family, said he felt drawn to the story because of his own connections.

He added, “It’s such a great reminder of how essential investigative journalism is.”

Phoenix list of abusers includes another Gallup priest

Gallup Independent

Published in the Gallup Independent, Gallup, NM, Oct. 22, 2012

By Elizabeth Hardin-Burrola
Independent correspondent

GALLUP — When the Diocese of Phoenix finally posted its list of clergy members accused or convicted of abusing children on its website last week, it bumped up the list from the Diocese of Gallup to 20 known abusers.

The Phoenix Diocese posted the list Tuesday, according to a story in the Arizona Republic Oct. 17. The diocese’s list of 29 abusers is shorter than the list of names the Phoenix newspaper has been compiling since the clergy sexual abuse scandal erupted nationally in 2002, but it does include the name of one priest that was new to the newspaper: Harry Morgan.

Church records from the Official Catholic Directory indicate Harry R. Morgan was one of several abusive priests from the Diocese of Gallup that the Diocese of Phoenix inherited when it was founded in 1969.

The directory indicates Morgan became a priest for the Diocese of Gallup in 1954, and like the majority of credibly accused sexual abusers in the Gallup Diocese, Morgan was assigned to Catholic parishes in rural northern Arizona. He was assigned to St. Joseph’s in Winslow, St. John the Baptist in St. Johns, St. Pius X in East Flagstaff, and St. Joseph’s in Williams, Ariz.

Associated Press news reports from 1975, posted online, indicate Morgan, then 60, was arrested Feb. 17, 1975, when he was the pastor at the Church of the Ascension in Fountain Hills, Ariz. Morgan was charged with molesting a 9-year-old boy that January.

In August 1975, Morgan pleaded no contest in Maricopa County Superior Court, and in October 1975 Judge C. Kimball Rose sentenced Morgan to 10 years probation. According to a news report dated Oct. 7, 1975, Morgan’s attorney William P. Mahoney said the Catholic Church was arranging to place Morgan “out of state in a parish without children.”

There is no information to indicate where Morgan was transferred.

Bishop James S. Wall of the Diocese of Gallup has made his own promises to post a similar list of credibly accused clergy on the diocesan website but has yet to do so. When contacted for comment, the Rev. Tim Farrell, the media liaison for the diocese, said because Wall is on pilgrimage in Italy, an official statement on such a listing would have to wait until the bishop returns at the end of the month.

Phoenix attorney Robert Pastor, who represents several clients with abuse allegations against the Diocese of Gallup, told the Arizona Republic he was “hopeful” about Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted’s decision to post the list.

However, when contacted about the Gallup Diocese, Pastor emailed a critical statement that referred to Wall’s May 12, 2009, news release in which he promised to review more than 400 diocesan personnel files and post a similar list of abusers on the diocese’s website.

“At the time, this promise was a thoughtful gesture by the Bishop of Gallup,” Pastor said. “After waiting three years for the Bishop to make good on his promise, we have to call it what it is: another lie and half truth that is part of a greater effort to cover-up clergy sexual abuse. I have no faith that the Bishop of Gallup will make good on his promise. The Bishop of Gallup either has no intention of being a real leader for his flock or he has too many files of pedophile priests hiding in the archives of the Chancery.”

The Independent has compiled its own list of alleged sexual abusers from the Gallup Diocese based on information from church documents, police reports and court records. The following list includes both diocesan and religious order priests accused of abusing minors: William Allison, Michael J. Aten, John Boland, James M. Burns, Santino “Tony A. Casimano, Charles “Chuck” Cichanowicz, David J. Clark, Laurence Florez, Clement A. Hageman, Julian Hartig, Robert J. Kirsch, Diego Mazon, Bruce MacArthur, Douglas A. McNeill, Harry R. Morgan, Francis “Frank” Murphy, Jose H. Rodriguez, Raul Sanchez, John T. Sullivan and Samuel Wilson.

Gallup clergy who have allegedly sexually assaulted adult victims include James Schlaffer and Alfred A. Tachias.

Music rising from the ashes of abuse

Eureka Street (Australia)

Frank O'Shea October 23, 2012

During the time of big Irish families in the pre-pill era, boys might be under less parental control than ought to be possible today when the Irish birth rate, although the highest in Europe, is a modest 2.1. So, it was not unusual for boys to get into trouble and be deemed dangers to society or to property or to apple orchards.

The result was that they might be sent to the large industrial school run by the Christian Brothers in the north Dublin suburb of Artane. A frazzled parent might well threaten their child with such an outcome in an effort to frighten the recalcitrant one into conformity.

In practice, many of those who ended up in Artane were there because they had been abandoned or because it was the opinion of authorities that their families were unable to look after them. It was not a badge of honour for the family or a situation fondly anticipated by the child.

I came across the story of one such boy recently. Danny Ellis was an inner city kid, his father in America for work, his young mother not able or not willing to look after him and his four younger siblings. These were taken away to be cared for by nuns and finally his mother took Danny to Artane, telling him she had to go to hospital and would come back for him at Christmas. He never saw her again.

Detienen supuesto hijo de fundador de Legionarios

El Nuevo Herald

Associated Press

MEXICO -- Autoridades detuvieron a un supuesto hijo del fallecido fundador de los Legionarios de Cristo, Marcial Maciel, por una demanda por extorsión que presentó en su contra la congregación católica.

Una funcionaria del Poder Judicial del Estado de México, no autorizada a ser identificada por políticas internas, dijo a The Associated Press que José Raúl González Lara fue detenido e internado en un penal estatal en las afueras de la capital del país por el delito de tentativa de extorsión.

Una mexicana sacudió a la opinión pública en 2010 cuando aseguro en un programa radial que había procreado dos de sus tres hijos con Maciel, a quien también acusó de abusar sexualmente de dos de ellos. Uno de los hijos que se presentó era José Raúl González Lara.

José Raúl González Lara enfrenta cargos por extorsión


El Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado de México (TSJEM), confirma que hasta las 11:40 de este martes, aún permanece en el Penal de Barrientos, José Raúl González Lara -presunto hijo de Marcial Maciel, fundador de los Legionarios de Cristo-; toda vez que no se ha cubierto el pago de una fianza por 47 mil pesos.

José Raúl González fue detenido este lunes en Cuernavaca, Morelos, por ministeriales mexiquense quienes contaban con una orden de aprehensión girada por el Juez Tercero Penal de Barrientos, bajo la causa penal 710-12, por el delito de tentativa de extorsión.

Los 5 escándalos más conocidos de Marcial Maciel

El Universal

23 de octubre 2012

Al morir el fundador de los Legionarios de Cristo y el movimiento "Regnum Christi", Marcial Maciel Degollado, se develaron una serie de acusaciones y escándalos en su contra, desde abusos sexuales por miembros de la congregación y estudiantes, pederastia e hijos secretos, entre ellos José Raúl González Lara, quien hoy enfrenta cargos por extorsión.

González Lara fue detenido ayer en Cuernavaca, Morelos, por ministeriales mexiquense quienes contaban con una orden de aprehensión girada por el Juez Tercero Penal de Barrientos, en el municipio de Tlalnepantla, bajo la causa penal 710-12, por el delito de tentativa de extorsión.

Por ello, EL UNIVERSAL Edomex te da a conocer los escándalos del sacerdote mexicano:


En el año de 1997, ocho ex miembros de la Legión de Cristo acusaron al sacerdote Marcial Maciel de haber cometido abuso sexual en su contra y que además, en su momento, nadie de la congregación o miembros de la jerarquía católica los atendió.

Son of former Legionaries leader arrested in Mexico for extortion

National Catholic Reporter

by Jason Berry | Oct. 23, 2012

Mexican police arrested Jose Raúl Gonzalez Lara, a biological son of the late Legion of Christ founder Fr. Marcial Maciel, on Monday on charges of attempted extortion against the Legion.

Gonzalez Lara was taken from his home in Cuernavaca and jailed in Penal de Barrientos in Tlalnepantla, a rough industrial suburb in the northern part of sprawling Mexico City. Although he posted bail, he is reportedly still being held in custody.

CNN broadcaster Carmen Aristegui wrote in an email that authorities confirmed the arrest at 5 p.m.

"No one has officially recognized that he was arrested at 7:30 a.m.," said Aristegui, the author of Marcial Maciel: Historia de un Criminal.

Gonzalez Lara, 33, married with a 1-year-old son, works in a physical fitness center. In 2010, St. Paul, Minn., attorney Jeff Anderson sued the Legionaries in Connecticut, where the order has its American headquarters, stating that Maciel abused Gonzalez Lara in several U.S. locations as he was growing up, and that the order knew the founder had a history of abusing seminarians.

New Sexual Abuse Allegations Against South Florida Priest: Lawsuit

NBC Miami

By Diana Gonzalez

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012

A 34-year-old man came forward Tuesday to make new sexual abuse allegations against an embattled South Florida priest, Father Rolando Garcia.

Tony Simmons said he was a 16-year-old runaway when he met Garcia at Church of the Little Flower in Hollywood in 1994. A lawsuit filed Tuesday in Miami-Dade County Court says that Father Garcia initially gave him assistance and counseling, but began sexually abusing Simmons after they went to a movie one night.

Garcia later employed him as a painter at the church from 2001 to 2003 while the abuse continued, Simmons said at a news conference he held with attorney Jeff Herman in front of St. Agatha Catholic Church in southwest Miami-Dade. Garcia is currently the pastor of that church.

Simmons claims the sexual relationship ended when he joined the U.

Church scrutinized after pastor’s arrest

Associated Baptist Church

By Bob Allen

Missouri Baptist Convention officials are watching a member church whose pastor was arrested recently on sexual abuse charges a year after his previous acquittal of child molestation.

Travis SmithTravis Smith, 42, of California, Mo., appeared for arraignment Oct. 16 in Moniteau County court. He faces charges of forcible rape, statutory rape and sexual abuse alleged to have occurred in 1998, statutory rape in 1999 and statutory rape and sodomy in 2005.

Smith, pastor of First Baptist Church in Stover, Mo., since 2006, was found not guilty on Sept. 28, 2011, by a jury in Morgan County of misdemeanor child molestation of a 14-year-old girl in 2009. A separate charge of statutory rape was dropped because that accuser turned out to have been 17, the age of consent in Missouri, rather than 15 as first claimed when their alleged improper relationship began.

The First Baptist Church, Stover, website listed Smith as its pastor as of Oct. 23. Local media reported Oct. 3 that church members were standing by their pastor despite the charges. Community residents countered with a vigil on behalf of his alleged victims, protesting a church fish fry that was described in conflicting media reports as a show of support for Smith and an annual church event that just happened to coincide with news of the arrest.

Lawsuit says Warren church officials turned 'blind eye' to sexual abuse of boy

Detroit Free Press

Associated Press

A lawsuit claims officials at a Warren church should have stopped a former pastor from influencing a 15-year-old boy he later sexually assaulted.

The civil suit filed against the Antioch Baptist Church and Academy in Warren also claims Christopher Settlemoir shouldn’t have been hired because officials knew about his pedophilic tendencies.

Settlemoir last year pleaded no contest to charges he sexually assaulted the boy and accosted another. The 29-year-old former Warren resident is serving a seven- to 15-year prison term.

Billboard calls for Finn to resign

The Kansas City Star

A billboard on south Interstate 35 just past Armour Road spells out a blunt message:

“For the good of the people Bishop Finn must RESIGN!”

The sign also highlights an online petition that has been circulating for a month, calling for Bishop Robert Finn’s resignation.

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese declined to comment on the billboard or the petition. And the man who organized the petition drive said he had nothing to do with the sign.

“I was really surprised, but I have no idea who paid for it,” Jeff Weis said of the message, which is among a series of ads displayed in cycles on the electronic billboard.


Authority in the Church



On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, we call on all other members of the People of God to assess the situation in our church.

Many of the key insights of Vatican II have not at all, or only partially, been implemented. This has been due to resistance in some quarters, but also to a measure of ambiguity that remained unresolved in certain Council documents.

A principal source of present-day stagnation lies in misunderstanding and abuse affecting the exercise of authority in our Church. Specifically, the following issues require urgent redress:

The role of the papacy needs to be clearly re-defined in line with Christ's intentions. As supreme pastor, unifier and prime witness to faith, the pope contributes substantially to the health of the universal church. However, his authority may never obscure, diminish or suppress the authentic authority directly given by Christ to all members of the people of God.

Kung gives hope to priests seeking church reform

The Mayo News

Fr Kevin Hegarty

The recent 50th anniversary of the start of the Second Vatican Council has occasioned a plethora of reminiscences and reflections about the most crucial event in the Catholic Church in the last century. For me, the most interesting contribution has come from the Swiss theologian, Hans Kung.

Kung was an adviser at the council along with Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. Both were then in their early thirties and regarded as ‘boy theologians’ by their elderly and venerable colleagues.

Since then their paths have diverged considerably. Kung has ploughed a lonely furrow as an upholder of the reforms of the council while Pope Benedict, frightened by the student protests of the 1960’s, has become a theological reactionary.

When Pope John XXIII was asked what he intended by having a council, he replied by opening a window and saying: “That – to let some fresh air into the Church.” The present incumbent of the papal throne has closed the door. ...

In an interview with ‘The Guardian’ on October 5 Kung has been even more forthcoming on the current crisis in Catholicism. He strongly criticised the guidelines governing the choice of bishops: “The rules for choosing bishops are so rigid that as soon as candidates emerge who say, stand up for the pill, or the ordination of women they are struck off the list. The result was a church of ‘yes men’ almost all of whom unquestioningly toe the line. The only way for reform is from the bottom up. The priests and others in positions of responsibility need to stop being so subservient, to organise themselves and say that there are certain things that they will not put up with anymore.”

Victory Christian Center Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up by Survivors Network

Christian Post

By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter

October 23, 2012

As Victory Christian Center megachurch in Tulsa, Okla., continues fighting allegations against sexual abuse, a national support group of people abused by priests has accused its ministers of trying to cover-up the abuse and save the church's reputation rather than provide full support for the victims.

"Again, here we go with these ministers putting their reputations ahead of the safety of the kids," said Barbara Dorris, the outreach director for the Chicago-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

Jarrod Kopp, Senior Account Executive of Schnake Turnbo Frank, a Public Relations Consultant hired to represent the church, shared with The Christian Post an email statement from his firm regarding the accusations: "We disagree with SNAP's characterization of this incident at Victory Christian Center. We have previously released a detailed timeline of the events during that time to fully disclose our response."


Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, (VIS) - Giuseppe Dalla Torre, president of the Tribunal of Vatican City State, has issued a decree ruling that the first hearing in the trial of Claudio Sciarpelletti is to take place at 9 a.m. on 5 November. Sciarpelletti, who is accused of complicity, was sent for trial by the examining magistrate on 13 August, but his trial was separated from that of Paolo Gabriele by a ruling issued during the course of the court hearing of 29 September.


Vatican Information Service


Vatican City, (VIS) - Made public today was the full text of the sentence issued by the Tribunal of Vatican City State on 6 October, in which Paolo Gabriele was declared guilty of aggravated theft.

On 6 October Paolo Gabriele had been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of three years although, in view of his "lack of a criminal record, his record of service in the period prior to the facts in question, the subjective (though mistaken) belief identified by the accused as the motive for his conduct, as well as his own statement of his awareness of having betrayed the trust of the Holy Father, the Tribunal reduced the sentence to imprisonment for one (1) year and six (6) months, and ordered the guilty party to defray the costs of the trial".

In a briefing held this morning Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. explained some aspects of the sentence. He began by noting that it focused on the offence of stealing documents, and in particular the originals of documents, and took no account of other objects such as a nugget of gold, a cheque in the Holy Father's name and a sixteenth-century copy of "The Aeneid", because there were doubts about the way in which the search during which they were found had been carried out, and Gabriele's guilt was not proven.

Vatican: Pope's butler 'may' get papal pardon says spokesman

ADN Kronos

Vatican City, 23 Oct. (AKI) - Pope Benedict XVI could pardon his former butler Paolo Gabriele who was earlier this month jailed for 18 months for stealing private papal correspondence, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

"A papal pardon remains a possibility but we cannot predict if, how and when," said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

He was briefing journaalists on the written explanation issued Tuesday by the the three-judge tribunal of how it reached its 6 October ruling against Gabriele, who was convicted of aggravated theft and sentenced to 18 months in jail, currently being served under house arrest.

The judges' explanation sharply criticised Gabriele for harming the pope, the Holy See and the entire Catholic Church.

Pope's butler 'helper' Claudio Sciarpelletti on trial

BBC News

A computer expert is due to go on trial on 5 November for aiding and abetting the Pope's former butler to steal papal documents, the Vatican has announced.

Claudio Sciarpelletti is accused of helping Paolo Gabriele while working as a computer technician in the Vatican's Secretariat of State.

Gabriele was given an 18-month prison sentence earlier this month.

He admitted passing documents to a journalist, but said he did it out of love for the church and the Pope.

Alleged accomplice to former papal butler to face trial November 5


VATICAN CITY | Tue Oct 23, 2012

(Reuters) - A Vatican computer expert will go on trial on November 5 for aiding and abetting the pope's former butler Paolo Gabriele, who was convicted this month of stealing papal documents, a spokesman for the Holy See said on Tuesday.

Claudio Sciarpelletti was not tried with Gabriele, who was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment by a Vatican court but is currently serving the sentence under house arrest in his Vatican apartment.

Vatican Court: Butler's Theft Harmed Pope, Church

Huffington Post


VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican tribunal that convicted the pope's ex-butler of stealing private papal correspondence sharply condemned the theft on Tuesday, saying it harmed the pope, the Holy See and the entire Catholic Church.

The three-judge tribunal issued its written explanation of how it reached its Oct. 6 ruling against Paolo Gabriele, who was convicted of aggravated theft and sentenced to 18 months, currently being served under house arrest.

Gabriele confessed to photocopying papal documents and giving them to an Italian journalist, saying Pope Benedict XVI wasn't being informed of the "evil and corruption" around him and that he believed exposing the problems publicly would put the church back on the right track.

The revelations of petty bureaucratic infighting, intrigue and allegations of corruption and homosexual liaisons marked the biggest Vatican security breach in modern times.

Unlicensed psychologist also faces offender registration charge

The State Journal-Register

The State Journal-Register

LINCOLN — A man recently disciplined by the state of Illinois for unlicensed practice of clinical psychology is a former priest who also faces a criminal charge of failure to register as a sex offender.

Francis A. Benham, 74, was released from a Maryland jail in early 2006 after being convicted of sex crimes against children while serving as a priest there in the 1970s.

Benham then moved back to Lincoln, where he had lived from 1987 until 2004, after leaving the priesthood. During that time, Benham worked as a counselor for convicted sex offenders at Tazwood Mental Health Center in Pekin.

He was arrested again in February by Lincoln police on a charge of failure to register as a sex offender.

Jesuits Explain Child Sex Abuse: “Stress” Makes Them Do It

What They Knew

The Society of Jesus has long been regarded for the intellectual prowess of its priests and educators. In the marketplace of ideas Jesuits have made significant contributions to both the physical and social sciences. But there is evidence that this is starting to slip. Recent cases in California and elsewhere have begged the question, “What has happened to the Jesuit Order? Can they still wave their intellectual wands and make sexual abuse a defensible act?”

We stumbled upon this bit of Jesuit produced research (link to Santa Clara Univ. article) into why Jesuits abuse. Written by Gerdenio Sonny Manuel, S. J., a member of the California Province Sensitive Incidents Team, entitled Living Chastity: Psychosexual Well Being in Jesuit Life An Essay for Studies in Jesuit Spirituality.

The thrust of his intellectual question, with regards to being a Jesuit is “How in the world could you do that to yourself?” Basically sex abuse by Jesuits boils down to lack of self-understanding, loneliness and stress. From the article:

“In addition to coping with the stress related to our lifestyle and ministry, there are the usual varieties of ordinary life events that can burden us: personal illness or misfortune, interpersonal conflicts, family struggles, aging, the death of loved ones. From time to time, friends, family, or the Society will inevitably disappoint and even hurt us. And so, independently or cumulatively we can be stressed by our lifestyle, ministry, and ordinary life traumas and find ourselves in pain and searching for solace. During these times of distress, we need to be especially vigilant that we do not use sex as a way of altering mood or as an escape. Along with other forms of gratification or socially isolating activities like extended television viewing, engaging in sexual fantasies, various forms of internet pornography, and sexually acting out can be ways of coping with sadness by medicating our pain and suffering.”

Former Catholic priest gives evidence at inquiry

ABC News

[Submissions to the inquiry - Government of Victoria]

[with video]

A former Catholic priest has told Victoria's Parliamentary Inquiry into child sexual abuse, the Church might reduce the incidence of paedophilia by allowing clergy to marry.

Des Cahill, a professor at RMIT University, was among those to give evidence on the second day of public hearings.

He said the Catholic Church had failed to deal properly with paedophilia and reassessing celibacy might be one way of limiting abuse.

"A celibate does not have the emotional support of a close community as a majority of people do in a marriage family context, then there's a greater likelihood of offending," he said.

Warren ex-pastor’s rape victim sues school, church, officials

Daily Tribune

By Jameson Cook
jamie.cook@macombdaily.com; @jamesoncook

Officials of a Warren church and religious school should have stopped obvious “grooming” of a teenage boy whom the church’s pastor later raped. A lawsuit also claims the pastor never should have been hired because the church knew about his pedophilic tendencies, a lawsuit alleges.

In a civil action replete with disturbing accusations, the unidentified boy says employees and officials of Antioch Baptist Church and Academy failed mightily to detect and prevent the actions of convicted rapist Christopher Settlemoir.

“The rape of a minor child occurred dozens of times while the staff turned to the blind eye crime (sic) being perpetrated against a child within their care,” says the lawsuit filed Friday by “John Doe” in Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens. “(Antioch) had a duty to self-report to Child Protective Services and/or law enforcement that plaintiff… was at risk of and actually was being sexually abused.”

Settlemoir in 2011 pleaded no contest each to two counts each of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree criminal sexual conduct and accosting a child for immoral purposes for assaults that police said lasted more than a year ending in June 2010. He also was accused of sending explicit text messages to a second boy.

National Safe Environment Audit Shows Diocese of San Angelo in Full Compliance 10/22/12


Diocese of San Angelo
Press Release
October 22, 2012

SAN ANGELO — During the month of June 2012, the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo completed an audit of its Safe Environment Programs with auditors from Stonebridge Business Partners of Rochester, New York, an independent firm commissioned by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB), to insure compliance with the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

In a letter to San Angelo Bishop Michael Pfeifer dated October 12, 2012 from Stonebridge Business Partners, the firm advised that, “The Diocese of San Angelo is in compliance with the data collection requirements for the 2011/2012 Charter audit period.”

The Charter, originally adopted by the USCCB in November 2002, sets forth specific requirements which enable dioceses across the country to establish safe environment programs to protect children and youth from sexual and other kinds of abuse. During this audit, diocesan safe environment policies, safe environment programs for church personnel, parents, and children, as well as procedures for assisting victims of sexual abuse were examined.

Judge refuses to add Robert Thrasher as 3rd defendant in clergy sexual abuse case

The Republican

By Suzanne McLaughlin, The Republican
on October 22, 2012

SPRINGFIELD - Hampden Superior Court Judge Constance M. Sweeney will not allow the Rev. Robert M. Thrasher to be added as a third defendant in a civil lawsuit alleging harm caused by the sexual abuse of Peter J. Caffrey by former priest Richard Lavigne.

Caffrey, 47, is suing Springfield Bishop Emeritus Joseph F. Maguire and former bishop Thomas L. Dupre of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, charging they knew, or should have known that then-Rev. Richard Lavigne had a history of sexual misconduct before he abused him in 1976 or 1977.

Caffrey, who now lives in Michigan, suffered from repressed memory until June 2009, when he remembered that he had been abused at the former St. Francis of Assisi Parish in North Adams, and at Lavigne’s home in Ashfield, his attorney, John J. Stobierski said.

October 22, 2012

Call to cardinal to apologise to priest over false abuse allegation

Irish Times


CARDINAL SEÁN Brady should make a full apology to a priest who was removed from his parish in Co Louth after an allegation of abuse made against him was subsequently found to be false.

That’s according to Labour Senator Mary Moran who is part of the parish of Blackrock, Co Louth, which Fr Oliver Brennan was attached to at the time of the allegation in August 2010.

Yesterday Fr Brennan told LMFM radio that being accused of child abuse “is every priest’s nightmare”. The allegation dates back to the early 1970s and was investigated by the PSNI and later by Cardinal Brady. Both enquiries cleared him of any wrongdoing.

He said he had no idea an allegation was being made and the last two years have been “very difficult, quite horrendous really”.

Former priest charged with sex offences in court

The Observer

Former Roman Catholic priest Gabriele DelBianco appeared in Sarnia court Monday for a preliminary hearing.

He was charged in 2011 with committing sexual offences involving four teenage girls between 1981 and 1987.

The hearing is set to continue Tuesday and Wednesday, and will determine if a Superior Court trial is warranted.

Philip Jacobs trial now set for December

Saaich News

By Staff Writer - Saanich News
Published: October 22, 2012

The trial of a former Saanich priest charged with molesting minors is now expected to start in December.

Philip Jacobs is charged with sexual assault, two counts of sexual interference of a person under 14 and touching a young person for a sexual purpose related to three minors under the age of 14 in alleged incidents spanning September 1996 to June 2001.

Jacobs served as a parish priest at St. Joseph the Worker on Burnside Road West from 1998 to 2002. Prior to that he worked part-time from 1996 to 1998 at St. Rose of Lima in Sooke. In the early 1990s he worked as a priest in Colombus, Ohio.

IL- Peoria area ex-priest charged; SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Blaine on October 22, 2012

A former Catholic priest and registered sex offender, now living in the Peoria diocese, has been accused of practicing psychology without a license. He also faces charges that he failed to register as a sex offender, as required by law.

We hope that Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky will use his resources to warn his flock about Benham. It's clear that he's still manipulative and dangerous. And we hope anyone who saw, suspected or suffered wrongdoing by Benham will contact law enforcement immediately. That's the best way to safeguard the vulnerable from this sick and cunning man.

Blasting child rape victims is cruel tactic

Stop Baptist Predators

Sandusky, the former Penn State coach convicted of molesting children, blasted his accusers as “opportunistic.”

Page, the current chief executive of the Southern Baptist Convention, blasted support groups for clergy molestation victims as “opportunistic.”

One man blasted child molestation victims in an apparent effort to undermine their credibility so as to salvage some shred of his own reputation, despite the overwhelming evidence against him.

The other man blasted child molestation victims in an apparent effort to undermine their credibility so as to preserve the reputation of the Southern Baptist Convention, despite the overwhelming number of Baptist clergy abuse and cover-up cases.

Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations

Victoria Parliament - Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations

The Committee developed a Submission Guide to help interested parties in preparing a submission for this Inquiry.

Please click in this link to access the Submission Guide. Submission Guide

Written submissions to the Inquiry closed on 21 September 2012.

The Committee is now in the process of formally accepting submissions.

Given the high level of interest in this Inquiry, submissions will be made available on the website once they have been formally processed. As there have been hundreds of submissions made to this Inquiry, it may take some time to complete the process.

Submissions will be treated as public documents unless confidentiality is requested or the Committee exercises its discretion.

Advisory Committee to South Western Centre Against Sexual Assault (32.23 Kb)

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (3.40 Mb)

Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta (114.16 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 1 (125.33 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 2 (247.74 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 3 (660.62 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 4 (222.11 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 5 (390.58 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 6 (356.43 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 7 (390.16 Kb)
Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta_Appendix 8 (332.02 Kb)

One in 20 priests an abuser, inquiry told

Sydney Morning Herald

[Des Cahill submission to the Victoria inquiry]

Barney Zwartz October 23, 2012

AT LEAST one in 20 Catholic priests in Melbourne is a child sex abuser, although the real figure is probably one in 15, the state inquiry into the churches' handling of sex abuse was told yesterday.

RMIT professor Des Cahill said his figures, based on analysing conviction rates of priests ordained from Melbourne's Corpus Christi College, closely matched a much larger American analysis of 105,000 priests which found that 4362 were child sex offenders.

The intercultural studies professor also told the inquiry that the Catholic Church was incapable of reforming itself because of its internal culture. He said the Church's Melbourne Response abuse protocol had to go, and the state would have to intervene to achieve it.

In other key testimony, Professor Cahill:
■Called for married priests, as are being allowed now in the Anglican ordinariate within the Catholic Church, as a "circuit-breaker" that would reduce child sex abuse. The state should remove the Equal Opportunity Act exemption letting the church discriminate on grounds of marital status, he said.
■Described the Church as "a holy and unholy mess, except where religious sisters or laypeople are in charge, for example schools and welfare agencies".

Former priest cited for practicing psychology

Lincoln Courier

By Nathan Woodside
GateHouse News Service

Posted Oct 22, 2012


A former priest and convicted sex offender in Lincoln has been cited for practicing clinical psychology without a license.

According to recently released records, 74-year-old Francis A. Benham was ordered by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to stop the unlicensed practice of clinical psychology after state officials discovered he had business cards printed in which he used the title "Dr." and claimed to provide "psychotherapy services."
Even though he lacked a doctorate degree in psychology or a state license as a licensed clinical psychologist, he provided psychotherapy services to a client and advertised in a local telephone directory as a psychotherapist, according to state documents.

Online business listings show his practice located at 314 10th St. in Lincoln – the same address listed for Benham in the state sex offender registry.

Benham was released from a Maryland jail in early 2006 after being convicted of sex crimes against children while serving as a priest there in the 1970s. His original sentence included two 10-year terms, but a judge suspended most of that time.
After his release, Benham moved back to Lincoln, where he had lived after leaving the priesthood from 1987 until 2004.

Whistleblowers beware: Risks in leaking info



OPINION: Few readers will recognise the name Paolo Gabriele, but they might know him as the Pope's ex-butler. Gabriele copied the Pope's private papers and provided them to a journalist who in due course published them.

He claimed he was motivated by a desire to root out "corruption and evil" which he alleged was at the heart of the Catholic Church, but ultimately Gabriele's actions led to his dismissal.

He has since been convicted of the theft of the documents and sentenced to a modest term in jail.

Gabriele is certainly not the first employee to be guilty of leaking his employer's confidential information. Nowadays, not only do employees often know a lot more about their employers than was the case previously but the speed at which information can spread has increased significantly.

Local deacon arrested for child sex crimes


ST. MARYS, Ga. -- A Kingsland Deacon has been arrested and accused of molesting a four-year-old and a seven-year-old.

St. Marys Police officers arrested Clinton Jones Rivers, a deacon at a Kingsland church, October 10 at a home on Thoroughbred Road in St. Marys on two counts of sexual exploitation of children.

In July 2012, the St. Marys Police Department received a tip saying two children, ages 4 and 7, were possible victims of child sexual abuse. The St. Marys Police Department Criminal Investigation Division launched an investigation into these allegations and learned from the children involved that Mr. Rivers was touching them inappropriately on their "private areas."

Police arrest church deacon for sexual exploitation of children

First Coast News

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- The St. Marys Police Department arrested a deacon of a local Kingsland church on charges of sexual exploitation of children.

Police arrested Jones Rivers Wednesday, October 10 at 1:30 p.m., according to a news release from the St. Marys Police Department.

Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Rivers after receiving a report in July 2012 from a local mandated reporter who indicated two children, ages 4 and 7, had possible been victims of child sexual abuse.

The investigation by the police department revealed Rivers allegedly touched the two children inappropriately on their "private areas." The release said Rivers also allegedly exposed the 7-year-old child to pornography on Rivers' home computer. Originally police arrested Rivers on two charges of child molestation and one charge of furnishing obscene materials to minors.

MO - Two cases settle in Kansas City, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 22, 2012

We suspect these cases have settled for the same reasons Catholic officials settle clergy sex abuse cases - because they want to keep their complicity hidden.

We are proud of these two brave whistleblowers. We hope their courage, and this outcome, will encourage other current and former church employees who saw, suspected or suffered wrongdoing to speak up, expose it, and deter it.

Canadians see St. Kateri's canonization as help for reconciliation

Catholic News Service

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- After decades of resentment and horror over the abuse of indigenous children, the canonization of St. Kateri Tekakwitha marked a further step toward the reconciliation of the indigenous communities and the Catholic Church.

Phil Fontaine, former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada, told Canadian church and government officials the canonization "makes it possible, very much possible, to bring our community -- the First Nations -- very much closer with the Catholic Church. There was a rupture for too long."

Fontaine headed a 2009 Canadian aboriginal delegation to the Vatican, which received a formal apology from the church for the treatment of native children in Canadian residential schools.

An estimated 100,000 aboriginal children passed through the schools, which were abolished in the 1990s. They were established and paid for by the Canadian government, but were administered by various church organizations, including Roman Catholic dioceses and religious orders. The schools became known for widespread physical and sexual abuse of children and have been blamed for contributing to the disappearance of native languages and cultures.

'Playboy' priest arrested – but no sign of money or woman

The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

A Croatian priest who allegedly went on the run with £1 million and a married woman has been arrested – but the whereabouts of the money and the identity of the woman are unknown.

By Matthew Day, Warsaw
4:14PM BST 22 Oct 2012

Father Sime Nimac was arrested in a Zagreb flat after disappearing from his parish near the coastal town of Split with a huge amount of cash he had got from selling a piece of Church land without the permission of his diocese.

Described by his Franciscan order as a man with "insatiable egotism", the 34-year-old clergyman has been charged with abuse of office and had his passport confiscated to prevent him fleeing the country.

Croatian media has speculated that Father Nimac may have used the money from the land sale, which was concluded five months ago, to fuel a lavish lifestyle that included fine clothes, cars, a yacht called "Lucky Me" and the attentions of a married woman.

Former priest, James Martin Donaghy, faces child sex abuse trial

BBC News

A former priest from County Antrim is to stand trial accused of child sexual abuse offences which allegedly took place more than 20 years ago.

James Martin Donaghy, 54, from Jersey Avenue in Lisburn, is charged with four counts of indecently assaulting a boy.

The alleged offences were committed in Belfast between January and May 1989.

Mr Donaghy, who left the priesthood a number of years ago, faces a further charge of common assault against the same person.

Kansas City Diocese settles 2 civil lawsuits


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has settled two civil lawsuits.

The Kansas City Star reported Monday that attorneys for the diocese and plaintiffs would not discuss the content of the settlements.

In one lawsuit, Margaret Mata, a former independent contractor, alleged the diocese and Bishop Robert Finn retaliated against her for advocating on behalf of victims of a priest facing child pornography. She said she also pushed the diocese to change its policies to prevent further child sexual abuse.

MO - Priest pleads not guilty

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 20, 2012

A Catholic priest who’s from here and living back here now pled not guilty yesterday to charges that he molested a Colorado boy last year.

Fr. Charles Robert Manning, 77, is accused of molesting the boy while he was working as pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, where he was assigned in 2007. The alleged crimes took place in June 2011.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette (see below), “An arrest affidavit alleges the boy came to Manning for advice on becoming a Catholic and the priest began giving him private lessons, during which he gave the boy alcohol and marijuana. Colorado Springs Police also say Manning took the boy to get his nipples pierced, kissed the boy on the lips and engaged in other sexual acts, after which he thanked the boy.”

“Church officials seem to be doing little or nothing to help police and prosecutors pursue these charges,” said Barbara Dorris of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAPnetwork.org). “Both bishops – in Colorado Springs and St. Louis – should be beating the bushes looking for more victims, witnesses and whistleblowers who could help resolve this case.”

A new saint for sufferers of childhood trauma

Feast of Eden

October 22, 2012 By Dawn Eden

Pope Benedict’s canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha yesterday gave the Church a new patroness for those who have suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in childhood— particularly those whose abuse was perpetrated by family members or family friends.

Born in 1656 to a Mohawk father and a Christian Algonquin mother in present-day New York, St. Kateri lost her parents to smallpox when she was four. The disease also struck Kateri herself, leaving her with disfiguring scars and poor vision.

Kateri was raised by her aunt and uncle, who expected to set her up in an arranged marriage. But by the time she reached her late teens, she had decided to dedicate her life to Christ, receiving instruction in the Catholic faith from Jesuit missionaries. Her Christian faith, her modesty, and her decision to remain a virgin caused her entire extended family to turn against her, looking upon her as an embarrassment. According to one of her early biographers, her family would refuse to let her have any food on Sundays because she would not work on the Lord’s day. When she went to the chapel, they would send boys out to throw rocks at her and taunt her (their favorite taunt was “Christian,” which they shouted with disgust, as if it were “dog”).

The uncle particularly resented Kateri’s decision to preserve her virginity, because he was a tribal chief and could benefit politically if he were able to marry her off. So, in a particularly heinous attempt to humiliate his niece, he encouraged his drunken, violent friends to pursue her around the village, attempting to molest her.

Gibney’s Catholic Church abuse doc finds brave suitors in Italy, Ireland

Screen Daily

22 October, 2012 | By Andreas Wiseman

EXCLUSIVE: Italian distributor Feltrinelli takes aim with LFF-winning documentary about paedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church and plans live debates with clergy.

When Italian national newspaper La Repubblica reviewed Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, Alex Gibney’s LFF-winning documentary about paedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church, the paper’s critic wrote: “It is difficult to imagine the film will find a theatrical distributor in Italy, and it is even less likely to find one for TV.”

Step forward Italian outfit Feltrinelli, which has taken the bold step of picking up all Italian rights from sales outfit Content Media. The film is believed to be the first on the subject to get a theatrical release in the country.

According to Feltrinelli’s head of documentary distribution Anastasia Plazzotta, the company plans to release the film in spring 2013 in around 30 cities – including Verona, the location of the Church-run Antonio Provolo Institute, which is featured in Gibney’s film and where a number of deaf students have alleged sexual abuse – with live debates after the screenings between clergy, intellectuals and Gibney, schedule permitting.

Des Cahill tells state inquiry ...

The Telegraph

Des Cahill tells state inquiry into child abuse that Catholic Church had created a "holy and unholy mess"

Grant McArthur
Herald Sun
October 23, 2012

MORE than one in 20 Victorian Catholic priests became a child abuser and the church's senior leaders may have to go to jail for covering up the crimes, a former priest and academic has told a state inquiry.

On the second day of public hearings into churches' handling of child abuse, RMIT intercultural studies professor Des Cahill said the Catholic Church had created a "holy and unholy mess" it was incapable of taking action to resolve.

A former priest who, when resigning in 1976, accused the Catholic Church of being unable to face up to its problems, Prof Cahill warned the inquiry the State Government needed to intervene.

"It is an unfortunate reality that as a result of this inquiry some senior religious people may end up in jail for dereliction of duty, and they must be treated with compassion and understanding," Prof Cahill said.

"But children matter.

Geography determines justice for Boy Scout abuse victims

Bangor Daily News

[national database - Attorney Kelly Clark]

[Geography determines justice for Scout abuse victims - Los Angeles Times]

By Ashley Powers, Los Angeles Times

Ron Morgan and Kerry Lewis grew up in adjoining states — one in Idaho, the other in Oregon.

Both belonged to Boy Scout troops during the 1980s, and decades later, both alleged in lawsuits that the Scouts failed to protect them and other boys against known molesters, citing detailed evidence from the organization’s confidential files.

In 2010, Lewis won a jury verdict of nearly $20 million against the Scouts, the largest such award in the organization’s history. Morgan’s case was never considered on its merits. The Idaho Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that, under state law, it was filed too late.

“Our state … turned us away,” Morgan said. “His didn’t.” ...

In a statement, Boy Scouts spokesman Deron Smith said the group, which since 2010 has required members to report suspicions of abuse to law enforcement, was not focused on potential lawsuits, “but rather on continuing to enhance our multitiered policies and procedures to help keep kids safe.”

“As for statute of limitations,” Smith added, “the BSA respects the decisions which are made by lawmakers and the judicial system.”

In general, it’s difficult to bring a lawsuit now based on abuse that occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, said Marci Hamilton, a professor at Yeshiva University’s law school. “I am floored at how many strong cases are capable of going nowhere because of a statute,” she said.

In some states, lawyers can argue that normal time limits shouldn’t apply because an institution covered up sexual abuse.

Minnesota attorney Jeff Anderson said he recently persuaded a Nevada judge not to dismiss a lawsuit by a man who said a Catholic priest groped him in the 1980s. In court papers, he argued that only in 2008 did the man learn that church officials knew that the priest had previously been accused of sexually assaulting others.

KC Diocese settles two cases from stack of civil lawsuits

The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star

Two civil lawsuits filed against the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph — one claiming sexual harassment and another alleging wrongful dismissal — have been settled.

The lawsuits are among about 30 that have been filed against the diocese in the last two years and are the first to be settled. Most of the lawsuits allege sexual abuse by priests.

The diocese and the plaintiffs were tight-lipped about the cases.

“Both cases have been resolved to the parties’ mutual satisfaction,” said Rebecca Randles, the Kansas City lawyer whose firm represents the plaintiffs.

One in 20 priests an abuser, inquiry told

The Age

October 22, 2012

Barney Zwartz

AT LEAST one in 20 Catholic priests in Melbourne is a child sex abuser, although the real figure is probably one in 15, the state inquiry into the churches' handling of sex abuse was told this afternoon.

RMIT professor Des Cahill said his figures, based on analysing conviction rates of priests ordained from Melbourne's Corpus Christi College, closely matched a much larger American analysis of 105,000 priests which found that 4362 were child sex offenders.

The intercultural studies professor also told the inquiry that the Catholic Church was incapable of reforming itself because of its internal culture. He said the Church's Melbourne Response abuse protocol had to go, and the state would have to intervene to achieve it.

In other key testimony, Professor Cahill:
•Called for married priests, as are being allowed now in the Anglican ordinariate within the Catholic Church, as a "circuit-breaker" that would reduce child sex abuse. The state should remove the Equal Opportunity Act exemption letting the church discriminate on grounds of marital status, he said.
•Described the Church as "a holy and unholy mess, except where religious sisters or laypeople are in charge, for example schools and welfare agencies".
•Called for an "eminent Catholic task force" of lay people to work with the Church on reform and transparency.

Former Catholic priest gives evidence at inquiry

7 News

Updated October 22, 2012

A former Catholic priest has told Victoria's Parliamentary Inquiry into child sexual abuse, the Church might reduce the incidence of paedophilia by allowing clergy to marry.

Des Cahill is now a professor at RMIT University.

He was among those to give evidence on the second day of public hearings.

He said the Catholic Church had failed to deal properly with paedophilia and reassessing celibacy might be one way of limiting abuse.

"A celibate does not have the emotional support of a close community as a majority of people do in a marriage family context, then there's a greater likelihood of offending," he said.

Ex-priest calls for married clergy

Herald Sun

By Paul Mulvey
From: AAP
October 22, 2012

A FORMER priest has called for the Catholic Church to accept married clergy to help change a culture which has contributed to sexual abuse of children.

Des Cahill says the Victorian government should amend the Equal Opportunity Act to remove the exemption allowing religious organisations to bar people from serving in the church because of their marital status.

Professor Cahill told a Victorian parliamentary inquiry the reform would require "major changes" in the church and admitted it would be a long shot.

But allowing married clergy in the Catholic Church could be the "circuit breaker" needed to change the whole culture of what he called "celibate caste clericalism", he said.

Firm calls on church to kick out bad priests

Northern Life

By: Darren MacDonald - Sudbury Northern Life

The law firm representing victims who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests says maintaining the abusers’ status as priests is an insult to victims and good priests alike.

At a press conference Oct. 19 at the Radisson Hotel, Rob Talach called on the church to defrock clergy who have been convicted of sex crimes. Talach, a lawyer with the firm Ledriot Beckett Litigation Lawyers, also wants the local diocese to help pay for counselling of victims of abuse, and to create a sexual abuse policy with input from victims.

“You would be shocked to learn that many of those local offending priests still hold the honourable designation of ‘father,’ ” Talach said. “Retired from active ministry is their official disposition, but regardless, they are still priests of the Roman Catholic Church … It is an affront to good priests and an insult to victims.”

October 21, 2012

Tobin and his coming and going from the Roman Curia

Vatican Insider

This is not the first time the Secretary of the dicastery which oversees men and women religious has been sent away from the Roman Curia

Andrea Tornielli
Vatican City

The nomination of the Secretary for the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, the American Redemptorist, John William Tobin, as the new archbishop of Indianapolis is just the latest of a series of similar moves. Tobin was appointed as the dicastery’s number two man in charge of men and women religious in August 2010, thus he only spent two years in the Roman Curia. The reasons for his transferral to the U.S. are apparently linked to his excessive openness to the LCWR’s (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) requests.

Although he was nominated two days ago, hints were already given about his departure from Rome at the beginning of 2012. This means that there were signs of his promotion-removal (the classical Vatican adagio “promoveatur ut amoveatur” is also true for Tobin) just18 months after his appointment to the Congregation for men and women religious.

Anglican service to pray for 'damaged diocese'

ABC News

There is ongoing unrest in parts of Newcastle's Anglican Diocese in the wake of the defrocking of three priests.

A group is planning a service to pray for what they call a damaged diocese.

Newcastle Anglican Bishop Brian Farran recently defrocked three priests including the former Dean of Newcastle, Graeme Lawrence.

Another priest was sanctioned.

No criminal charges have been laid and the priests deny all sexual abuse allegations.

Synod of Bishops & New Evangelization...or New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits. Why Vatican must end as a “country”

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils...

Paris Arrow

Updated October 21, 2012

The Vatican and Rome are not one and the same. The Vatican and Rome are no longer synonymous. The Vatican is the smallest theocratic, autocracy, ‘it is not a democracy’ country while Rome is the secular city of the democratic state of Italy. Vatican Pied Pipers must stop writing that the “Pope summons bishops, nuncios to Rome”. The correct way is “Pope summons bishops, nuncios to the Vatican”. The last time that “All roads lead to Rome” was during the longest papacy (27 years) of John Paul II when he was obsessed with building his legacy as “JP2 the Great” (to match King Herod the Great) and when he glorified in Rome his favorite criminals Cardinal Bernard Law and Fr. Marcial Maciel (his two evil Achilles Heels) and when he with Cardinal Josef Ratzinger together covered-up thousands of perpetual pedophile priests of his JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army through his Latin addiction Crimen Sollicitationis

next.checkt: ‘Jeugdzorg ziet slechts 2 procent van het misbruik’

Next Checkt

Diverse media vorige week naar aanleiding van het rapport van de commissie-Samson over misbruik in de jeugdzorg

Vorige week presenteerde de commissie-Samson het rapport Omringd door zorg, toch niet veilig, over seksueel misbruik in de jeugdzorg, met daarin schokkende conclusies. Een van die conclusies was dat de professionals die met uit huis geplaatste kinderen werken slechts een fractie van wat er aan misbruik voorvalt, waarnemen. Om precies te zijn: slechts 2 procent. Verschillende media berichtten hierover. De NOS meldde: „Begeleiders van instellingen signaleerden slechts 2 procent van het misbruik.” De Volkskrant schreef: „Volgens de commissie-Samson constateren werkers in de jeugdzorg slechts 2 procent van de gevallen.” En RTL Nieuws had het zelfs over „nog geen 2 procent van de gevallen”. next.checkt-lezer Ko Ruyter vraagt zich af of het klopt, die 2 procent. Immers, hoe kun je de onderrapportage van misbruik zo precies meten?

Norbert Bethune: "Mijn strijd tegen seksueel misbruik in de kerk loopt ten einde"


vrijdag 19 oktober 2012 om 10u09

Tielt - Norbert Bethune doet een ultieme oproep naar slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik binnen de Kerk. Eind deze maand verstrijkt de deadline bij de arbitrage van de parlementaire commissie rond seksueel misbruik en daarna kunnen de feiten enkel nog bij het bisdom gemeld worden. “Ik doe nog één laatste inspanning”, zegt hij.

Hold a Child Sex Abuse Parish Information Forum


October 21, 2012 by Susan Matthews

One of the more promising developments over the past year has been parish-based forums on clergy child sex abuse. We need more to do so. Some have held healing services, but I prefer “information forum” for several reasons. While healing is most certainly needed on all fronts, it seems that would come more easily after all other appropriate steps. There is little trust that the entire hierarchy is taking all those steps. In the meantime, information is critical. Bringing the issue into the light will enable the faithful to enforce efforts.

At a recent parish council meeting on whether or not to hold a forum, someone said this issue is best dealt with in private. What? Child sex abuse happens in private. Cover ups happen in private. The solution will be found out in the open. We must shine a light on this issue. Hasn’t Penn State, the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church and many other organizations proven that fact? The staggering statistics compel us to deal with this issue. This is not another person’s problem. This is our responsibility as human beings. We owe it to our children, our community and our God.

Wisconsin advocacy group calls for additional Boy Scout files


[national database - Attorney Kelly Clark]

A southeastern Wisconsin advocacy group for sex abuse victims is asking the Boy Scouts of America to release more information about Wisconsin cases.

Earlier this week a judge ordered the Boy Scouts of America to release thousands of documents related to abuse allegations against scouting volunteers.

The Associated Press reported the files identify 29 Wisconsin men as alleged abusers.

The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, has asked the BSA to release all the information they have regarding the Wisconsin allegations. They are also encouraging any other abuse victims to come forward.

"No matter when you've been harmed, it does not matter, " said Peter Isely of SNAP. "Make a report and see if they can find out where this individual is."

Zwarte lijst seksueel misbruik Boy Scouts VS gepubliceerd: 1247 namen


[national database - Attorney Kelly Clark]

Een Amerikaans advocatenkantoor publiceert vandaag 20.000 vertrouwelijke documenten van de Amerikaanse padvindersorganisatie Boy Scouts. Hierin staan de namen van 1247 scoutingsleiders en vrijwilligers die weggestuurd zijn wegens beschuldigingen van seksueel of ongepast gedrag met jongens, meldt CNN. .

In de documenten, waarin informatie uit 1965 tot 1985 staat, zijn de namen van slachtoffers en getuigen weggehaald. De documenten worden vrijgegeven na toestemming van het Hooggerechtshof van Oregon. Het advocatenkantoor dat over de documenten beschikt heeft de zaak van een jongen die eind 2009 door een vrijwilliger is misbruikt behandeld. De vrijwilliger is veroordeeld, de Boy Scouts of America moesten 18,5 miljoen dollar schadevergoeding betalen.

St. Paul: Priest wants to seal record of his indecent exposure case

Pioneer Press

By Emily Gurnon
Posted: 10/20/2012

A priest who resigned from his church post after his arrest for indecent exposure in a St. Paul park has asked a court to seal his record.

Michael John Krenik's misdemeanor conviction was dismissed in November 2011 upon the successful completion of his probation.

Krenik, 54, of St. Paul, petitioned Ramsey County District Judge Teresa Warner on Oct. 5 for an expungement of his criminal file. If the judge grants his request at the Jan. 23 hearing, the record will be sealed from public view.

Krenik was the pastor at St. Hubert Catholic Community in Chanhassen at the time of his Nov. 4, 2010, arrest. At 1:20 p.m. that day, he exposed himself to a police officer at the river flats near Eustis Street and Mississippi River Boulevard, just north of the Marshall Avenue-Lake Street bridge.

Catholic Church to make full apology to priest accused in the wrong

Irish Central

IrishCentral.com Staff Writer

Published Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Catholic Church is to make a full apology to a priest wrongly accused of child protection issues.

Fr Oliver Brennan was reinstated as a parish priest in Louth on Saturday night after two years under investigation.

The 67-year-old had voluntarily stepped down immediately as parish priest of Blackrock and Haggardstown in August 2010 when the allegation was made.

The Sunday Independent reports that a police investigation could find no evidence against Fr Brennan.

The paper says the "allegations were totally lacking in credibility."

Should we really be celebrating the Christian Brothers?

Irish Independent

Saturday October 20 2012

This evening, in Dublin's Convention Centre, former pupils of Christian Brothers schools will come together to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Edmund Rice.

Advertised as "an evening with former President Mary McAleese and guests", its theme is "to reunite, reconcile, give thanks and look to the future".

For many, though, it's impossible to forget the past.

Few names evoke such opposing reactions in Ireland as that of Edmund Rice.

Mention his name to grown men who attended a CBS, founded by the Kilkenny-born educator, and often a shadow will cloud their ageing faces.

Many recall the discipline, the fear, the corporal punishment and the physical and sexual abuse dished out to them and/or others.


Care Leavers Australia Network

[CLAN'S submission to the Victorian Inquiry]

Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN) has recently completed a submission to the Victorian Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations.

Although the Victorian Government has shown great initiative in instigating a parliamentary inquiry, CLAN is concerned that the current inquiry deliberately excludes the Victorian Government to avoid accountability through transparency.

Many Victorian Care Leavers who had government experiences in the ‘care’ system are now excluded. The inquiry is consequently discriminatory to former state wards.

The Victorian Government, through its predecessor agencies to the current Department of Human Services:

 Established 17 Orphanages, Children’s Homes and other Institutions.
 Funded and inspected against standards religious and non-government organisations which ‘cared’ for state wards.1

It is clear in some cases that the Victorian Government’s failure of duty of care enabled the criminal treatment of children by churches and charities.

Priest is cleared of 'incredible allegation'

Irish Independent


Sunday October 21 2012

A 67-YEAR-OLD Co Louth Catholic priest, who was the subject of a child-protection allegation, has been cleared after over two years to return to active ministry.

Father Oliver Brennan voluntarily stepped down immediately as parish priest of Blackrock and Haggardstown in August 2010 when the allegation was made.

The finding of the garda investigation was that the "allegations were totally lacking in credibility". Similarly, the church inquiry concluded last Friday that the allegations were "fabricated and have not been substantiated".

At a special Mass last night in Blackrock, near Dundalk, Co Louth, Fr Brennan. was reinstated. He is expected to be given a full apology by the church.

Abuse victims accuse Christian Brothers event of trying to muzzle them

Irish Examiner

By Claire O’Sullivan

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Survivors of abuse at Christian Brother schools have accused organisers of a Christian Brothers commemoration event this weekend of attempting to muzzle them by not allowing them to speak.

Former President Mary McAleese and Sen Martin McAleese are set to join past pupils of Christian Brothers schools at an event at Dublin’s Convention Centre today to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers.

Survivors of child abuse at Christian Brother schools were invited.

Tonight’s event is part of a year-long initiative to raise funds for international work being carried out in the spirit of Edmund Rice.

'Safe-guarding the Scouts is the number one priority'


October 19, 2012|By C.J. LOVELACE | cj.lovelace@herald-mail.com

In the wake of the release of decades of confidential sexual-abuse allegations within the Boy Scouts of America, a local Scouting official said Friday that the organization remains committed to protecting youth and providing a safe environment above all else.

“Safe-guarding the Scouts is the number one priority for the Scouting organization,” said Mark Barbernitz, Scout executive for the Mason-Dixon Council of the BSA, which oversees approximately 2,300 kids and about 100 troops of Scouts in Washington County as well as parts of Franklin and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania. ...

The Rev. Tim Leighton, pastor of Church of the Holy Trinity UCC in Halfway since 2006, said their congregation will continue to support Boy Scout Troop 136 and the Cub Scout pack that meet at the church.

“The congregation as a whole has been very supportive of Scouting, both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, for a number of years,” Leighton said. “The Scout troop has done several service projects.”

Leighton, who also took part in the Scouts as a kid, said the church has not considered re-evaluating its relationship with the organization despite the abuse allegations, adding that Troop 136 leaders are very conscientious of the parents and adults that work with the kids.

Boy Scout "perversion files" list several ex-leaders from area troops

The Eagle-Tribune

[national database - Attorney Kelly Clark]

By Mark E. Vogler mvogler@eagletribune.com The Eagle-Tribune

In early 1977, allegations about an assistant scoutmaster having sex with boys rocked the old St. Joseph’s Church in Haverhill, then home for Boy Scout Troop 27.

Stories grew rampant about the 27-year-old scout leader inviting boys to stay overnight at his home, where indecent exposure and fondling were common. One boy accused the troop leader of performing “an unnatural act” on him.

A father who was on the troop committee consulted with a lawyer and the police for assistance after reporting that his son was a victim of sexual abuse by an adult leader “who should not be allowed to stay in scouting.”

But despite the controversy, police never prosecuted the assistant scoutmaster for the alleged sexual crimes. Neither he nor the Boy Scouts were named as defendants in any lawsuits.

Girl alleges sex abuse by pastor

Times of India

MADURAI: Police are on the lookout for a pastor, who is absconding following a complaint of sexual harassment of a 12-year-old Sri Lankan refugee girl, by her parents. The complaint has been registered with the Dindigul taluk police.

Kumarasamy (47) is a Sri Lankan refugee staying in the Adiyanoorthu refugee camp. He works as a loadman with the railways. His 12-year-old daughter was a student at a Roman Catholic school in the neighbouring area. A few days ago, she had come home weeping, saying that the priest, Amaladas, of the church next to the school misbehaved with her. Enquiries by her mother and relatives allegedly revealed that the priest had abused the girl sexually.

Kentucky Boy Scout leaders failed to report allegations of sexual abuse to police, reports sho

The Courier-Journal

[national database - Attorney Kelly Clark]

[with video]

Written by
Andrew Wolfson
The Courier-Journal

When a 47-year-old Louisville Boy Scout leader attempted in 1967 to molest a boy in a tent during an outing, scouting officials promised that they would keep the matter strictly confidential and say only that the leader resigned.

“The Scout office will make no general announcement,” Scouting Executive Hal Cory wrote on Nov. 6, 1967, to Boy Scouts of America headquarters, which promised to put the report in its “confidential file.” ..

Cal Pfeiffer, a founding member of the local chapter of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said the disclosures show how pervasive sexual abuse of children is in society “in one group after another after another.”

He said the Boy Scouts at least forced accused leaders to resign rather than moving them from parish to parish, as the church often did. But like the church, the Scouts didn’t refer leaders for prosecution, he said, potentially allowing them to continue to prey on children in other capacities.

October 20, 2012

LA archdiocese to release accused priests' files

The Fresno Bee

The Associated Press

Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 | 10:58 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Five years after settling with sex abuse victims, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles says it will release the confidential personnel files of about 200 accused priests.

Spokesman Tod Tamberg told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune ( http://bit.ly/XBblV3) on Friday that the Archdiocese will hand over the records to a judge on Dec. 10.

The newspaper says the files - with the names of innocent individuals redacted - will ultimately be made public under a record $660 million settlement the Archdiocese agreed to in 2007.

The personnel files of 13 priests were released Friday to an attorney who represents a victim allegedly abused by the Rev. Nicolas Aguilar Rivera. That case is pending and the records remain under a protective order from the court and cannot be made public.

Guard at Birm. museum charged in child porn case

San Francisco Chronicle

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A guard at the Birmingham Museum of Art has been accused of receiving child pornography at work.

Federal authorities charged Loyd Jeffrey Hitt with a child pornography offense this week. He was denied bond during a hearing Thursday. His defense lawyers did not immediately return a call seeking comment. ...

Investigators said in court documents that they focused on Hitt after learning he was on the customer database of an entity in another country that was distributing child pornography. Police said Hitt told investigators that he was involved with a church youth group. The name of the church was not released.

Bulgarian priest dismissed over serious violations


Vidin. At a sitting the Eparchial Court in the Northern town of Vidin, under the presidency of Right Reverend Bishop Sioniy, examined the case of manciple Slaveycho Borisov, who was subpoenaed by the court over of abuse and misappropriation of large amount of church property, occupation of civil positions without the knowledge of the Vidin Bishopric, non-observation of the regulations of the Vidin Bishopric Council and reluctance to appear and defend himself, as well as other misdeeds in the execution of the church services.

Il frate play boy diventa una star


Fra' Sime Simac, il francescano che l'altra sera si è fatto arrestare dopo una fuga avventurosa con una donna, facilitata dal milione e 300mila euro sottratti al convento, in Croazia si sta trasformando in una "star" del web. Un gruppo di sostegno su Facebook in un solo giorno ha ottenuto 4.500 "mi piace". Un fotomontaggio mostra in francescano in groppa a un cavallo bianco, un altro vuole che sia pronto ad usare quel danaro per salvare l' "Hajduk", la squadra di Spalato che sta rischiando il fallimento.

Compaiono anche una lunga serie di immaginari fra' Sime che lanciano battute e informano il pubblico su loro fantasiosi spostamenti. In una vignetta il frate, che era fuggito su un'auto sportiva in compagnia di una donna, manda a dire: "Non temete, il danaro è al sicuro". In un'altra gli si fa dire: "E' giunto il momento di dissipare le ombre e dire la verità, questo non è un furto ma un equo sistema di divisione poiché chi ruba ai ladri non è ladro ma servo di Dio".

Boy Scout ‘perversion files’ include 12 St. Louis cases


[with video]

by Russell Kinsaul / News 4 and KMOV.com staff

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Confidential files kept for years by Boy Scouts of America detailing allegations of sexual abuse against boys include 47 cases from Missouri.

A majority of the Missouri cases included in files released Thursday come from troops in St. Louis and Kansas City or their suburbs, but cases also were reported in such places as Neosho, Fort Leonard Wood and Chillicothe.

The Boy Scouts released about 14,500 pages of what are being called “perversion files” on cases across the country dating from 1959 to 1985. ...

But it’s unclear from the records of those four cases whether scouting leaders ever notified police.

“Unless those who conceal sexual abuse are revealed and punished then they’ll continue to do it,” said SNAP’s David Clohessy, who works with survivors of abuse.

Spiritual Food Poisoning

Waiting for Godot to Leave

James Preece of Catholic and Loving It comments on my recent post, The Pattern, and affirms what I suggest, which is (to quote James), "The problem is that we haven't tried to fix the culture that enabled sex abuse, we've just made sex abuse a special case."

I encourage you to follow the link and read his very well-written article. In it, he strikes upon an apt metaphor.

I don't think it would be fair to talk about a "culture of abuse", because I'm quite sure the majority of Catholics are not in favour of abuse and do not encourage or perpetrate abuse. What we are talking about is a culture which is favourable to abuse. It's like storing raw meat in a warm place. Warmth itself is not food poisoning, but it is better to keep food in the fridge.

Indeed, this bad spiritual food-hygiene leads to abuse of many varieties. As in spoiled meat, the culture that springs up is a bacterial and a poisonous culture.

Preece describes this culture and hits upon the heart of the problem ...

Looking at the definition of "abuse" we find that the word essentially means "misuse". That's why there are so many kinds of abuse such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse and so on. We call it abuse when somebody misuses a person sexually but we also use the word in other ways, like "I let my daughter have access to the biscuit jar but she abused the privilege".

Victims calling for more support from Catholic Church

Northern Life

By: Sudbury Northern Life Staff
Fifteen people who say they were abused by members of the Roman Catholic clergy are calling on the church to do more to help current victims and protect any future ones.

Lawyer Robert Talach of the law firm of Ledroit Beckett is holding a press conference this afternoon at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Sudbury. He will be joined by 15 people who say they are victims of abuse by priests.

"It is both disturbing and disappointing that in this day and age a religious organization, whose mandate is supposed to be compassion and care, has failed to support victims,” Talach said in a news release. “It is time that they get with the program."

The press conference, the release stated, represents “a demand from victims of local Catholic priests for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie to do more to support victims.”

Action needed for abusive priests

Sudbury Star

By Carol Mulligan, Sudbury Star

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Sudbury woman ordained a bishop with Roman Catholic Women Priests of Canada has her own take on how the church in which she is fighting for reform should handle cases of sexual abuse by priests.

Marie Evans Bouclin, who once worked for the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and Bishop Jean-Louise Plouffe, agrees with Rev. Bob Bourgon that allowing offending priests to remain on the church's radar helps track them and ensure they don't offend again. Bouclin suggests priests convicted of sexual assault should undergo assessment and, if they are determined to be so psychologically damaged they never should have been ordained in the first place, they be defrocked.

If it's deemed they are "unfit for ministry, then there should be some kind of an action to annul their ordination just like you annul a marriage," said Bouclin.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles to release accused priests' files to judge in December

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

By Christina Villacorte, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/19/2012

Five years after promising to do so, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will hand over the confidential personnel files of about 200 priests accused of sexual abuse and child molestation to a judge in December.

Those documents - with the names of innocent individuals redacted - will ultimately be made public under the Archdiocese's record $660 million settlement in 2007 to 508 people who said they were victims.

"I'm cautiously optimistic," said Joelle Casteix, Western regional director for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

"I'm very encouraged that the judge has laid down a concrete schedule but, at the same time, I and other survivors will remain vigilant about holding the archdiocese to account."

List of 1,200 suspected child abusers barred from volunteering with Boy Scouts includes 45 Mass. men

Boston Globe

This story was reported by Travis Andersen and Martin Finucane of the Globe staff and Globe correspondents Colin A. Young, Melanie Dostis, and Liam O’Kennedy. It was written by ­Andersen.

Forty-five people from Massachusetts are listed in the secret “perversion files” maintained by the Boy Scouts of America that were released Thursday by an Oregon legal team ­under an order from the Oregon Supreme Court.

The hometowns of Massachusetts residents listed in the Scouts’ ­ineligible volunteer files were spread across the state, from South Boston to Pittsfield. The files contained 44 names and one person listed as ­unknown. ...

In addition, a former Catholic seminary student from Dorchester who admitted to sexually assaulting an 11-year-old Scout at Thompson’s Island in 1969 was listed with the names released, according to his file.

He also admitted to committing lewd acts in front of scouts at various time during troop meetings, the filing states. The man received a suspended prison sentence for his actions and was later treated by a therapist, he wrote in a letter to scout officials asking to be admitted to a South Boston troop. That request was denied.

“I admit I did something terribly wrong, and never have denied that fact,” the man wrote in his letter. “But through therapy, I was able to see the underlying causes. … I can assure you there is no further problem and can document this. How many other Scoutmasters can?”

The Globe did not name the man because it could not determine on Thursday night if the man was ever charged.

Boy Scout Ineligible Volunteer Files (Perversion Files) (1965 – 1985)

Kelly Clark, Attorney


The information contained in the ineligible volunteer ("IV") files is being made public pursuant to a court order from The Honorable John Wittmayer, Multnomah County Circuit Judge for the State of Oregon, in the case of Lewis vs. Boy Scouts of America, Case No. 0710-11294. The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the ruling on June 14th, 2012.

By the terms of Judge Wittmayer's order, the names and contact information of persons identified as victims of sexual abuse and those that reported the abuse were redacted. If the person identified as an abuse reporter was a professional Scouter, i.e., an individual employed by the Boy Scouts of America or an affiliate, then the name was not redacted.

The information in the IV files concerns allegations of child sexual abuse. In a number of the cases, the allegations were later substantiated by court proceedings. However, in a great many cases no such substantiation ever occurred. Consequently, the law firms of O'Donnell Clark and Crew LLP and Paul Mones, and any agent or representative thereof, make no representations or suggestions that any of the allegations in these files are in every case true. In fact, we are in no position to verify or attest to the truth of these allegations as they were compiled by the Boy Scouts of America. The incidents reported in these documents attest to notice of potential child abuse given to the Boy Scouts of America and its affiliates and their response to that notice.

SNAP officials take on Boy Scouts


[with video]

By Alex Fees

St. Louis (KSDK) - Officials with SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, are weighing-in on the Boy Scouts child sex abuse scandal.

They say the documents made public Thursday by civil suits show the same kind of callous, reckless maneuvers by scouting officials that SNAP called attention to in other contexts, such as the Catholic Church and Penn State.

"The sad truth is many institutions value their own reputations over the safety of the kids they serve," said David Clohessy, with SNAP in St. Louis.

Regarding the release of confidential, so-called "perversion" files kept by Boy Scout officials, Clohessy said, "We in SNAP are calling upon law enforcement officials to look through these files and use their bully pulpits and beg victims, witnesses, and whistle-blowers of scout abuse to come forward. Obviously most of these cases are from years and years ago. And the statute of limitations has probably run and nothing can be done, legally, but we believe it's reckless to make that assumption."

Boy Scouts' 'perversion files' list local men

Lowell Sun

By Lisa Redmond, lredmond@lowellsun.comlowellsun.com
Posted: 10/20/2012

BOSTON -- One of the 45 Massachusetts residents listed in the Boy Scouts' newly released "perversion files" is a former Pepperell resident and Level 3 sex offender who is in prison serving time for his fourth child sex-assault conviction.

Due to an Oregon Supreme Court ruling, the Boy Scouts of America on Thursday released a list of 1,250 "ineligible volunteers" from across the country who were accused of child molestation as far back as 1965. ...

On the published list is Donn Kruger, of Pepperell, who was listed as an "ineligible volunteer" in 1983. Also listed as ineligible volunteers are Normand R. Harnois, of Lowell (1989); Steven A. Conti, of Burlington (1988); Alden R. Farrar, of Ayer, (1978); and the Rev. Walter N. Stone, of Fitchburg (1989). ...

According to published reports from 1989, Stone was a Congregational minister in Fitchburg when he was charged with rape and sexual abuse involving children in his parish and in

In a July 28, 1978 letter from George Fraquair, Scout executive of the Nashua Valley BSA Council, to the BSA Registration Service, Fraquair asked that Alden R. Farrar, of Ayer, be "placed on the confidential list. He has admitted to a morals offense against one of our scouts. The family, including the scout, fortunately have decided not to prosecute."

Stone, of the Rollstone Congregational Church in Fitchburg, was sentenced to seven to 15 years in state prison after being convicted of eight counts of indecent assault and battery on a child. Two victims testified that Stone befriended them during church counseling and activities.

Three area cases included among thousands in Boy Scouts' 'perversion files'


Herald-Whig Staff Writer

Information about three cases concerning local Boy Scout leaders were among the 14,500 pages of secret "perversion files" released Thursday by order of the Oregon Supreme Court.

The Associated Press reported an array of local authorities -- police chiefs, prosecutors, pastors and town Boy Scout leaders among them -- quietly shielded scoutmasters and others who allegedly molested children. The files document sex abuse allegations across the country, from a small town in the Adirondacks to downtown Los Angeles, from 1959 to 1985.

The local cases involved a Memphis, Mo., minister in 1960, and incidents in the 1980s in both Quincy and Fort Madison, Iowa. ...

º The Rev. Dean Jones, a pastor at Christian Church in Memphis, Mo., was accused of oral sodomy in June 1960, according to papers filed by The Great Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boys Scouts' memo said Jones "failed to deny or admit (the charge) but immediately resigned his position in the church."

Jones, 28 at the time, was the cubmaster for Pack 97 in Memphis. His file does not indicate if he was ever charged. The memo stated that "sufficient evidence has been collected to verify the major complaint."

Click here to view documents related to the Jones case.

Iowa Pastor will go to jail after sexually abusing congregation members


[with video]

Written by Jackie Manternach, Producer

Former Pella Pastor Patrick Edouard, 42, will serve prison time after sexually abusing four members of his congregation.

One victim described it in court saying, "Edouard violated me emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually."

Edouard's accusers say he took advantage of their time in counseling on personal issues. But the former pastor says that he wasn't counseling any of the woman, rather he says all of the relationships were consensual.

A jury disagreed with him on several accounts in August.

Edouard was found guilty of four counts of sexual exploitation by a therapist or counselor and one count of a pattern of sexual exploitation. He was also found not guilty of three other counts of sexual abuse.

‘Perversion files’ name four Scout officials in R.I.

Westerly Sun

Associated Press

PROVIDENCE — The newly released Boy Scouts “perversion files” name several former Scout officials in Rhode Island, including one expelled from the organization in the 1970s after being accused of forcing a boy to perform a sex act on him.

The 14,500 pages of files, released Thursday, show that William Lazzareschi was expelled from his Providence troop in 1971 after a Scout leader said he saw a 12-year-old performing oral sex on him behind a tent at Yawgoog Scout Reservation. The boy later said “Mr. Lazzareschi made me do it to him,” according to a letter from the assistant reservation director to the head of the Narragansett Council.

It appears that authorities were not notified. The letter indicates that a Scout chaplain, the Rev. Edmond Micarelli, recommended the boy’s parents not be told. It said the boy was “counseled” by Micarelli with “positive results.”

Exclusive: Police kept in dark on complaints of priest’s sex abuse

Yorkshire Post

Published on Saturday 20 October 2012

A ROMAN Catholic diocese which ordained a priest despite his dismissal for abusing boys at a children’s home received more abuse allegations after his ordination but did not report them to the police, the Yorkshire Post can reveal.

The Diocese of Middlesbrough, which appointed Joseph O’Brien to a series of clerical posts in Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire after he had been sacked from the St William’s children’s home in East Yorkshire, kept fresh allegations of abuse ‘in-house’ from 2000 onwards.

The latest revelations surrounding Father O’Brien, who served for 15 years in the parish of Thirsk until retirement in 1998, are contained in an executive summary of a report compiled by a Catholic child protection agency.

The Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) carried out an inquiry following a Yorkshire Post investigation into the priest, who died in 2010. The summary reveals that the diocese kept two separate files, one of which – termed the ‘Bishop’s file’ – was only discovered last year.

Father Rolando Garcia, Embattled Miami Priest, Faced With New Allegations Of Covering Up Sex Abuse (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

The Archdiocese of Miami continues to defend embattled priest Father Rolando Garcia, who is facing a fresh accusation he used hush money to conceal another priest's abuse of an underaged boy.

That victim, now an adult, appeared before the media Thursday with attorney Jeff Herman to allege that Garcia, currently pastor at St. Agatha Catholic Church in West Miami-Dade, bought the victim's complicit silence regarding his knowledge of the repeated assaults.

"He was paying me to keep it quiet while [Fr.] Cristobal de Jesus Puertas was raping me," said the man, whose identity is being concealed. "This man is preaching to hundreds of people over there and he's wearing a mask."

Fr. Garcia has himself been accused of molesting young boys in the church. The church leader was named in previous lawsuits against the archdiocese alleging he engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with alter boys, with the most recent suit filed in September.

October 19, 2012

Defrock bad priests: Sex abuse victims

The Sudbury Star

Carol Mulligan
The Sudbury Star

Friday, October 19, 2012

The lawyer representing 15 men who allege they were sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests is demanding the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie take a “trinity” of actions to help his clients get over their pain.
Rob Talach is calling upon the diocese and its spiritual leader, Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe, to begin the process of defrocking priests who are convicted sexual offenders, to create a diocesan sexual abuse policy with input from victims and to pay for counselling for men who were abused.

Talach, from London-based Ledroit Beckett Litigation lawyers, was joined at a news conference Friday by four Sudbury men who were victims of two of six priests convicted criminally of sexual abuse dating back 50 years in Sudbury.

Talach lambasted the diocese and Plouffe for not taking a proactive approach to helping these men by funding counselling before the civil cases he has launched for the men are dealt with in court.

“Up here, this diocese, it's the middle ages,” Talach said Friday at the Radisson Hotel on St. Anne's Road, a stone's throw from the diocese's office across the street.

LA clergy sex abuse files to be made public by end of year, judge says

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on October 19, 2012

Today, LA judge Emilie Elias gave the Archdiocese of Los Angeles a concrete schedule for the public release of thousands of pages of sex abuse and cover-up documents. If all goes according to plan, the redacted files on perpetrator priests will be made public by the end of the year.

The documents were a part of the 2007, $660 million settlement with more than 500 victims of child sexual abuse. More than 200 predator clerics were named as abusers. Lawyers for the Archdiocese and accused priests have spent the past five years (and who knows how much money at $600/hr) to keep the files secret.

In other dioceses (like Orange and Wilmington, DE, to name a few), similar files have shown the severe damage caused by many current and former clerics, and also show how complicit church officials ignored public safety and recklessly put children in harm’s way.

Jan Hertogen maakt pv over verdwijning dossierstukken Operatie Kelk publiek

De Morgen

Socioloog Jan Hertogen, een van de slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik in de kerk, heeft in een e-mail aan de pers het proces-verbaal publiek gemaakt dat onderzoeksrechter Colette Calewaert opgesteld heeft over de verdwijning van dossierstukken in Operatie Kelk. Dat is het gerechtelijk onderzoek naar seksueel misbruik en schuldig verzuim dat de onderzoeksrechter erfde van haar voorganger, Wim De Troy.

Het proces-verbaal maakt deel uit van het gerechtelijk onderzoek en is als zodanig een geheim stuk. Het federaal parket heeft het daarom over een verwonderlijke démarche die mogelijks strafbaar is.

Gisteren schreven de Coreliokranten al dat er tientallen processen-verbaal uit het onderzoeksdossier waren verdwenen. Vandaag meldde minister van Justitie Turtelboom in de Kamer dat het ging om 445 stukken. Die verdwenen in de periode net voordat onderzoeksrechter Wim De Troy, die het onderzoek eerst leidde maar zich niet liet herbenoemen tot onderzoeksrechter, vervangen werd door onderzoeksrechter Calewaert.

Hertogen meent dat hij onderzoeksgeheim niet geschonden heeft

De Morgen

dm Operatie Kelk Socioloog Jan Hertogen meent dat hij in Operatie Kelk het geheim van het onderzoek niet heeft geschonden. De man maakte donderdagavond via e-mail minstens een deel van het proces-verbaal publiek waarin onderzoeksrechter Colette Calewaert vaststelt dat een groot aantal dossierstukken uit het onderzoek naar seksueel misbruik en schuldig verzuim binnen de katholieke kerk verdwenen zijn. Volgens Jan Hertogen deed hij dat om de belangen van de slachtoffers te beschermen.

"Als minister van Justitie Turtelboom laconiek vaststelt dat er 445 processen-verbaal verdwenen zijn, vraagt het niet veel verbeelding om zich in te leven in de gevoelens van de slachtoffers", schrijft Jan Hertogen in een nieuwe e-mail. "Die vragen zich af of hun proces-verbaal of verhaal daarbij zit, in wiens handen dat terechtgekomen is en wat die persoon daarmee gaat doen. Maar dat zulk een onzorgvuldigheid in een uiterst gevoelig dossier kan voorkomen, lijkt geen probleem. Er is niemand in de media of politiek die zijn bekommernis voor de slachtoffers uit."

Geen tientallen, maar honderden pv's verdwenen in operatie kelk

De Morgen

Er zijn niet enkele tientallen, maar wel honderden pv's verdwenen uit het onderzoek naar seksueel misbruik in de Kerk. Welgeteld 445 om precies te zijn. Dat heeft minister van Justitie Annemie Turtelboom (Open Vld) bekendgemaakt in de Kamer. Intussen is een kopie van alle ontbrekende processen-verbaal wel weer aan het strafdossier toegevoegd. "Dat is dus opnieuw volledig", klonk het. .

Gisteren raakte bekend dat tientallen pv's zijn verdwenen. Ze zouden per vergissing door de poetsvrouw zijn weggegooid bij de verhuis van de griffier van toenmalig onderzoeksrechter Wim De Troy. Maar een deel ging vermoedelijk ook mee naar huis om er daar verder aan te werken, zonder dat ze ooit terug tot op kantoor geraakten, klonk het.

Tientallen pv's over Operatie Kelk verdwenen

De Morgen

Tientallen pv's in het onderzoek naar seksueel misbruik in de kerk zijn verdwenen. Dat schrijven de Coreliokranten. Ze werden per vergissing door de poetsvrouw weggegooid. Het federaal parket bevestigt de verdwijning, maar over de oorzaak spreken ze zich niet uit. "Het verhaal van de poetsvrouw is slechts een veronderstelling." .

Colette Callewaert, de onderzoeksrechter die Wim De Troy afloste in het onderzoek naar seksueel misbruik in de kerk, stelde in april dit jaar vast dat tientallen processen-verbaal van de federale politie niet meer in het onderzoeksdossier zaten. Het zou onder meer gaan over verhoren van slachtoffers, maar ook over pv's die gemaakt werden van verschillende huiszoekingen.

Retired priest pleads not guilty to molestation

Colorado Springs Gazette

October 19, 2012


A retired priest pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he lured a 15-year-old Colorado Springs boy into a sexual relationship.

The Rev. Charles Robert Manning, 77, is accused of molesting the boy while serving as pastor at St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church, where he began work in 2007. The alleged abuse took place in June 2011.

An arrest affidavit alleges the boy came to Manning for advice on becoming a Catholic and the priest began giving him private lessons, during which he gave the boy alcohol and marijuana. Colorado Springs Police also say Manning took the boy to get his nipples pierced, kissed the boy on the lips and engaged in other sexual acts, after which he thanked the boy.

Manning was suspended from the church in January and arrested in May.

Retired priest pleads not guilty to sex charges

San Francisco Chronicle

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — A retired Roman Catholic priest has pleaded not guilty to charges alleging he engaged in sexual acts with a 15-year-old boy in Colorado Springs.

Charles Robert Manning pleaded not guilty Friday to three counts of sex assault on a child by one in a position of trust and two counts each of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sexual exploitation of children.

The Gazette reports (http://bit.ly/R8Muqe ) Manning is accused of molesting the boy while serving at St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church in 2007. He also is accused of giving the boy alcohol and marijuana.

Knights of Columbus key contributor against same-sex marriage

National Catholic Reporter

by Joshua J. McElwee | Oct. 19, 2012

The Knights of Columbus, the U.S. Catholic fraternal organization known for its wide-ranging charitable work and parish fish fries, has been a significant contributor to political efforts opposing same-sex marriage across the country, according to a study commissioned by a coalition of Catholic groups that support same-sex marriage.

"Since 2005, the Knights of Columbus has provided more than $15.8 million dollars toward [opposing same-sex marriage], providing $6.25 million directly to anti-marriage equality efforts," says the report, released Thursday.

Earlier this year, a coalition called Equally Blessed commissioned a study of the Knights' tax filings, annual statements and other public documents between 2005 and 2012. The result is a 37-page report, "The Strong Right Arm of the Bishops: The Knights of Columbus and Anti-Marriage Equality Funding." ...

The Equally Blessed group criticizes the Knights' donations to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as "essentially untraceable."

"Since the USCCB is part of the Catholic Church and does not have to report its charitable contributions, money given to the USCCB's anti-marriage equality efforts is essentially untraceable unless it shows up in specific state-level reporting requirements," the report states.

"This is especially important because it makes it difficult to ascertain how much the church has invested in influencing voters in Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota, where marriage equality-related initiatives are on the ballot in November 2012," the report says.

Birmingham Museum of Art guard had child porn shipped to the museum


By Kent Faulk | kfaulk@al.com

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A Birmingham Museum of Art security guard has been charged with receiving child pornography, which included movies and photographs shipped from a foreign country to his workplace at the museum.

Investigators also found pornographic images of young boys on the home computer of the guard, who was also involved with his church's youth group, according to federal court documents.

Loyd Jeffrey Hitt, 53, of Center Point, was charged with receipt of child pornography in a court document filed in U.S. District Court on Thursday afternoon.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert R. Armstrong denied bond for Hitt during a hearing Thursday at the Hugo L. Black U.S. Courthouse, court records show. The judge also appointed defense lawyers to represent Hitt from the Federal Public Defender's Office.

Former St. Thomas HS coach charged with possessing child porn


Pooja Lodhia

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Investigators say they found hundreds of pictures and videos stored on Gordon Oehmig's home computer. Oehmig was head wrestling coach at St. Thomas High School on Memorial Drive.

Houston police are warning parents that their kids could be victims. They are calling this an elevated threat because the suspect worked with kids, both as an employee and volunteer.

Oehmig, 29, bonded out of jail early Friday morning on a $20,000 bail. He has now been charged with five felony counts of possessing child pornography.

Investigators raided his home Thursday morning after Oehmig allegedly joined a file sharing network. They say they found 1,600 images and 550 videos of child pornography on his home computer. Most of the pictures allegedly involved young boys. We're told there were 21 images of toddlers.

Police are now concerned the suspect may have even more victims. He was employed as the head wrestling coach at St. Thomas High School and the assistant wrestling coach at Episcopal High. Police say Oehmig also worked and volunteered at several other local wrestling organizations.

St. Thomas wrestling coach charged over child porn

Houston Chronicle

By Robert Stanton | Friday, October 19, 2012

The wrestling coach at St. Thomas High School has been arrested on child porn charges, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Gordon Daniel Oehmig, 29, faces five counts of possession of child pornography, court records show. He was released from custody after posting a $20,000 bond on each count, for a total $100,000.

Oehmig was arrested at his Houston home Thursday following a monthlong investigation into the trafficking of child porn in the Harris County area.

Using specialized software, officers with the Houston Metro Internet Crime Against Children Taskforce located a computer online that was using a peer-to-peer program to share hundreds of images of child porn, according to an arrest warrant filed on Thursday.

Former high school wrestling coach charged in child pornography case

Fox 26

By Alexander Supgul, Web Producer

A former St. Thomas High School coach has been charged with possession of child pornography.

Gordon Daniel Oehmig is out of jail after he posted a $20,000 bond early on Friday morning and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, Oct. 22 to face the felony charges.

Oehmig has been charged with five counts of possessing child pornography and is no longer a coach at St. Thomas.

Houston police found Oehmig, 29, in possession almost 1,500 digital images and 500 digital videos of child pornography, according to court documents.

The videos and photos found in Oehmig's possession include images of young boys and girls, ranging in age from toddlers to 9 years old, involved in explicit sexual acts, based on the probable cause statement filed against him.

Gordon Oehmig: Former St. Thomas High Wrestling Coach of the Year Nabbed For Child Porn

Houston Press

By Richard Connelly
Fri., Oct. 19 2012

A former Prep Coach of the Year from St. Thomas High has been arrested after authorities found 1,500 digital images and 500 videos of child porn on his computers, court documents show.

Gordon Daniel Oehmig, 29, is no longer at the school, but coached there from from 2009-12, when he won the coach of the year award.

Court documents say child-porn activity was traced to the IP address on his computer, and a search found the images and video. (The court document somehow lists the day of the search as October25, 2012, but that's for the lawyers to hash out, we guess.)

Oehmig is a grad of The Kinkaid School and the University of North Carolina, according to a news profile in which he says " "My job is not to just win or lose, but to help grow the kids personally, spiritually, and athletically. Part of that is making sure where they're going to be after they leave St. Thomas."

St. Thomas wrestling coach arrested on child porn charges


Posted on October 19, 2012

HOUSTON – An assistant wrestling coach at St. Thomas Episcopal High School has been arrested on child porn charges.

Gordon Daniel Oehmig, 29, was taken into custody at his home Thursday following a month-long investigation. He is charged with five counts of possession of child pornography.

Investigators with the Houston-Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched Oehmig’s Montrose home and seized several computers, a server and digital storing devices.

They say they found more than 1,000 images and video files of young children engaged in sex acts. The cases in which he is charged involved photos of girls and boys ranging from 1 to 9 years old who are being sexually abused by adults.

Where is the former Abbot of Ealing hiding?

Catholic Herald

By Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith on Friday, 19 October 2012

Readers with long memories may recall the case of Salvatore Riina, the Sicilian mafia boss of all bosses. Mr Riina was on the run from the police for twenty-three years but was finally arrested in January 1993. I was living in Italy at the time, and the capture of Riina was hailed as a great success in the fight against crime. The fact that he had evaded capture for so long had been emblematic of the Italian state’s helplessness in the face of the Mafia.

Riina’s arrest probably did mark a turning point in the battle against the mafia in Sicily. But questions remain to this day. Riina was not on the run or in hiding in the usual sense of the word. There were no recent photos of him, so no one knew what he looked like, but he was living normally at home in Palermo, not in some mountain hideout, nor moving from place to place. He was, as they say, hiding in plain view. And it has often been assumed that he was able to do this with the connivance of the authorities: in other words, Riina had significant backing from politicians in Rome. ...

There are one or two facts about the Soper case that make you wonder. He was interviewed by police in England, but the police did not photograph him, and they did not confiscate his passport There are no recent photographs of him ( a bit like Salvatore Riina) and there is also confusion about his age: it seems that he is 68, but other sources mention him being in his eighties. If he is living quietly in Italy, this raises important questions. Has he a bank account in his own name? Is he living under an alias, and if so, how did he acquire it? Who is helping him? Or has he been able to disappear relying purely on his own cunning? This seems doubtful: you cannot do anything in Italy without an identity card or passport. You cannot have someone to stay in your house for more than three nights without advising the police of it. There are numerous rules and regulations, all of which were flouted by Riina, but which Soper might find harder to avoid.

Former church pastor sentenced



Former Pella pastor Patrick Edouard was sentenced Friday morning.


Edouard received four years for the sexual exploitation charges, one for each of the four counts, and five years for the charge of a scheme, pattern or practice.

The sentences are expected to run concurrent, meaning Edouard will spend five years in prison.

Judge Paul Huscher also applied a special sentence. At the conclusion of his prison term, Edouard will serve an additional 10 years on parole or work-release.

Edouard will part of the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. There are also no contact orders in place with the victims or their families for the next five years.

Jesuit Club Hosts Former US Attorney Who Prosecuted Jesuit

What They Knew

In what would seemingly be an uncomfortable situation for all involved, The Jesuit Club of Chicago in having a luncheon speaker who successfully prosecuted one of their own in 2008, former US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Why, is another question for both parties to answer. Fitzgerald stopped his office’s successful prosecution of a child abusing priest when the Jesuit hierarchy who covered-up child sex abuse for decades came under scrutiny. No one has yet figured out why the case was shut down when the grand jury, who wanted charges brought against the leadership of the Chicago Province, started asking uncomfortable questions about what the Jesuit leadership knew was going on for decades.

The Jesuits have a long history with former US Attorneys, the chief Federal prosecutor in a State, and have routinely hired them, both for their legal skills at defending the Order from criminal prosecution and for their political connections that ensure any criminal action brought against the Jesuits would have dire consequences politically. More on this later.

The Boy Scout Files

National Survivor Advocates Coalition

The Boy Scouts of America, on order of the Oregon Supreme Court, yesterday released over 15,000 pages of files detailing child sexual abuse by scoutmasters and other volunteers from 1959 through 1985.

The pattern that is revealed is the same as that within the Roman Catholic Church and at PennState.

Our question is: will the response be the same or will there finally be an uprising of men and women of goodwill that will protect children and provide access to justice for survivors?

Don’t children matter?

If members of a religious organization that was proclaimed a moral pillar of the planet can’t lead in this fight to protect the innocent, guard the vulnerable and say and mean enough is enough can society in general?

Edouard sent to prison


Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — The main courtroom in the Marion County Courthouse was filled with hugs and praise moments after former Pella Pastor Patrick Edouard was sentenced to up to five years in prison.

Edouard was convicted of four counts of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist and one count of entering into a pattern/scheme of exploitation by a therapist. He was sentenced to one year in prison on each of the exploitation counts and five years on the ongoing charge. The individual sentences per exploitation count will be served consecutively, and the sentence on the pattern charge will run concurrently with those.

Members of the Marion County Sheriff's Office and Pella Police Department were stationed around the courtroom filled with members of the community Edouard's crimes had affected. Edouard's attorney, Angela Campbell, filed a motion in arrest of judgment and sought a new trial before the sentencing proceedings began. Judge Paul Huscher felt the jury's findings were supported by adequate evidence and ruled against Campbell's motions.

US - BSA releases files, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Blaine on October 18, 2012

Where is the list of scout officials who’ve been fired, demoted, disciplined and denounced by Scout executives for hiding child sex crimes of their colleagues? When Scout executives post that list on their websites, voluntarily, that’s when we’ll believe progress is happening.

Virtually every single fact about abuse that is publicly known about abuse and cover-ups in scouting has been made known despite, not because of, the Scout hierarchy. When scout officials claim that 60% of the cases in the newly released files had “some degree of public knowledge,” that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is what percentage of those cases was made public voluntarily by Scout leaders. Scout executives should answer that today.

A Ghost from the Past in Baltimore

Leon J. Podles: Dialogue

Archbishop Lori has written a column, “Remembering the painful past,” in Baltimore’s Catholic Review. He summaries the case of John Merzbacher, who abused dozens of children at a Catholic elementary school in south Baltimore, a school where Sister Eileen Weisman was principal. His version does not jibe with what the victims said or what was said to parents:

From my book, Sacrilege:

One alleged victim said that he saw Merzbacher having intercourse on a table with Sister Eileen Weismann, the principal of the Catholic Community Middle School at which he taught from 1972 to 1979. Several plaintiffs said that Merzbacher bragged about it: “Privately he would say he would have to fuck her so that he could do what he wanted in the school.”

His former students said that Merzbacher had a gun in his desk; he once held it to a victim’s head when he molested her. He had sex, according to the plaintiffs, with many boys and girls during and after school. Sister Eileen, the plaintiffs said, saw the molestation and did nothing. The students were terrified into silence after Merzbacher convinced them that he had Mafia connections. Gary Homberg, who taught at the school with Merzbacher, gave an affidavit in which he said, “I personally observed John Merzbacher sexually touching, molesting, and fondling both male and female students.” After one student came to Homberg to tell him that Merzbacher “was raping him and threatening to kill him if he ever told anyone,” Homberg called a meeting at his house with Sister Eileen, the Rev. Herbert Derwart, another priest, and told them what had happened. The three archdiocesan employees met privately, and then told Homberg “that they would like me to continue as a teacher in the school, but only under the condition that I made no mention to anyone of my observations on John Merzbacher’s sexual misconduct.: Homberg resigned his teaching position, but he did not tell anyone of Merzbacher’s conduct because he was afraid of him.

‘Wire’ actor to direct movie on Globe’s church exposé

Boston Globe

By Doug Most
Globe Staff
October 18, 2012

The story about how the Catholic Church’s long cover-up of child molestation unfolded and came to light is one step closer to becoming a movie. The production company Anonymous Content, which plans to make the movie based on the stories of the Boston Globe journalists who uncovered the scandal, has hired a director and screenwriter to keep the project moving.

Tom McCarthy, an actor and director, and also a Boston College grad, who co-starred in “The Wire” as an ethically-challenged journalist, and has directed “The Station Agent,” “Win, Win” and “The Visitor” among other projects, is on board for the untitled project, along with screenwriter Josh Singer.

“This is a story that feels like it has to be told,” McCarthy, who grew up in a large Irish Catholic family in New Jersey, told us Thursday.

He said he was especially drawn to the story because of his connection to BC, where he came to see the influence of the Catholic Church.

“It’s such a great reminder of how essential investigative journalism is today,” said McCarthy.

Tom McCarthy to helm Boston Globe project


By Jeff Sneider

"Win Win" helmer Tom McCarthy and scribe Josh Singer ("The West Wing") have boarded Anonymous Content and Rocklin/Faust's untitled Boston Globe project, which follows the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who exposed the Catholic Church's decades-long cover-up of child molestation in Massachusetts.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, McCarthy has been working in secret for more than a year on the project that chronicles the worldwide scandal.

Steve Golin and Michael Sugar of Anonymous Content are producing with Nicole Rocklin and Blye Faust. David Mizner, who brought the project to Rocklin/Faust, will consult and serve as an associate producer.

Producers have secured life rights of the Globe reporters responsible, including Spotlight Team members Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Matt Carroll, Spotlight Team editor Walter "Robby" Robinson, special projects editor Ben Bradlee Jr. and Globe editor Marty Baron.

US - Victims back call for Congressional probe into Scouts' abuse/cover up

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by David Clohessy on October 19, 2012

Two attorneys who represent child sex abuse victims are calling on Congress to audit the Boy Scouts after more than 20,000 documents have been released focusing on the more than 1,200 of the Scout “ineligible volunteers.”

We at SNAP echo this call. According to US Code Chapter 309 (http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/36C309.txt), the BSA is a congressionally chartered organization, which means their activities can fall under the purview of the government. We agree with attorneys Kelly Clark and Paul Mones that Congress has ample reason to investigate the Scouts.

Child sex abuse and cover-ups thrive in largely private and male-dominate, institutions with few or no external checks and balances, like churches and the Scouts. Because of this, outside oversight is critical. That's why Congressional audits and hearings are so important here.

Remembering the painful past

Catholic Review

By Archbishop William E. Lori

Next week, a federal appeals court will hear arguments regarding John Merzbacher’s request to be released from prison. John Merzbacher was a teacher at Catholic Community School in South Baltimore who sexually abused and terrorized multiple children during the 1970s. Without getting into the legal technicalities, Merzbacher and his attorneys claim he was never made aware of a plea agreement that would have enabled him to be released by now had he pled guilty at his trial in the mid-1990s.

The archdiocese first learned of the abuse in 1988, when one of Merzbacher’s victims reported it to the archdiocese. In accordance with its policies at the time, the archdiocese met with the victim, offered her counseling assistance and encouraged her to report the matter to the Department of Social Services (DSS), which she did. The archdiocese confirmed Merzbacher was no longer working in the archdiocesan school system or any other church-related entity and noted his file so he could never volunteer or work again for the church.

A few years later, that same victim spoke with a priest (who also was a former classmate) following a funeral. He instructed the woman to report the matter to authorities and he contacted the archdiocese, which again met with the victim and encouraged her again to report to the authorities. The archdiocese itself reported the matter to DSS and the victim also reported it to the police who initiated an investigation which would result in a criminal indictment of Merzbacher. Incidentally, DSS responded to the archdiocese’s report by stating it would not conduct an investigation because the alleged victim was by then an adult.

Files detailing Boy Scout abuse speak volumes

The Record

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Record

Albert T. Bischoff of Bergenfield was a married father of two who worked as a custodian in Englewood schools and spent his free time as a merit badge counselor and assistant troop leader for the Boy Scouts.

Scout officials described him as “shy and retiring.” But internal Boy Scout documents released Thursday show that some of the boys saw another side of Bischoff — a man who took photos of Scouts urinating in the latrine, who talked openly about oral sex, orgies, sensual massage and the merits of bisexuality.

Local Boy Scout executives removed Bischoff, now deceased, from the organization in 1982 after parents demanded action. But the Scouts also promised Bischoff they would keep the matter quiet. ...

But child-abuse advocates said the newly released files show the organization cannot be trusted.

“We see this time and time again — an iconic organization putting its own reputation over the welfare of children,” said Mark Crawford, New Jersey director of S.N.A.P., the non-profit Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. “How can we expect the Scouts to reform themselves?”

Crawford and others said an independent review, similar to former FBI chief Louis Freeh’s investigation of sex abuse at Penn State, is now needed. New state laws that lengthen New Jersey’s two-year statute of limitations on civil cases stemming from sex abuse are also needed, the advocates said.

A bill pending in the New Jersey Legislature would give victims of sexual abuse 10 years to pursue civil litigation. The legislation was prompted by complaints from victims of clergy sexual abuse who only came to grips with the damaging episodes of their childhood as adults — when it was too late to pursue lawsuits.

Salesians of Australia Steal “SNAP” Acronym

California Salesians

In what molestation victims and advocates have described as “more than a coincidence”, the Salesians of Australia-Pacific have been accused by many of “robbing the acronym ‘SNAP’ from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. The letters S-N-A-P, used by the Salesians of Australia, stand for Salesian News Australia Pacific, according to the Salesian site. Critics claim the use of the letters “is a desperate stretch.”

“SNAP”, which is said to be the largest and oldest supportive group of clergy sex abuse survivors and victims in the world, was founded in 1988 by Barbara Blaine. The group has also been quoted to be the most active advocates organization for clergy abuse victims as well. It is estimated that SNAP has over ten thousand members around the globe.

Amidst a flurry of negative press concerning the concealment and transfer of clergy sex abusers, the Salesian Order of Don Bosco has been accused of resorting to bold measures to divert attention – while conveniently swiping the famed SNAP letters. A California SNAP leader and victim that was interviewed said that “At the very least the use of the word “SNAP” by the Salesians of Australia is deceitful – it may mislead victims into thinking the Salesians are affiliated with the survivor group. The Salesians of Australia have a sordid history”.

Local parishes may be sued over Milwaukee priest-abuse


MILWAUKEE (WSAU) For the first time, local parishes are being targeted in the bankruptcy petition filed by the Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese. At a court hearing yesterday, attorneys for almost 600 people sexually abused by priests said they would try to tap parish assets in order to compensate the victims. A committee for abuse victims and other creditors in the bankruptcy case said the assets and liabilities of parishes throughout the 10-county archdiocese should be consolidated. It would end the separate incorporations by the archdiocese and its churches – which were established over a century ago.

Greendale pastor Alan Jurkus said the creditors’ strategy could backfire. He said Catholics have a fair amount of sympathy for the sex abuse victims – but that could change if the creditors start dragging the parishes into the case. The victims’ committee also said there’s still a chance that the church can use insurance to compensate victims. They said the courts struck down the use of one policy, but two others could be available.

Bankruptcy Judge Susan Kelley said she was disappointed in the creditors’ new legal challenges. She said a negotiated settlement is still the best way to keep the church in business, while fairly compensating the sex abuse victims.

Miami Priest Accused of Abuse Facing Allegations of Cover Up

NBC Miami

By Sharon Lawson

Friday, Oct 19, 2012

A Miami Catholic priest accused of sexual abuse is facing new allegations he tried to cover up the abuse of a boy by another priest, the alleged victim and his attorney said.

The alleged victim, who wants to remain anonymous, says Father Rolando Garcia of St. Agatha Catholic Church knew that a fellow priest, identified as Father Cristobal De Jesus Puertas, was abusing him as a child and he did nothing to stop it.

"He was paying me to keep it quiet when Father Puertas was raping me," the man said Thursday. "I'm furious...I don't know how they allow it, I don't understand."

The man reached out to attorney Jeff Herman after learning that one of Herman's clients, who was reportedly abused by Garcia about 30 years ago, filed suit against the Archdiocese of Miami. Garcia, who remains at St. Agatha, has adamantly denied the abuse charges.

Retired priest to stand trail over child sex abuse

Daily Echo

A RETIRED Church of England priest is to stand trial after pleading not guilty to a string of sex attacks on 18 girls and boys dating back 50 years.

Canon Gordon Rideout, 73, is accused of committing 38 offences over an 11-year period between 1962 and 1973.

Today he attended Lewes Crown Court and denied 36 counts of indecent assault and two counts of attempted rape which are alleged to have taken place in Crawley, West Sussex, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, and Barkingside, Essex.

Rideout, of Filching Close, Wannock, Polegate, East Sussex, will face a trial lasting up to eight weeks either at Lewes Crown Court or the Old Bailey.

Canon Gordon Rideout to face sex abuse trial

BBC News

A retired Church of England priest from East Sussex has denied committing 38 sexual offences against 18 children and young teenagers.

Canon Gordon Rideout, 73, of Filching Close, Wannock, is accused of committing offences between 1962 and 1973 in Crawley, London and Hampshire.

He pleaded not guilty at Lewes Crown Court to 36 counts of indecent assault and two counts of attempted rape.

Mr Rideout was remanded in custody to face trial at a later date.

Building tangled up in discrimination suit sold to another party


[with video]

(NECN: Kristen Carosa) - James Knott looks over the Oakhurst Conference and Retreat Center in Whitinsville, Mass.

The Northbridge, Mass. man says he bought the property from the Diocese of Worcester for $800,000.

“I brought the building when it became available because, in my opinion, it’s an important piece of history,” Knott says.

But along with history comes controversy.

James Fairbanks and Allain Beret of Sutton say they were discriminated against by the Diocese when they tried to purchase the property.

Bishop Wallace Benn to retire at end of month

Church Times

by Ed Thornton

Posted: 19 Oct 2012

THE Bishop of Lewes, the Rt Revd Wallace Benn, announced yesterday that he will retire at the end of the month. Charges against him under the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM) remain unresolved ( News, 18 November 2011).

The interim report of the Archbishop of Canterbury's commissaries, published last month, said that "dysfunctionality" in Chichester diocese was preventing adequate child safeguarding ( ...

Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Church clear on child safety'

BBC News

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said a Sussex diocese is clear about the need to "change attitude and practices" to guarantee the safety of children.

Lambeth Palace issued a statement after the announcement that the Bishop of Lewes, the Right Reverend Wallace Benn, will retire at the end of October.

Calls had been made for Bishop Benn's suspension after a child protection controversy in Chichester diocese.

Bishop Benn said he had hoped to resolve issues before he retired.

Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out after Bishop of Lewes’ resignation

Eastbourne Herald

Published on Friday 19 October 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted the church has made mistakes in the past and that it needs to change on the day that the Bishop of Lewes has announced he is to retire.

The Right Reverend Wallace Benn revealed yesterday that he will retire at the end of October.

His announcement comes at a time when the church in Sussex, and Bishop Benn in particular, have come under enormous pressure over its child protection policies and the conduct of its priests.

Three Sussex priests have been charged with child sex offences this year, and today (Friday) retired Eastbourne priest, Canon Gordon Rideout, was due to appear at Lewes Crown Court charged with 38 offences of sexual abuse, including sexual assault and attempted rape against 18 children between 1962 and 1973. As a result, there had been calls for Bishop Benn’s resignaton earlier this year.

Police critical of Catholic Church over its handling of child sex abuse cases


POLICE say the Catholic Church has not reported a single case of child sex abuse in more than half a century, despite hundreds of victims coming forward or being identified by investigations.

As a parliamentary inquiry into churches' handling of child abuse began hearings yesterday, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton slammed the church for hindering investigations.

The panel of MPs was told a national royal commission could help stamp out church child abuse.

Police called for mandatory reporting of offences and accused the Catholic Church of keeping vital information from authorities.

In at least 51 Wisconsin cities, scout sex offenders may have assaulted youngsters

SNAP Wisconsin

Statement by John Pilmaier, SNAP Wisconsin Director
CONTACT: 414.336.8575

The Boy Scout’s so-called “perversion files,” court ordered released yesterday by the Oregon Supreme Court, reveals that in Wisconsin alone, some 51 cities had troops where scouting officials quietly removed adult leaders or volunteers that were determined to have committed various sex crimes against children.

Of the over 1,200 case files spanning from 1947-2005, according to a database created by the Los Angeles Times, sex offending scout leaders litter the landscape of Wisconsin touching nearly every area of the state.

These cities include: Sheboygan, Black River Falls, Marinette, Milwaukee, Mosinee, Schofield, Madison, Janesville, Delavan, Cedarburg, Long Lake, La Crosse, Oxford, Appleton, Racine, Greendale, West Allis, Mondovi, Oneida, North Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Sun Prairie, Pewaukee, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Shorewood, Phelps, West Bend, Waupaca, Avery, Green Bay, Monroe, Colgate, River Falls, Beloit, Wausau, Tomah, Mukwonago, Lake, Jackson, Wisconsin Dells, Stoughton, Reedsburg, Rio, Rice Lake, Two Rivers, Wauwatosa, Marshfield, Rhinelander, Cuba City, and Gratiot.

New owner of Whitinsville retreat won’t host gay unions

Telegram & Gazette


NORTHBRIDGE — The new owner of Oakhurst retreat and conference center, formerly the Diocesan House of Affirmation, said he will forgo his plans to host weddings there if it meant he would have to allow gay weddings.

Asked about the center’s compliance with state anti-discrimination law, which forbids discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, James M. Knott Sr. said his center would be private property.

“But I will study it,” he said. “If necessary, I’ll have nothing there.”

He said he plans to preserve the property, in the Whitinsville section of town, as he has done with other historical sites in Northbridge.

Parishes' assets targeted in archdiocese bankruptcy case

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

By Annysa Johnson of the Journal Sentinel

Oct. 18, 2012

The Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which faces more than a dozen civil fraud lawsuits over its handling of clergy sex abuse cases, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January. As the case proceeds, we'll have updates, analysis, documents and more.

Lawyers for sexual abuse victims and other creditors in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy case telegraphed Thursday they intend to go after individual parish assets and proceeds from the archdiocese's $105 million Faith in Our Future campaign.

The strategy is sure to reverberate in pews across the 10-county archdiocese.

Archbishop Jerome Listecki has maintained that parishes, schools and the Faith in Our Future fund would not be affected by the bankruptcy. The archdiocese appeared to stand by that Thursday, calling any claims to pursue those assets frivolous.

However, lawyers for the creditors committee at a status hearing in the case said they plan to sue to:

Consolidate the assets and liabilities of parishes in the archdiocese for the purpose of determining its estate - the money that would be available to fund settlements and allow the archdiocese to remain in business. Parishes have been incorporated separately from the archdiocese for more than a century, according to the archdiocese.

Victoria Police slam Catholic Church over child sex abuse

The Australian

Pia Akerman
From:The Australian
October 19, 2012

VICTORIA'S deputy police commissioner has accused the Catholic Church of impeding criminal investigation of child sex offences through its lack of cooperation with police.

In the first day of a parliamentary inquiry into how religious organisations have handled child sexual abuse allegations, Victoria Police deputy commission Graham Ashton resumed his scathing assessment of the church's internal processes which he said were hampering prosecutions.

"Victoria Police has concerns that existing protocols within religious organisations are focused on church issues such as legal liability and public relations rather than the long term interests of victims," he told the inquiry before a packed public gallery this morning.

Mr Ashton said the church had repeatedly dismissed allegations of abuse by already dead offenders, which was "an absolute nonsense" and stopped police from knowing the full picture.

Catholic Church slammed by Vic police

Big Pond News

Friday, October 19, 2012

Victoria Police has attacked the Catholic Church for allegedly destroying evidence of sexual abuse by clergy and being more concerned with its reputation than the welfare of abuse victims.

Deputy police commissioner Graham Ashton has told Victoria's parliamentary inquiry into abuse by religious organisations that the church places its image first and victims second.

Mr Ashton said of the 620 cases of abuse the church says it has internally upheld since 1956, none have been reported to police.

In giving evidence to the inquiry, he accused the church of 'wrapping a special process' around a member of the clergy accused of sexual abuse.

Can Science Spot a Pedophile? Research Zeroes In On Brain Abnormalities

The Daily Beast

As the Catholic Church, college football, and now the Boy Scouts reel from sex-abuse scandals, new studies suggest the urge to prey on children may come from how a brain is wired.

New research suggests that pedophiles can be identified before the mental illness turns into a crime, potentially keeping many children out of harm’s way. The analysis comes at a crucial moment, amid a wave of pedophilia cases dominating headlines, from Jerry Sandusky’s sentencing to allegations of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Identifying pedophilia through MRIs and IQ studies may seem like quack science, but many experts say it is a mental illness and, just like clinical depression or bipolar disorder, can be treated—and maybe one day cured.

At least five studies conducted in the past two years have dealt with various abnormalities detected in pedophiles’ brains. Research has varied, from discerning irregularities in the frontal lobe to observing brain activity as pedophiles viewed images of naked children.

Sovereign Grace Ministries Accused of Covering-Up Child Sexual Assaults

Christian Post

By Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter

October 19, 2012

A class action lawsuit was filed against Sovereign Grace Ministries on Wednesday accusing the church of habitually covering up child sexual assault and abuse over an extended period of time.

The complaint, filed in Montgomery County, Md., claims the ministry led by C.J. Mahaney "cared more about protecting its financial and institutional standing than about protecting children, its most vulnerable members."

Founded in 1982 in Gaithersburg, Md., Sovereign Grace Ministries is a family of about 90 churches that are located primarily in the United States, but also in Australia, eastern Asia, Africa, Western Europe, Bolivia, Mexico and Canada. Mahaney is named as just one of the defendants in the lawsuit, along with other church leaders including Gary Ricucci, David Hinders, Louis Gallo, Frank Ecelbarger, John Loftness, Grant Layman and Lawrence Tomczak.

Catholic clergy the worst abusers, inquiry told

The Age

October 19, 2012

Barney Zwartz and Jane Lee

CATHOLIC clergy commit six times as much abuse as those in the rest of the churches combined, ''and that's a conservative figure'', a child protection expert says.

Patrick Parkinson, a Sydney University law professor, told the state inquiry into how the churches handle sex abuse yesterday that the figures for the Catholic Church were strikingly out of proportion.

He proposed a 12-month amnesty from charges of perverting the course of justice if the church opened all its files on offenders alive and dead, but said those involved in cover-ups would have to resign.

Earlier, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton set the inquiry's opening day alight with more broadsides against the Catholic Church's systemic obstruction of police inquiries over five decades.

‘Perversion files’ show locals helped Boy Scouts cover up

Wichita Eagle

[Search the Boy Scout 'perversion files' database]

WASHINGTON — The publication Thursday of 20 years worth of secret records kept by the Boy Scouts of America reveal a widespread effort by the organization to cover up a scandal involving allegations of sexual abuse against 1,200 scout leaders.

The records, known within the Boy Scouts itself as the “perversion files,” cover the years 1965-1985 and detail the names of the alleged perpetrators, their hometowns and other information.

The list contains the names of 14 men in Kansas, with dates when the files on them were started, from 1961 to 1985. Six of the men were living in Wichita, one in Newton and one in Arkansas City. Also: two in Leavenworth, and one each in Hoisington, Manhattan, Olathe and Kansas City, Kan.

Three of the names listed from Wichita and Arkansas City matched names of men who years later were convicted of sex crimes, including crimes against children, according to an initial check of state corrections records.

Controversy follows Calvinist group

Associated Baptist Press

By Bob Allen

A controversial church-planting network with ties to a Southern Baptist Convention seminary has been sued in Maryland for allegedly covering up allegations of sexual abuse of children in the 1980s and 1990s.

According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit filed by three unnamed female plaintiffs claims that Sovereign Grace Ministries did not report abuse allegedly committed by church members to police. The lawsuit says church leaders counseled suspected pedophiles about how to avoid prosecution and forced victims to meet with and “forgive” their abuser.

Sovereign Grace Ministries, which moved its headquarters recently from Gaithersburg, Md., to Louisville, Ky., released a statement saying officials had not yet received a copy of the lawsuit and were in no position to comment on the allegations.

“Child abuse in any context is reprehensible and criminal,” said Tommy Hill, the organization’s director of finance and administration. “Sovereign Grace Ministries takes seriously the biblical commands to pursue the protection and well being of all people, especially the most vulnerable in its midst, little children.”

Sovereign Grace Ministries Sued by Three Women

JD Journal

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against Sovereign Grace Ministries by three female plaintiffs. The church is 30-years-old and has 100 congregations. The majority of the churches are located in the United States. The plaintiffs accuse the lawsuit of covering up claims of sexual abuse against children, discouraging its congregants from cooperating with law enforcement and for failing to report claims of misconduct to police. The lawsuit was filed in Maryland state court.

The lawsuit claims that there is a conspiracy that covers two decades and hides sexual abuse that was committed by members of the church. The abuse reportedly occurred in Maryland and northern Virginia in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. Representatives of the church have been accused of allowing suspected pedophiles to interact with children, giving them free legal advice to prevent prosecution and forcing victims to forgive those who molested them.

Sex scandal: Church turned deaf ear to alleged abuse


[with video]

By Greta Kreuz

Sovereign Grace Ministries, a group that runs about 100 churches, including some in Maryland and Northern Virginia, is alleged to have covered up sexual abuse against children and failed to report accusations to police.

“I remember just him, like, taking me to the bathroom,” says a 17-year-old victim. She remembers how she was molested repeatedly when she was three years old by a 15-year-old babysitter. Both were members at the time of Sovereign Grace in Fairfax, but when her parents confronted the church pastors, they were told not to speak about it.

“We were told that we should not talk to any church member about it. Do not tell anyone,” she says.

Charges that churches within Sovereign Grace Ministries turned a deaf ear to child sex abuse committed by church members are laid out in a class action lawsuit. Three female plaintiffs detail repeated abuse in the 1980’s and 90’s ,but say the church covered up child molestation, worked with sexual predators to mislead enforcement and even blamed the victims.

Sovereign Grace church group...

The Courier-Journal

Written by
Peter Smith
The Courier-Journal

An international church group now based in Louisville allegedly fostered a climate of fear and unquestioning obedience that allowed sexual abuse to persist among members, according to a new lawsuit.

Three plaintiffs filed suit Wednesday in Montgomery County Circuit Court in Maryland alleging that Sovereign Grace Ministries “created a culture in which sexual predators were protected from accountability and victims were silenced.”

The denomination moved its headquarters to Louisville from Montgomery County earlier this year. Less than a month ago, it launched Sunday services at its new congregation, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, led by longtime President C.J. Mahaney.

The plaintiffs, using pseudonyms, allege that church elders mishandled the sexual abuse of children at congregations in Maryland and Virginia between the late 1980s and 1990s.

Police slam Catholic Church over abuse

Courier Mail

By Paul Mulvey
From: AAP
October 19, 2012

THE Catholic Church has put its own reputation ahead of the welfare of victims by destroying evidence of sexual abuse and failing to report accusations against the clergy, Victoria Police says.

Victoria's deputy police commissioner Graham Ashton says the church has hindered justice and not reported any case of abuse in more than 50 years, while a legal expert claims cover-ups went to the "highest level".

In damning evidence to a parliamentary inquiry on Friday, Mr Ashton said that of the 620 cases of abuse the church has internally upheld in Victoria since 1956, none had been reported to police.

He said in those 56 years, police had investigated 2110 offences committed by clergy and church workers against 519 victims, of which 370 were committed by Catholic priests or brothers. He said 87 per cent of the victims were boys aged 11 or 12.

R.I. individuals on Boy Scouts' list of those suspected of sex abuse

Providence Journal

By Richard C. Dujardin

A newly-released trove of confidential papers collected by the Boy Scouts of America to help weed out men and women suspected of sexual abuse shows that over decades Scout leaders in Rhode Island expelled at least 47 individuals who were placed on their "ineligible volunteer list."

The 14,500 pages of secret files were ordered released Thursday by the Oregon Supreme Court.

Although nearly all names of suspected individuals were redacted before being released, the records show that those listed in Rhode Island had been dropped from the rolls or denied participation in at least 52 Scout packs or troops statewide over several decades until early 2005.

Two names left unredacted belong to men who would later face accusations of sexual abuse: the Rev. Edmond C. Micarelli, a chaplain at the Camp Yawgoog Boy Scout reservation in Hopkinton during the 1970s, and William Lazzareschi, who was an assistant scoutmaster for Troop 22 in Providence.

Man who sued diocese over sex abuse dies

Quad-City Times

Kay Luna

Born into a devout Catholic family, in a Davenport neighborhood full of Catholic households, Mike Uhde was raised to respect priests.

But as an adult, he bravely spoke out publicly in court — using his real name — about the sexual abuse he endured at the hands of a priest. His testimony came against the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, hoping to prevent that kind of abuse from happening to anyone else, his Davenport attorney, Craig Levien, said Thursday.

Uhde, 62, died of cancer Wednesday, more than seven years after becoming the second person to file a lawsuit against the diocese after it made 37 settlements with sex-abuse victims for $9 million in October 2004.

He later represented other sex-abuse victims during the church’s subsequent bankruptcy proceedings, Levien said.

Sparta ex-priest on Boy Scouts' list of abusers

New Jersey Herald


An array of local authorities -- police chiefs, prosecutors, pastors and town Boy Scout leaders among them -- quietly shielded scoutmasters and others nationwide who allegedly molested children, according to a newly opened trove of confidential files compiled from 1959 to 1985.

At the time, those authorities justified their actions as necessary to protect the good name and good works of Scouting. But as detailed in 14,500 pages of secret "perversion files" released Thursday by order of the Oregon Supreme Court, their maneuvers protected suspected sexual predators while victims suffered in silence.

The files document sex abuse allegations across the country, from a small town in the Adirondacks to downtown Los Angeles.

The only Sussex County individual on the list is the Rev. William N. Cramer, who, according to the entry, was "Catholic priest who admits to fondling two boys in the bedroom of their home (ages 11 and 14)."

At the time, Cramer was an associate pastor with Our Lady of the Lake Church in Sparta, where he was first assigned in 1977.

Vic Police says Catholic Church more worried about PR than sex abuse victims


[with audio]

One of Victoria's top police officers says the Catholic Church is more interested in protecting its reputation than helping victims of sexual abuse. Deputy Police Commissioner Graham Ashton has told a Victorian parliamentary inquiry he won't believe that the church's priorities have changed until it starts reporting sex abuse cases to authorities.

Simon Lauder


BRENDAN TREMBATH: One of Victoria's top police officers has accused the Catholic Church of being more concerned about its reputation than the interests of sexual abuse victims.

The Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton told a State Parliament inquiry the church's lack of cooperation and its internal system for dealing with abuse claims is hindering police investigations and helping to hide the problem.

He says until the church starts reporting abuse allegations to police he doesn't have any faith that it's serious about tackling the problem.

Simon Lauder reports from Melbourne.

SIMON LAUDER: Opening the inquiry into abuse within religious organisations, committee chair Georgie Crozier promised the inquiry is not intent on singling out any institution.

One of the first witnesses to give evidence, Deputy Police Commissioner Graham Ashton, made it clear that his focus is firmly on the Catholic Church, which, from his description, is in a type of exclusion zone.

October 18, 2012

UK- A victim's proposal in light of Jimmy Savile scandal

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Blaine on October 18, 2012

In light of the Jimmy Savile scandal, every mom and dad must stress to themselves and their families this simple fact: child molesters come in every shape and size and occupation. Neither prominence and power, nor charm and charisma, means an adult is “safe.”

When we see a masked man with a gun and a sack fleeing a bank, we assume he's a robber. When we see a furtive-looking man trying repeatedly to open cars in a dark parking lot, we assume he's a thief.

But when we see a glib, charismatic man violating kids' boundaries and excessively hugging them and making sexual jokes, we assume he's "odd" or “affectionate” or "harmless." We just can't seem to bring ourselves to believe he may be a molester. And thus, we continue to fail our children.

We fail our children by our ignorance and our inability to use our common sense and good judgment. We fail our children when we refuse to act prudently and honor our gut feelings. We fail our children when we put our own comfort level above our children’s’ safety.

Sexual abuse victims call on Sault Catholic Diocese to take action




Victims of sexual abuse by clergy call on the Roman Catholic Church to do more

The law firm of Ledroit Beckett Litigation Lawyers will hold a press conference on:

Date/Time: Friday, October 19, 2012, 1 p.m.

Location: Radisson Hotel - Downtown Sudbury, Conference room, 85 Ste. Anne Road

This press conference represents a demand from victims of local Catholic priests for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie to do more to support victims.

Fifteen victims who were abused by Catholic priests in the local area demand a simple trinity of actions by the Diocese, as follows:
• Defrocking/ laicization of convicted sex offenders - "Terminate them";
• The creation of a sexual abuse policy with victim input - "Confront it"; and
• The commitment to fund victims' psychological therapy - "Help them heal".

A Song of Sinfulness

Waiting for Godot to Leave

A friend of mine has just relayed to me in depth the story of how he and his family were abused by the Church. It's not a tale of sexual abuse, but it is a horror story nonetheless - an unimaginable assault by power hungry clergy and laity, complete with cover up by bishops and filled with a kind of spiritual darkness that makes you feel sick. It has taken this family several years to begin to heal. He has asked me not to spread his story around - at least not in the written form in which he has expressed it, but I can say this much - it rings quite true. It is both rather funny and also the kind of thing that would make the pit of your stomach drop and your faith dry up.

And the villains in the piece are not the liberals. The villains are the meticulous OCD sado-masochistic "conservatives", the Latin Mass crowd, who, God bless them, will probably end up in a lower pit of hell than the Stanford Nutting-type libs, who at least have the humanity left to enjoy their sins.

And it's all about sin.

I knew a young woman who was psychologically knocked about by a similar "Super-Catholic", who practically left her at the altar without a pang of compunction. I know a certain blogger who dared to question the sanctity of a Catholic TV host and who soon learned that the Faith is far less important to most "Devout Catholics" than their politics and their own self-interest.

The Pattern

Waiting for Godot to Leave

You know, the sex scandal was typical. I don't mean that priests typically molest kids and bishops typically let them get away with it. What I mean is, the way the Church handled the sex scandal is the way they handle everything.

For example: below are all things I can vouch for in my twelve short years as a Catholic, though the names have been changed to protect the guilty - if any names are used. Some of these events I was involved in; others happened to friends.

A teacher at a Catholic grade school handles a situation very poorly in class. Mom and Dad complain to the principal. The principal responds by circling the wagons, threatening the parents, and bullying them behind closed doors. The parents complain to the pastor. The pastor responds, "I have full confidence in Principal Raw-Knuckle. This matter is entirely hers to handle as she sees fit." The problem recurs and is not fixed. The parents move their kids to another Catholic grade school,which is run by a principal who is even worse, and by a pastor who is even more hands off. Eventually, the parents remove their children from the Catholic grade school system entirely (to save their faith, for one thing. The best indicator of adult apostasy - twelve years of Catholic education). A problem arises with a teacher at the public grade school (she was telling the kids in class to tell their parents to vote yes in the next election to allow embryonic stem cell research in our state). The parents complain to the public school principal, who sincerely apologizes and promises that he will handle the situation with the teacher, and that the issue will not arise again. "She should not be campaigning in class," he simply and plainly admits. The parents are treated professionally and courteously. No threats, no circling the wagons, no bullying. The problem does not recur.

Victim speaks after priest allegedly abused him


SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) -- The Archdiocese of Miami is trying not to lose faith in one of its priests after more disturbing allegations were revealed against him.

Father Rolando Garcia from St. Agatha Catholic Church has been accused of sexually abusing three different boys in the 1980s.

A man has come forward to say one of his friends was abused by another priest, and said that Father Garcia paid the boy to cover it up. "I'm upset. This man is preaching to hundreds of people out there, and he's wearing a mask ... he abused me, and he's continued to do it to other children," said the victim only identified as "John Doe."

The victim said, "He's was paying me to keep quiet when Christobal de Jesus Puertas was raping me."

Tracking decades of allegations in the Boy Scouts

Los Angeles Times

[Note: The records can only be accessed by using Firefox, Chrome or Safari.]

This data­base con­tains in­form­a­tion on about 5,000 men and a hand­ful of wo­men who were ex­pelled from the Boy Scouts of Amer­ica between 1947 and Janu­ary 2005 on sus­pi­cion of sexu­al ab­use. The dots on the map in­dic­ate the loc­a­tion of troops con­nec­ted in some way to the ac­cused. The timeline be­low shows the volume of cases opened by year; however, an un­known num­ber of files were purged by the Scouts pri­or to the early 1990s.

Banned Scouts List Contains Former Sparta Priest


By Rick Burchfield and Zak Koeske

The name of a former Sparta priest is among thousands of Boy Scout leaders across the country, and more than 100 in New Jersey, on a confidential list kept for decades by the organization to document suspected molesters within their ranks.

Rev. William Cramer's name appears on the list, known colloquially to Boy Scouts executives as the "Perversion Files."

Cramer pleaded guilty in 1988 to two count of endangering the welfare of a child. Cramer was a priest at Our Lady of the Lake in Sparta when he was indicted during the 80s on charges he touched two township boys.

Catholic Church officials also said in 2002 they had reassigned him to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson after the case, but then removed him from the position later that year.

It’s a Puzzlement

National Survivor Advocates Coalition

There has been a growing number of news stories in recent days about the Vatican naming a coadjutor bishop for the Diocese of Armagh in the Republic of Ireland –a bella figura approach to packing the Primate of All Ireland Cardinal Sean Brady off into retirement for his role in the sexual abuse scandal.

Here’s a link to one of those stories: Read the story here.

There have been no news stories about the possibility of the Vatican removing Robert Finn, the criminally convicted Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, Missouri.

It’s a puzzlement.

There was news last week that Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of a bishop in Chile, Marco Antonio Ordenes Fernandez of Iquique, following the allegation that the bishop had sexually abused a minor.

There were no news stories last week that Bishop Finn had tendered a resignation for the Vatican to accept.

It’s a puzzlement.

Boy Scouts' 'perversion files' released: 'The secrets are out'

Los Angeles Times

[with video]

The veil was lifted Thursday on decades of confidential sexual abuse allegations in the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America with the court-ordered release of more than 1,200 of the organization’s “perversion files.”

The files offer the public an unprecedented look at how suspected molestations were handled by one of the nation’s leading youth organizations from the early 1960s through 1985, a time when awareness of sexual abuse was evolving rapidly.

“The secrets are out,” said Kelly Clark, one of the plaintiff’s lawyers in an Oregon lawsuit that resulted in a nearly $20-million judgment against the Scouts in 2010. “Child abuse thrives in secrecy and secret systems are where it breeds. And these secrets are out.” ...

In recent months, The Times has published an investigation of those files and thousands of case summaries from 1940 to 2005. The files and summaries were obtained from Seattle attorney Timothy Kosnoff, who has sued the Scouts on behalf of dozens of abuse victims.

The Times investigation has revealed a broad range of patterns in the Scouts’ handling of abuse allegations that echo similar revelations about the Catholic Church and, more recently, the Penn State scandal involving assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Boy Scout files reveal long history of child sex abuse cases

Chicago Tribune

[with video]

Chris Francescani and Teresa Carson

3:06 p.m. CDT, October 18, 2012

NEW YORK/PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - A popular Colorado Boy Scout leader named Floyd Slusher allegedly had a strategy when it came to molesting boys: He first plied his victims with alcohol, then abused them and threatened to kill anyone who talked.

On one occasion in 1976, according to police, Slusher told a Scout as he undressed the child that "what I'm going to do now, if I get arrested, after I get out of jail, I'll come after you and your family."...

But in scores of other cases, local Boy Scout leaders urged accused and admitted pedophiles to quietly resign without notifying authorities, or allowed them to return to scouting after being treated by doctors or clergy.

In one case, the files show that after a volunteer in Texas was expelled when he confessed to molesting Scouts in 1965, a local Scouting official wrote to the national office and said a minister that knew the man "is doing his best to protect Boy Scouting and trying to keep this incident as quiet as possible.

Delaware attorney writes book on priest abuse cases


October 18, 2012
By Mark Eichmann

After eight years and more than 100 clients who accused the Catholic church of sexual abuse, Tom Neuberger has written a book about his cases and some of the lessons learned.

Last December, 14 victims of sexual abuse reached a $7 million settlement with St. Edmonds Academy, the Capuchin friars, and the Brothers of the Holy Cross. In February 2011, the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington reached a $77 million settlement with 146 abuse victims. Nearly 100 of those victims were represented by Neuberger.

Neuberger details the court battles and the long-lasting impact of abuse in his 427-page book, When Priests Become Predators: Profiles of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors. "We've got testimony from mothers about how they were tricked, wives [describing] what it's like living with people who have two personalities," Neuberger says. The book describes the testimony of victims on the stand in somewhat graphic detail.

Boy Scouts' 'perversion files': Confidential files go public today

Los Angeles Times

Decades of confidential sexual abuse allegations from within the Boy Scouts of America will spill into public view later today when more than 1,200 of the organization’s “perversion files” are released by order of the Oregon Supreme Court.

The files will offer the public an unprecedented look at how suspected molestations were handled by one of the nation’s leading youth organizations from the early 1960s through 1985, a time when awareness of sexual abuse was evolving rapidly.

At 11:30 a.m., the Los Angeles Times will begin incorporating the court files into its own online database, which contains information on nearly 5,000 such cases spanning 1947 to January 2005. The database offers a complete record of files during that period except for an unknown number of files that have been purged by the Scouts over the years. In more than 300 cases, the allegations involve someone with ties to a troop or unit in California.

On His Holiness’s public service

The Economist

Oct 20th 2012

RENÉ BRÜLHART made his name as head of Liechtenstein’s financial-intelligence unit. Thanks to his diligence in rooting out financial crime over the past eight years, the tiny European principality, nestled between Switzerland and Austria, is no longer widely condemned as a haven for dirty money. This success, combined with his good looks, led one magazine to dub the 40-year-old Swiss lawyer the James Bond of the financial world.

His latest job might unnerve even 007: Mr Brülhart has been recruited to clean up the Vatican’s reputation. For years allegations of financial shenanigans have swirled around the Institute for Works of Religion, commonly known as the Vatican Bank. The bank is modest in size: as of last November it had just €6.3 billion ($8.3 billion) in assets, 33,400 accounts and 13 ATMs (for use by its own clients, which comprise religious organisations and individuals, Holy See lay employees and foreign countries’ embassies). But it also has features that make it alluring to money-launderers: an evaluation in July by Moneyval, the Council of Europe’s anti-money-laundering group, pointed to high volumes of cash transactions, global activities and limited information on many organisations operating in the Vatican.

In the latest scandal, its president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was sacked in May. He and his former employer are now caught up in a money-laundering investigation led by Naples prosecutors. Mr Gotti Tedeschi has denied wrongdoing, saying the reason he was fired was that he got “too close to the truth” about the bank’s dealings. Only in December 2010 did Pope Benedict XVI issue a so-called Motu Proprio outlawing money-laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Group: Tulsa megachurch protected itself instead of allegedly raped 13-year-old girl

The Republic

October 18, 2012

TULSA, Okla. — A clergy abuse watchdog group is accusing a Tulsa megachurch of doing damage control to protect the ministry's image instead of showing concern for a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly raped on its property.

Barbara Dorris, the outreach director for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said Thursday that ministers at Victory Christian Center "put their reputation ahead of the safety of the children."

Five Victory employees are facing misdemeanor charges of waiting two weeks to report the alleged rape. They've pleaded not guilty.

Boy Scout 'perversion files' show locals helped cover up abuse

The Dallas Morning News

Associated Press

Published: 18 October 2012 10:33 AM

PORTLAND, Ore. — Local Boy Scout leaders, police officials, prosecutors and mayors helped hush up numerous child sex abuse allegations against scoutmasters and other volunteers, according to details in a trove of nearly 15,000 pages of so-called “perversion files” compiled by the Scouts from 1959 to the mid-1980s.

Portland attorney Kelly Clark released the files on Thursday.

The Associated Press obtained copies of the files weeks in advance and conducted an extensive review of them. ...

For example, a number of alleged pedophiles were able to continue in Scouting because of decisions by local Scout leaders and sometimes pressure from community leaders. In multiple cases, judges, pastors, county attorneys and others intervened to keep the name of Scouting out of the courts or off the front page.


Liguria Notizie

SAVONA. 18 OTT. L’ex parroco di Mallare, nel Savonese, don Martin Varkey Parappillil è stato condannato in rito abbreviato a sei anni di reclusione e una multa di 30 mila euro.

L’ex paroco è accusato di atti sessuali su minori, possesso di materiale pedopornografico e appropriazione indebita per un ammanco di 44 mila euro dai conti della parrocchia di Mallare.

Transfers fuel doubts about Vatican's line on sex abuse, US nuns

National Catholic Reporter

by John L. Allen Jr. | Oct. 18, 2012

Analysis -- Rome --
In the small world of the Vatican, personnel is always policy. Two recent personnel moves, therefore, have fueled speculation about whether policy shifts are also under way in the fight against sex abuse and the Vatican's relationship with American nuns.

Msgr. Charles Scicluna, the Vatican's top prosecutor on abuse cases, was named an auxiliary bishop in his native Malta on Oct. 8. On Thursday, the pope was also set to name American Archbishop Joseph Tobin, the Vatican's leading voice for reconciliation with women religious, as the new archbishop of Indianapolis.

The question now is whether the positions these two figures represent are also on the way out. Some are reading their departures as classic cases of promoveatur ut amoveatur, meaning promoting someone to get rid of them and, by extension, their ideas. Vatican officials say it's not so, insisting there are more effective ways of muzzling someone than the new gigs both men are getting.

Especially with Tobin, it's hard not to see office politics at work. He's only served as secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (popularly known as the Congregation for Religious) since August 2010, while Vatican officials normally have at least a five-year term. When rumors of his move to Indianapolis heated up in October, several commentators speculated it was related to his "soft" line on religious women in the United States.

New leader of Indianapolis Catholic archdiocese says he didn't seek to leave Vatican position

Daily Reporter

First Posted: October 18, 2012 - 10:46 am

INDIANAPOLIS — The new leader for Roman Catholics in the Indianapolis archdiocese says he doesn't know that he was moved from a high-ranking position in Rome for openly seeking to mend the Vatican's frayed relations with U.S. nuns.

The Vatican announced the appointment of Archbishop Joseph Tobin on Thursday. Tobin is replacing Archbishop Daniel Buechlein (BEEK'-lyn), who retired last year because of health problems.

The 60-year-old native of Detroit has been the No. 2 official in the Vatican's office for religious orders.

Tobin said after his introduction at Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis that it wasn't easy to leave his post in Rome and that he didn't seek to leave.

UK - SNAP blasts UK vicar’s insensitive comments

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 18, 2012

We are disappointed that Rev. Dr. John Cameron would make such ignorant and hurtful claims about the alleged victims of Jimmy Savile. To publicly proclaim that the multitudes of victims making allegations against Savile are only doing so for a “cash-grab” is both obtuse and callous.

We urge Cameron's colleagues or supervisors and supporters to censure or demote or discipline him for his insensitive comments and to stand in solidarity with the victims who are courageously coming forward. It is always difficult for abuse victims to speak up, especially when their alleged abuser is a man who held massive popularity and sway. Comments like Rev. Cameron’s only make it more difficult for future victims to expose predators and protect others.

Wonder why and how thousands of child sex crimes and cover ups have happened, and are happening, in churches worldwide? In part, it's because of comments by men like Cameron and their timid supervisors who refuse to punish them for such insensitive comments.

Sisters' friend at the Vatican named head of Indianapolis archdiocese

National Catholic Reporter

by NCR Staff | Oct. 18, 2012

The Vatican announced Thursday that Archbishop Joseph Tobin, secretary of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (more commonly known as the Congregation for Religious), will become the sixth archbishop of the Indianapolis archdiocese.

A Detroit native who was ordained a priest in 1978, Tobin is a Redemptorist and the former Superior General of his religious order, serving in Rome as its leader from 1997-2009.

After spending most of the past 15 years in the Vatican, the assignment back to the states will place Tobin, 60, as head of a diocese for the first time. He was named archbishop in August 2010 when he became the Congregation for Religious' No. 2 official.

US - Sex abuse victims blast Scout “excuses” on abuse files

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by David Clohessy on October 18, 2012

Today, thousands of pages of long-secret Boy Scout files about child sex crimes and cover ups are being released. Our heart aches for every child who was assaulted by Scout personnel, especially those who were sexually violated after Scout executives knew or suspected that the assailant was a child molester.

In response to these revelations, Scout executives will offer up a range of carefully-crafted claims largely designed to make excuses, dodge responsibility, shift blame, and proclaim progress. The public should be very wary of these claims.

Scout executives will claim 'we're adopted reforms.' But they've only done so very belatedly, after lawsuits and pressure. (Background checks were adopted by Scout executives only in 2008, for example.)

Scout executives will claim ‘our reforms are working.’ But thus far, these alleged reforms are largely untested.

Pa. judge defends priest's child concealing guilt

New Jersey Herald

SMETHPORT, Pa. (AP) - A judge says a jury had more than enough evidence to convict a suspended Catholic priest for his relationship with a 15-year-old northwestern Pennsylvania boy whose mother told the priest to stop contacting the teen.

Sixty-year-old Samuel Slocum, of Cyclone, remains suspended by the Erie diocese and is serving two years' probation for his January conviction. Slocum's Superior Court appeal argues he didn't illegally conceal the boy's whereabouts nor did he "corrupt" the youth because the priest never encouraged him to do anything illegal or inappropriate.

But the Bradford Era (http://bit.ly/TfhmrC) reports Senior Judge William Morgan, who presided at the McKean County trial, says in a court filing that the priest secretly contacted he boy and enticed him to visit with gifts, including a phone and computer he used to contact the boy, despite knowing his mother forbade that.

Rev. Danny Hollins of Greater Fairview Baptist Church steps down amid sexual misconduct


A Jackson minister has temporarily stepped down as pastor of his church amid allegations of sexual misconduct with a teen girl.

There are reports that Rev. Danny Hollins of Greater Fairview Baptist Church is being investigated by the Jackson Police Department involving the girl.

Hollins, who is married and they have two daughters, has been pastor of Greater Fairview since 2001.

Hollins hasn’t been charged with any crime.

Jackson pastor on leave, accused of relationship with girl


JACKSON, Miss. —
A Jackson pastor is accused of having a relationship with an underage girl at his church, 16 WAPT News has learned.

Greater Fairview Baptist Church leaders said Pastor Danny Hollins has taken a temporary leave of absence.

16 WAPT News called Hollins, who referred reporters to his attorney, Precious Martin.

"My client vehemently denies all of the accusations and allegations," Martin said.

Operation 'ongoing' as priest charged

The Australian

From:The Australian
October 19, 2012

NSW POLICE have declined to rule out further arrests as they investigate an alleged cover-up by the Catholic church, following the arrest of a former priest over alleged child sex offences.

Senior detectives privately say a royal commission is now needed to investigate child sex abuse within the church, although that was dismissed yesterday by Premier Barry O'Farrell.

The priest, who is from Armidale in northern NSW and who cannot be named, was yesterday charged with 25 child sex offences against three girls aged as young as five, which allegedly took place over 13 years, dating back to 1975.

The 59-year-old moved between a number of parishes in northern NSW during the 1980s and ultimately to the Sydney diocese of Parramatta, before being removed from public ministry. The decision to remove him followed a 1992 meeting with three current senior clerics, at which it was alleged he had sexually abused children.

Pope transfers Vatican official who backed US nuns


Associated Press
VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday transferred to the United States a high-ranking Holy See official who had ruffled feathers at the Vatican by openly seeking to mend its frayed ties with U.S. nuns.

Archbishop Joseph Tobin, an American Redemptorist priest, was named archbishop of Indianapolis, where he succeeds Archbishop Daniel Buechlein who retired last year.

Pope Benedict XVI had tapped Tobin, a two-time superior general of the Redemptorist religious order, to be the No. 2 official in the Vatican's office for religious orders in 2010. At the time, the Vatican had initiated two separate investigations of U.S. nuns, looking into both their quality of life and their doctrinal orthodoxy. The investigations were initiated following years of complaints from theological conservatives that American nuns had grown too secular, liberal and political while abandoning traditional doctrine.


Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, (VIS) - The Holy Father appointed:

- Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin C.SS.R., secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, as archbishop of Indianapolis (area 35,768, population 2,595,000, Catholics 246,000, priests 236, religious 715), U.S.A.

- Fr. Paul Terrio of the clergy of the archdiocese of Edmonton, Canada, pastor of Holy Trinity parish in Villeneuve and archdiocesan director for vocations, as bishop of Saint Paul in Alberta (area 155,916, population 131,500, Catholics 57,635, priests 30, permanent deacons 10, religious 29), Canada. The bishop-elect was born in Montreal, Canada in 1943 and ordained a priest in 1970. He has worked in pastoral care in a number of parishes, as professor at Montreal College and as formator at the Saint Joseph Seminary of Edmonton.

Victims react to Catholic church releasing names of clergy accused of abuse

ABC 15

[with video]

• By: Corey Rangel

PHOENIX - The Catholic Church in Phoenix has taken a step to help with the healing for those sexually abused by priests.

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix released a list of names of priests accused and convicted of abuse.

It has nearly 29 names on it and shows where the clergy members once served but it does not give details on what the priests and deacons are accused of doing.

Joe Baca, a victim of priest abuse, said it’s a step towards the church taking responsibility.

“I think what they're doing is they're cleaning up the damage. I think this is one of the steps to get to the acknowledgment,” said Baca.

Baca is the Arizona Director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests , a support group for victims.

Ex-priest charged with abusing three girls

Otago Daily Times

Thu, 18 Oct 2012
News: Australia

Police say anyone with information about an alleged cover-up by the Catholic Church should come forward following the arrest of a former priest.

The 59-year-old man was arrested at his home in Armidale about 6.30am (AEDT) today and he was set to appear at the local court at 3pm.

He has been charged with 25 sex offences against three girls.

Police allege the offences took place in the 1970s and 1980s and were discovered after they formed Strike Force Glenroe in July this year.

Pope Benedict XVI appoints Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin sixth archbishop of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., the Archbishop Secretary of the Vatican Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, the sixth archbishop of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The Holy See made the announcement today in Rome.

Archbishop Tobin, 60, succeeds Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein, O.S.B., who was granted early retirement by Pope Benedict on September 21, 2011 for health reasons. Since Archbishop Buechlein’s retirement, Bishop Christopher J. Coyne has served as the archdiocese’s Apostolic Administrator.

A press conference introducing Archbishop Tobin will be held today at 10 a.m. at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis. Watch it live here

Archbishop Tobin, a Redemptorist priest, is a native of Detroit. He was born May 3, 1952 and is the oldest of 13 children. He was educated at Catholic schools. He studied at Holy Redeemer College in Waterford, Wis., where he earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 1975. He also studied at Mount Saint Alphonsus Seminary in Esopus, N.Y., where he received a master’s degree in religious education in 1977 and a master of divinity degree in 1979.

Holy See announces next leader for Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Indianapolis Star

Written by
Tim Evans and Peter Smith

6:25 a.m. update

Joseph W. Tobin has officially been appointed the next archbishop of Indianapolis by Pope Benedict XVI, according to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis website.

The announcement was made in Rome. Tobin will succeed Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein, who is leaving for health reasons.

The press conference in Indianapolis to introduce Tobin will be streamed live at http://www.archindy.org/archbishop/conference.html.

9:06 p.m. Oct. 17 post

A high-ranking Vatican official, seen as a moderate who is sympathetic to American nuns in their ongoing tensions with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, is expected to be named Thursday as the next archbishop of Indianapolis.

Croatian police arrest Catholic priest accused of stealing 1.3 million of church money

Times Colonist (Canada)

By The Associated Press
October 18, 2012

ZAGREB, Croatia - Police in Croatia say they have arrested a Catholic priest who allegedly made off with more than a million euros of church money.

Police said Thursday they launched a criminal probe against priest Sime Nimac after the Church accused him of illegally selling church land for €1.3 million ($1.7 million) and taking the sale money. They said Nimac was arrested on Wednesday in the capital of Zagreb.

The case has drawn much public attention in Croatia. Local media have reported that Nimac also ran off with a married woman who had allegedly helped him draw the money from the bank.

Diocesan retreat in Whitinsville sold for $800K

Telegram & Gazette


The former House of Affirmation at 120 Hill St., Whitinsville, has been sold to a Northbridge businessman.

James M. Knott Sr., of 456 Hill St., Whitinsville, bought the property for $800,000 last week. Mr. Knott, owner and CEO of Riverdale Mills Corp. in Northbridge said he intends to use the 89-room, 26-acre property as a conference center and wedding facility.

The property is the subject of a Worcester Superior Court civil suit filed by two gay men who accused Diocese of Worcester officials of discriminating against them on the basis of sexual orientation while they were negotiating to buy it. James Fairbanks and Alain J. Beret, a married couple from Sutton, said they planned to renovate the mansion and turn it into a banquet hall to host weddings and other functions as well as their personal residence.

Their suit alleges they were turned down by church officials solely because they are gay and might have held same-sex weddings on the property.

Catholic Diocese of Phoenix Releases Names of Clergy Abusers: Jesuit Makes the List

What They Knew

…Or How to Deceive a Bishop: From the Jesuit Guide to Everything.

In a surprise move the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix released a list of 29 clerics accused of sexual abuse, joining only 25 other diocese in the United States to do so. One name that stands out on that list is the familiar Donald McGuire SJ of the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus. You can visit the Diocese of Phoenix’s site listing the clerics HERE.

The Bishop of Phoenix Thomas J. Olmsted has been issuing statements and community warnings about the Chicago Jesuit since 2007 when he was first informed that the child abusing cleric had been operating in his jurisdiction. A very responsible move given that he was never informed of McGuire’s presence by the Chicago Jesuits.

According to the Bishop:

The Diocese of Phoenix has no record of Fr. Donald J. McGuire asking for or receiving faculties to administer sacraments in the Diocese at any time. However, the Diocese is aware that Fr. Donald J. McGuire conducted several privately-sponsored retreats for adults over the age of 21 at Mt. Claret Retreat Center in Phoenix in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2001. Those retreats were not sponsored by or conducted by the Diocese of Phoenix, but were held at a Diocesan facility, which was rented out by a private association not affiliated with the Diocese. Fr. Donald J. McGuire is believed to also have conducted privately sponsored retreats in Casa Grande, Arizona, in the 1980s and 1990s as well as a privately sponsored retreat in Payson, Arizona, in 2002.

Renewing Ireland requires giving youth hope and truth, bishops say

DFW Catholic

Vatican City, Oct 18, 2012 / 12:13 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Ireland’s delegation to the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization presented ways to re-evangelize a country shaken by abuse scandals, undermined by poor catechesis and assaulted by secularism.

“(T)he Church must now speak with a voice which is hopeful yet humble, confident yet compassionate, with a claim to authority that must be more evidently rooted in the Gospel and the love of Christ,” said Bishop Kieran O’Reilly of Killaloe during the Oct. 16 afternoon session of the synod.

“This is the context in which the new evangelization will take place” in Ireland, he stated.

Referring to the abuse scandals, Bishop O’Reilly said the Church in Ireland is living the “recent crises in a dramatic way.”

But he expressed hope for renewal through a 10-year program of re-evangelization that the bishops’ conference will be implementing. It will emphasize catechesis and deep appreciation for Christ’s message.

Bishop O’Reilly also said the New Evangelization must involve a “fuller and significant biblical apostolate.”

Abuse inquiry needs swift action

Adelaide Now

Paul Mulvey
October 18, 2012

MORE victims of church sexual abuse will kill themselves unless Victoria's parliamentary inquiry acts swiftly to protect the men who still contemplate suicide every day, one campaigner fears.

Up to 50 men taught in the 1960s and 70s by convicted pedophiles Brother Robert Best, Brother Edward Dowlan, Brother Stephen Farrell and Father Gerald Ridsdale at Catholic schools in Ballarat and elsewhere in Victoria have taken their own lives and many more former students suffer from the long term impact of abuse.

Survivor Peter Blenkiron says the inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious organisations, which opens on Friday, cannot afford to take too long to recommend action and has called for a government-run, church-funded support system to help keep these men alive.

"What I'm worried about is that it'll take too long and people will die before there's any sort of resolution," he said.

Files on Alleged Boy Scout Sex Abusers Released

Fox 8

By Michael Martinez and Paul Vercammen, CNN

(CNN) — More than 20,000 confidential Boy Scout documents will be released Thursday identifying more than 1,000 leaders and volunteers banned from the group after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys.

The public release of the Scouts’ 1,247 “ineligible volunteer files” from 1965 to 1985 will not contain the identities of the boy victims and witnesses. The national files are being distributed with the approval of the Oregon Supreme Court by a law firm that won an $18.5 million judgment in 2010 against the Boy Scouts in a case where a Scoutmaster sexually abused a boy.

Wayne Perry, president of Boy Scouts of America, said the group is deeply committed to youth protection, but he acknowledged that in some cases, the organization’s response to allegations of abuse by volunteers “were plainly insufficient, inappropriate or wrong.”

UPDATE: Gallia Pastor Arrested at Church, Charged with Sexual Abuse of Teen


[with video]

GALLIPOLIS, Ohio (WSAZ) -- A trust betrayed -- that was the feeling in Gallia County Wednesday night where a man of the church is now in jail, charged with sexual assault.

Police believe there may be more than one victim.

The news is really hitting home for church members at Simpson Chapel United Methodist.

"It's a beautiful church, and it has a lot of beautiful people in it," said Ginny Showalter of Rio Grande, Ohio.

Showwalter is still proud to call herself a member. She's just ashamed of what her pastor's accused of doing.

Local pastor arrested on sex charges

Daily Tribune

RIO GRANDE — A Gallia County pastor was arrested on Tuesday afternoon and is being charged in relation to allegations that he had sexually assaulted a teenager who had been his student.

David Young, 46, was taken into custody by deputies with the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of agents with Crimes Against Children Unit of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) at the Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church in Rio Grande where he is the pastor.

According to a press release issued by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Young has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager between the ages of 13 and 14 who was part of a class he had been teaching through the church.

“These allegations are extremely distressing because Ohioans should be able to trust people in positions of authority,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine commented about the case. “We will go to all lengths necessary to hold those who commit crimes against children accountable.”

Ex-Catholic priest faces sex crimes charge


A FORMER priest sacked by the Catholic church in 2005 has been arrested in northern NSW over a number of historic sex offences against young girls.

A 59-year-old man, known as Father F, is expected to be charged with a number of child-sex offences against three girls in the 1970s and 1980s, a police source has told AAP.

He was arrested at an Armidale home at 6.30am (AEDT) today after an almost three-month investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by a priest based in the area, police said.

The man has been taken to Armidale Police Station, where he is assisting police.

Father F was implicated in other abuse cases the Catholic Church was accused of covering up, ABC TV's Four Corners reported in June.

Ex-priest's alleged victims 'as young as five'

The Border Mail

Oct. 18, 2012

A FORMER Catholic priest arrested this morning has been charged with 25 serious sexual crimes against three girls, one as young as five.

The 59-year-old man appeared in court this afternoon after officers from Strike Force Glenroe apprehended him in an early-morning operation at his home in Armidale, in northern NSW, today. He was refused bail.

Police allege the man sexually abused three girls in the 1970s and 1980s. The charges include indecent assault, acts of indecency and sexual intercourse without consent. The girls were aged between 5 and 18 years old when the alleged crimes were committed.

The trio contacted police earlier this year, the commander of the NSW Police Sex Crimes Squad, Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec, told reporters in Sydney today.

Police charge former priest with 25 child-sex offences

Coolum News

APN Newsdesk |
18th Oct 2012

A FORMER Catholic priest is facing 25 charges relating to historic child-sex offences after he was arrested in Armidale on Thursday morning.

The state's Sex Crimes Squad formed Strike Force Glenroe in July to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse.

About 6.30am on Thursday detectives attached to Strike Force Glenroe and New England Local Area Command arrested a 59-year-old man.

He was taken to Armidale Police Station and later charged with a string of offences.

The alleged acts were committed against three girls in the 1970s and 1980s.

Priest arrest sparks cover-up inquiries

Sky News

A former priest has been charged with 25 historical child sex offences, with police set to inquire into whether the Catholic Church took part in a cover-up.

The man was denied bail when he appeared in Armidale Local Court, in northern NSW, on Thursday, accused of repeatedly molesting three girls between 1979 and 1988.

Detectives from Strike Force Glenroe arrested him at his Armidale home about 6.30am (AEDT) following an ongoing investigation that began in July.

He faces up to 10 years in jail if found guilty of the offences.

Magistrate Mark Richardson denied his bail application and ordered the man's name not be published to protect the anonymity of the alleged victims.

October 17, 2012


Daily Star

18th October 2012

By Daily Star reporter

A VICAR was slammed by support groups last night after accusing Jimmy Savile’s victims of trying to make money.

The Rev Dr John Cameron, from St Andrews, Fife, alleged the victims had “the clear intention of being compensated” by the late DJ’s charities.

“I don’t like witch-hunts,” he said.

“I’m not saying that it didn’t happen but some of the claims are strange. I think it’s gone too far now.’’

But Marnie Collins, manager at the Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project, said: “Victims are not looking for money but to have their experience validated.’’

Parishioners in disbelief over abuse allegations

The Age

October 18, 2012

A Catholic priest stood down amid child sexual abuse allegations has declined to comment about the case, while his parishioners say they are in disbelief.

Father Peter Grasby, parish priest of St Mary Magdalen, Jordanville, near Chadstone, told The Age this morning that he did not want to discuss the alleged incidents involving a boy aged 10 to 14 in another parish more than 30 years ago.

"No, I don't want to talk about it with anybody, sorry," Father Grasby said, before hanging up.

Earlier, six people gathered for mass in his church, which borders St Mary Magdalen primary school.

Former Catholic priest arrested on child-sex offences

The Australian

From:The Australian
October 18, 2012

A FORMER NSW priest has been arrested by detectives investigating alleged child sex abuse, almost 30 years after church authorities were first warned about his alleged behaviour.

Father F, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested this morning at his home in Armidale. Police anticipate charging him today with a number of offences relating to three girls during the 1970s and 80s.

The former priest was removed from public ministry after a meeting with three senior clergy in 1992, at which he allegedly admitted to child sexual assault, although this information was not passed on to the police.

Father F arrested for alleged offences against three girls

Farm Weekl


18 Oct, 2012 08:11 AM

A former NSW priest who allegedly told three senior Catholic clergy a decade ago that he had repeatedly sexually abused altar boys has been arrested in Armidale for historic offences against girls.

Detectives arrested the man known as Father F in the state's New England region today in relation to a number of child-sex offences against three female children in the 1970s and 1980s.

The State Crime Command's sex crimes squad set up Strike Force Glenroe in July to investigate allegations of that Father F had abused altar boys while a priest based in Armidale and Parramatta.

Father F, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was removed from public ministry after a meeting with three clergy in 1992, following continued allegations of abuse after he was moved from the Armidale diocese to Parramatta.

Ex-Catholic priest faces sex crimes charge

Perth Now

A FORMER priest who the Catholic church sacked in 2005 has been arrested in northern NSW over a number of historic sex offences against young girls.

A 59-year-old man, known as Father F, is expected to be charged with a number of child-sex offences against three girls in the 1970s and 1980s, a police source has told AAP.

He was arrested at an Armidale home at 6.30am (AEDT) on Thursday following an almost three-month investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by a priest based in the area, police said.

The man has been taken to Armidale Police Station where he is currently assisting police.

Vatican cardinal denies rumors of 'Vatileaks' involvement

Catholic Culture

The archpriest of St. Peter’s basilica has angrily denied that he had any involvement in the “Vatileaks” scandal.

During his trial for theft of confidential papal documents, Paolo Gabriele testified that he had spoken with Cardinal Angelo Comastri, among other Vatican officials, about his concerns that Pope Benedict XVI was being misled by subordinates. But Gabriele said that he acted alone in taking the Vatican documents, and Cardinal Comastri has vigorously rejected the idea that he was associated with the thefts.

Rome asks Legion head to step down

The Tablet (United Kingdom)

16 October 2012

Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, the papal delegate charged with reforming the scandal-stained Legion of Christ (LC), has removed the conservative order's director-general four years before the end of his 12-year mandate.

In a letter on 10 October to members of the Legion and their Regnum Christi (RC) lay movement, the cardinal announced that Fr Álvaro Corcuera had agreed to take "a sort of sabbatical year", ostensibly for health reasons.

Rome asks Legion head to step down


Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, the papal delegate charged with reforming the scandal-stained Legion of Christ (LC), has removed the conservative order's director-general four years before the end of his 12-year mandate, reports The Tablet.

In a letter on October 10 to members of the Legion and their Regnum Christi (RC) lay movement, the cardinal announced that Fr Álvaro Corcuera had agreed to take "a sort of sabbatical year", ostensibly for health reasons.

Fr Corcuera, 55, was elected head of the two groups in 2005 after the Vatican blocked their founder, the late Marcial Maciel, from re-election.

A year after acquittal, Morgan County pastor again charged with rape

Lake News

Stover -- A year after being acquitted of child molestation, the pastor of a small Baptist church in Stover is back in court.

Travis Smith, 42, was arraigned in Moniteau County this week on charges of rape, sexual abuse and sodomy. The charges stem from allegations relating to incidents that allegedly took place in 1998, 1999 and 2005. The allegations involve two different victims.

Smith is currently free on $70,000 bond. He is scheduled to return to court in November.

Church Pastor Arrested, Accused Of Having Sexual Relations With Teen

10 TV
GALLIPOLIS, Ohio - Agents arrested a Gallia County pastor at his church on Tuesday.

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, David Young was arrested at his church, the Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church, in Rio Grande, by agents with the AG’s Crimes Against Children Unit.

Young is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager between the ages of 13 and 14. The teenager was a member of a class Young taught, according to the AG’s Office.

“These allegations are extremely distressing because Ohioans should be able to trust people in positions of authority,” said AG Mike DeWine. “We’ll go to all lengths necessary to hold those who commit crimes against children accountable.”

Gallia Pastor Arrested at Church, Charged with Sexual Abuse of Teenager


GALLIPOLIS, Ohio (WSAZ) -- A Gallia County pastor is facing charges after investigators say he sexually abused a teenager.

According to a press release from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, agents with the Crimes Against Children Unit, which is part of the Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, assisted deputies with the Gallia County Sheriff's Office in the arrest of David Young Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators took Young into custody at the Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church in Rio Grande, Ohio, where he is the pastor.

According to the release, Young is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager between the ages of 13 and 14 who was part of a class he taught through the church.

Jury finds former pastor guilty of sodomy, sex abuse

Fox 10

Chasity Byrd

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - The jury hearing the case of former pastor Cederick McMillian found him guilty of sex abuse and sodomy after deliberating for an hour Wednesday morning.

The jury chose not to take a lunch break before they began deliberations on Wednesday, Oct. 17. McMillian was convicted sodomy and sex abuse involving his step-daughter, who the prosecution said was 14 years old at the time the abuse happened.

Defense attorney Jeff Deen said he's disappointed with the verdict.

"I think it was a good cross section of the community, and they heard the evidence and worked hard on the case but they have to make the decision," said Deen.

Jury convicts pastor of Mobile church of improper sexual relationship with teenager


By Brendan Kirby | bkirby@al.com

MOBILE, Alabama – A jury today convicted a local pastor of sexually abusing a teenage girl.

The jury found Cederick McMillan, 27, guilty of second-degree sodomy and first-degree sexual abuse.

The Eight Mile man is pastor of New Birth Community Church in Mobile and helped found Prichard Preparatory Academy.

Law enforcement authorities accused him of sexually touching and having oral sex with a girl when she was 14 years old in 2007.

“I’m very upset with the jury verdict,” defense attorney Jeff Deen said. “But he had a good cross-section of the community, and I’m a very strong believer in the jury system.”

Former Catholic priest arrested...

New South Wales Police Force

Former Catholic priest arrested in relation to historic child-sex offences - Strike Force Glenroe

Thursday, 18 October 2012 08:19:17 AM

***Editors’ note: Footage of today’s arrest will be sent to media later today via YouSendIt. Still images are available by contacting State Crime Command Media on 0417 004 101. We also anticipate holding a media conference at the Police Executive Offices in Elizabeth Street, Sydney, at 1pm today. Stand by for a Media Advisory.***

Detectives have arrested a former Catholic priest in the state’s New England region in relation to a number of historic child-sex offences.

State Crime Command’s Sex Crimes Squad formed Strike Force Glenroe in July 2012 to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse by a priest based in Armidale.

About 6.30am today (Thursday 18 October 2012), detectives attached to Strike Force Glenroe and New England Local Area Command arrested a 59-year-old man in Armidale.

He was taken to Armidale Police Station, where he is currently assisting police with their inquiries.

Prominent NSW Catholic priest, from Armidale, on child sex charges

Perth Now

A PROMINENT NSW Catholic priest has been arrested in the state's north this morning following allegations of sexually assaulting a number of children under 16.

Police raided the priest's Armidale home this morning during a dramatic raid, removing several items from inside.

Armidale Police Inspector Greg Steer confirmed his officers had made an arrest this morning.

"We're certainly not denying it but we don't wish to comment on it at this time,'' he said.

"He is very well known in Armidale, but well known in Sydney as well.''

Former priest arrested over child sex allegations

7 News

By police reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop, ABC
October 18, 2012, 9:11 am

A former Catholic priest known as Father F has been arrested over child sex allegations at Armidale in northern New South Wales.

New South Wales Police launched an investigation into Father F after allegations were aired by the ABC's Four Corners program.

It is understood the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested at dawn at a home in Armidale in the state's north.

He was arrested as part of Strike Force Glenroe, formed in July to investigate the allegations.

Former priest arrested in northern NSW

Sky News

A former Catholic priest has been arrested in northern NSW over a number of child-sex offences dating back to the 1970s and 80s.

The 59-year-old is expected to be charged with a number offences against three girls, police said.

He was arrested at an Armidale home at 6.30am (AEDT) on Thursday following an almost three-month investigation.

PA- Archdiocese of Philly announces new review board, SNAP responds

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Posted by Barbara Dorris on October 17, 2012

It's the structure, not the membership, of this board that's the problem. As long as the archbishop picks every single member and as long as the board depends almost strictly on church officials for information, it will lack effectiveness, objectivity and credibility.

It continues to be a 'garbage in, garbage out' system in which a corrupt hierarchy cynically exploits well-meaning Catholics who naively lend their reputations to an inherently flawed structure.

There's one good way to deal with child sex abuse reports - through the time tested, open American justice system, both criminal and civil. And there's one good way to deal with older child sex abuse reports - through reforming the statute of limitations so that these cases are dealt with by impartial secular professionals, not biased religious amateurs.

Sovereign Grace Ministries, Evangelical Church, Hid Child Abuse Claims

Huffington Post


WASHINGTON -- Three female plaintiffs claim in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that an evangelical church group covered up allegations of sexual abuse against children, failed to report accusations of misconduct to the police and discouraged its members from cooperating with law enforcement.

The lawsuit was filed in Maryland state court against Sovereign Grace Ministries, a 30-year-old family of churches, with about 100 congregations. Most of its churches are in the U.S., but it also has planted churches in about 21 countries.

The plaintiffs allege a conspiracy spanning more than two decades to conceal sexual abuse committed by church members. The alleged abuse happened in Maryland and northern Virginia in the 1980s and 1990s. The lawsuit accuses church representatives of permitting suspected pedophiles to interact with children, supplying them with free legal advice to avoid prosecution and forcing victims to meet with and "forgive" the person that had molested them.

Alex Gibney: Sex Abuse Scandal is Great Crime of the Catholic Church [VIDEO EXCLUSIVE]

International Business Times

[with video]

Beware all those who fall under the scrutiny of Alex Gibney. The documentary filmmaker first came to mass attention with his acclaimed 2005 documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, a movie that from initially looking at the sudden bankruptcy of the American energy company provided a prescient examination of the greed and corruption that can occur inside modern financial institutions.

It was followed by winning an Academy Award in 2007 for Taxi to the Dark Side, a film that used the death of an Aghan taxi driver at the Bagram Internment Facility to examine the ways the United States policy on torture defies the Geneva Convention.

His new film, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, goes straight for the Vatican jugular.


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Former Philadelphia prosecutor Robert Spinelli to serve as chair;
former Philadelphia First Assistant District Attorney Arnold Gordon to serve as vice chair;
Reverend Stephen Leva and Christine Campbell to serve as Review Board members

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced today that Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. has appointed former Philadelphia prosecutor Robert Spinelli as the new chair and former Philadelphia First Assistant District Attorney Arnold Gordon as the new vice chair of the Archdiocesan Review Board. Both Mr. Spinelli and Mr. Gordon have served on the Review Board since June of 2011.

Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro and Rev. Msgr. Thomas Owens recently completed their terms of service on the Review Board. Archbishop Chaput has appointed Christine Campbell, RN, the Trauma Program Manager at Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children, and Rev. Stephen Leva, Pastor of Saint Timothy Parish in Philadelphia to fill the seats they vacated.

In making these announcements, Archbishop Chaput said, "The work of the Archdiocesan Review Board is critical to our efforts to protect children and young people. Our Archdiocese is privileged to benefit from the talent of its members, each of whom serves with dedication and passion. I'm grateful to Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro and Msgr. Thomas Owens for their extraordinary service during a very difficult time in the life of our local Church."

He continued, "I'm confident that Mr. Spinelli and Mr. Gordon have the right mix of leadership skills, professional background, and energy to serve as chair and vice chair. Lastly, I'm pleased that Father Steve Leva and Christine Campbell have agreed to serve on the Review Board. It's a position that will demand much of their time and talent and I know they have the expertise necessary to make positive, impactful contributions to the Board's work."

Philly diocese names new members of review board


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has appointed a former prosecutor as the new chair of its 12-member board that investigates allegations of sexual abuse and other complaints involving priests.

The archdiocese announced Wednesday it was appointing former Philadelphia prosecutor Robert Spinelli as the new chair of the Archdiocesan Review Board. Former First Assistant District Attorney Arnold Gordon will be the new vice chair. Both have been on the board since June 2011.

Ana Maria Catanzaro and the Rev. Thomas Owens recently completed their terms of service on the board.

Voice of the Faithful: Ten Years of Prodding the Hierarchy to Listen to Its Better Angels

Reasonably Catholic

[with audio]

The Oct. 16 episode of Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the Faith goes to Boston to attend the 10th anniversary conference of Voice of the Faithful, a lay organization that formed in reaction to revelations of clergy sexual abuse.

We hear from attendees and speakers who look back at VOTF’s beginnings and ahead to its future. Suffice it to say, VOTF has found its voice.

Those heard in this episode include:

Rev. James Connell, pastor of Holy Name of Jesus and St. Clement Parishes in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a canon lawyer who advocates on behalf of victims/survivors of clergy sexual abuse of minors.

Pope summons all Nuncios to Rome

Vatican Insider

A meeting with all papal representatives across the world is to be held next June in Rome

Vatican Insider staff

The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone announced this during his speech at the Synod on the new evangelisation that is currently taking place in the Vatican. The cardinal explained that the meeting is one of the initiatives planned for the Year of Faith and was inspired by a similar gathering held in the year 2000 on the occasion of the Jubilee.

In agreement with the Episcopates, the Holy See uses “instruments of diplomatic dialogue with civil authorities,” to ensure that its action “is not aimed at guaranteeing anachronistic privileges but guaranteeing the Church as much freedom in internal government and in the exercise of its mission, to which it lays legitimate claim as possible. When this freedom exists, it also benefits members of other religious faiths and fosters social harmony,” Bertone told Synod Fathers.

Bishop of Carlisle’s apology for sex case vicar

News & Star

By Phil Coleman

The Bishop of Carlisle has apologised for the church’s handling of a vicar guilty of child sex crimes.

Perverted Ronald Johns first admitted abusing children in 1993.

But he did not face a criminal prosecution until this year because his boss, the then Bishop of Carlisle, The Right Reverend Ian Harland, chose to transfer Johns from his job as a canon at Carlisle Cathedral to a new post at Caldbeck.

The Bishop did not report the matter to the police.

The Bishop’s decision appears to have been based on the unwillingness of the victims – by then adults – to speak to police themselves and on the report of a forensic psychiatrist who judged Johns was unlikely to reoffend.

Cumbrian village in shock over sex abuse vicar placement

Times & Star

By Phil Coleman

Caldbeck villagers have spoken of their shock after learning how a former Bishop of Carlisle saddled them with a vicar who admitted sexually abusing children.

Related: Bishop of Carlisle’s apology for sex case vicar

Former Carlisle Cathedral canon Ronald Johns is awaiting sentence for a string of child sex crimes.

Justice finally caught up with him at the city’s crown court last month, when he pleaded guilty to 10 offences against three boys between 1983 and 1991.

In a highly unusual move this week, the current Bishop of Carlisle, the Right Reverend James Newcome, offered a personal apology for how the church handled the affair, particularly the failure of the late Bishop Ian Harland, who was Johns’ boss, to report the abuse to the police.

In a letter to church officials sent out this week, Richard Pratt, the Archdeacon of West Cumberland, spelled out the depth of the failure.

Priest suspended in abuse inquiry

The Age

October 18, 2012

Barney Zwartz

THE Catholic Church has stood down a priest in Melbourne's eastern suburbs while it investigates serious allegations of child sexual abuse.

Father Peter Grasby, parish priest of St Mary Magdalen, Jordanville, near Chadstone, was put on administrative leave on August 31, and the parishioners and school families were notified by letter the next weekend.

The allegations are about incidents more than 30 years ago in another parish involving a boy aged 10 to 14 at the time.

Monsignor Greg Bennet, vicar-general of the Melbourne archdiocese, told The Age that Father Grasby was helping independent commissioner Jeff Gleeson, QC, in his inquiries, and that he denied the allegations.

Probe into priest's sex abuse at school

The Australian

Dan Box
From:The Australian
October 18, 2012

QUEENSLAND police are investigating whether a Catholic priest sexually abused schoolchildren during the 1970s and 80s, despite at least one family warning the then archbishop of Brisbane about his alleged assaults.

One alleged victim of Father Dermot Casey said she was serially abused by the priest over several months as a nine or 10-year-old pupil at St Joseph's Tobruk Memorial School during the mid-70s.

The girl's family reported their concerns to church authorities at the time, during a meeting at which they say the late archbishop of Brisbane, Francis Rush, was present, although the church was unable to confirm this.

Father Casey was subsequently moved to another parish, Salisbury, where police are investigating whether he abused other children at a second school.

Reports: Vatican official to head Indianapolis archdiocese

The Courier-Journal

Posted on October 17, 2012 by Peter Smith

A high-ranking Vatican official, seen as sympathetic to American nuns in their ongoing tensions with the church hierarchy, is reportedly to be announced as the next archbishop of Indianapolis.

The American-born Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin, a Redemptorist priest, has been secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. The Italian paper La Stampa, the British-based Catholic publication, The Tablet, and the blog Whispers in the Loggia are reporting the announcement by Pope Benedict XVI will take place later this week.

There are 151 parishes and about 225,000 Catholics in the archdiocese, which extends from Indy down to the Kentucky line, including such Louisville-neighboring counties as Clark, Floyd and Harrison. Archbishop Daniel Buechlein retired early due to health problems.

Ipswich priest Haley Dossor's sex abuse of boys

BBC News

A retired priest from Suffolk has admitted he carried out several sex assaults on teenage boys.

Father Haley Dossor, 71, of Kirton near Felixstowe, pleaded guilty at Ipswich Crown Court to six charges of indecent assault against boys aged 13 to 17.

He retired as a priest at St Mary-at-the-Elms church, Ipswich in 2007. The abuse happened between 1990 and 2004.

Dossor is due to be sentenced some time after 12 November and the judge warned him he could face prison.

Klosterleiter zum brutalen Pater befragt


In Feldkirch hat der Prozess wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs und Gewaltanwendungen im Kloster Mehrerau begonnen. Die Klosterleitung wusste angeblich sehr wenig über die Entgleisungen des tyrannisierenden Paters.

CHRISTIANE ECKERT, FELDKIRCH. 1982 wurde ein Bub vom Internatsleiter in der Mehrerau schwer missbraucht und stundenlang vergewaltigt. Dafür will das Opfer zumindest 135 000 Euro finanziellen Ausgleich. Sein Leben geriet nach diesen Übergriffen aus den Fugen. Doch das Kloster will nicht zahlen. Vorläufig dreht sich der Prozess noch um die Frage der Verjährung. Immer wieder kreisen die Fragen um die Stellung des pädophilen Paters. War er leitend oder hatte er wenig zu entscheiden, das ist wichtig …

Mönch klaut Kirchenmillion und brennt mit Frau durch


Belgrad –
Ein katholischer Mönch soll heimlich Kirchenbesitz verkauft und sich dann mit einer Frau aus dem Staub gemacht haben. Der 34-Jährige sei in Kroatien mit umgerechnet rund 1,3 Millionen Euro verschwunden, bestätigte die Diözese Split-Makarska am Dienstag.

Der Mann verkaufte vier Hektar Kirchenland und hob unerlaubt Bargeld ab. Zuletzt gesehen wurde er Medienberichten zufolge vor zwei Wochen: in einem teuren Cabrio mit einer Frau auf dem Beifahrersitz.

Ansprechpartner für Opfer gibt auf

Die Rheinpfalz

(gana). In der Debatte um die Missbrauchsfälle am Homburger Gymnasium Johanneum hat ein neues Kapitel begonnen. Der Vermittler zwischen der Ordensleitung der Hiltruper Missionare, die die Schule gründeten, und Missbrauchsopfern, die dort zur Schule gingen, hat sein Amt niedergelegt.


Mehrere Missbrauchsopfer haben sich in der ”Initiative Ehemaliger Johanneum Homburg” zusammengeschlossen. Ihnen teilte der sogenannte Mediator Bernd Haupert mit, dass er nicht mehr weiter als Vermittler zwischen den beiden Seiten zur Verfügung stehe. Nach Bekanntwerden der Vorfälle am ehemaligen Internat der katholischen Privatschule hatten die Hiltruper Missionare Martin Kleer zum Missbrauchsbeauftragten ernannt. Er ist selbst Mitglied der Herz-Jesu-Missionare, wie die Ordensgemeinschaft offiziell heißt. Haupert fungierte als Ansprechpartner für Opfer, die nicht direkt mit dem Orden in Kontakt treten wollten. Er arbeitet als Professor an der Mainzer Fachhochschule.

Vier weitere Täter

Die Rheinpfalz

Am Homburger Johanneum gab es mehr Missbrauchsfälle und Täter als bislang bekannt. Das sagt Bernd Haupert, der bis vor Kurzem zwischen den Opfern und den Hiltruper Missionaren vermittelte. Die geistliche Gemeinschaft hat das Gymnasium gegründet und das inzwischen geschlossene Internat betrieben, in dem die Übergriffe stattfanden.

Haupert meldete sich gestern bei der RHEINPFALZ, nachdem er von einer Dienstreise zurückgekehrt war. Er erläuterte im Gespräch, warum er sein Mandat als Mediator niederlegte (). Haupert spricht von einem ”schockierenden Brief”, den er von einem Anwalt eines Ordensmitgliedes erhalten habe. In dem Schreiben ”wurde mir mit einem Gerichtsverfahren gedroht”. Haupert kritisiert, dass Ordensmitglieder Inhalte aus vertraulichen Gesprächen nach außen getragen hätten. ”Das widerspricht dem Wesen der Mediation. Das ist unmöglich”, ärgert sich der Mainzer Professor. Daraufhin habe er dem Orden und der Opfer-Initiative mitgeteilt, dass er unter diesen Umständen nicht mehr als Mediator zur Verfügung stehe.

Missbrauchsfälle: Vermittler gibt nach Anwaltsdrohungen auf

Munstersche Zeitung

HILTRUP Die Debatte um die Missbrauchsfälle durch die Hiltruper Missionare vom Heiligsten Herzen Jesu (MSC) in einem Internat im Saarland geht in eine neue Runde: Prof. Bernhard Haupert, der bislang als Mediator zwischen dem Orden und den Missbrauchsopfern vermittelte, hat sein Amt niedergelegt. Ein Anwalt habe ihm gedroht.Von Inga Tawadrous

Aufklärung auf katholisch: Missbrauchsfälle am Homburger "Johanneum" - Vermittler gibt nach Anwaltsdrohungen auf


HILTRUP Die Debatte um die Missbrauchsfälle durch die Hiltruper Missionare vom Heiligsten Herzen Jesu (MSC) in einem Internat im Saarland geht in eine neue Runde: Prof. Bernhard Haupert, der bislang als Mediator zwischen dem Orden und den Missbrauchsopfern vermittelte, hat sein Amt niedergelegt. Ein Anwalt habe ihm gedroht.

Dass er den Missbrauchsopfern als Ansprechpartner nicht mehr zur Verfügung stehen wird, habe Haupert bereits Ende Juli per E-Mail „als direkte Reaktion auf die Drohungen eines Anwalts“ angekündigt, sagt Florian S., Sprecher der „Initiative Ehemaliger Johanneum Homburg“ gegenüber unserer Redaktion. „Offiziell bestätigt hat er uns seine Entscheidung auf Nachfrage am 13. September“, so Florian S.

Northbridge Man Buys Oakhurst Retreat From Church

Daily Voice

by Deborah E. Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – James Knott, owner of Riverdale Mills on Riverdale Street in Northbridge, confirmed Tuesday that he purchased Oakhurst Retreat and Conference Center on Hill Street.

The property has been owned by the Catholic Diocese of Worcester for many years and was formerly the House of Affirmation, a facility for troubled priests.

It has been a center of controversy since August when the church refused to sell the property to Alain Beret and James Fairbanks, a gay married couple from Sutton who planned to restore the mansion and host weddings and other social events there.

Church officials said they rejected the sale because the couple could not show solid financing; Beret and Fairbanks said the church backed away from their agreement after learning they were a gay couple and they are suing the church.

Knott said he paid $800,000 for the mansion, outbuildings and approximately 30 acres. His plan is to restore the historic 89-room mansion built by Chester Whitin Lasell in 1890. Lasell was president of Whitin Machine Works from 1887 to 1932 and the home’s 44 bedrooms were used for mill workers.

Mediation talks break down between Archdiocese, victims of priest sex abuse

Fox 6

[with video]

Posted on: 7:56 pm, October 15, 2012, by Jenna Sachs

MILWAUKEE — A break down in talks between Milwaukee’s Archdiocese and victims of sex abuse by priests means they’re all headed back to court — as the Archdiocese approaches its second year of bankruptcy.

The church and its 575 victims have been in court-ordered mediation since July, trying to hammer out what one judge called “astronomical costs.”

An advocacy group for those abused by priests says the Archdiocese has refused to accept responsibility.

“This is a really sad day for victims and their families. What this is about — and what it’s been about since they day they filed bankruptcy — is secrets,” John Pilmeier with Survivors Network for Those Abused by Priests said.

The Wild World of Fr.Robert Wild – The Pesky Christian Brother & the Pedophile Jesuit

What They Knew

In our previous post we examined former Chicago Provincial Robert Wild SJ’s reaction or inaction when it came to reports of his “mentally unbalanced” priest. Now a year after those reports, in 1991 we have Donald McGuire SJ and Robert Wild SJ talking about the real issue, sexual abuse of children and young men by Don. Fr. Wild decided to let McGuire take a walk on this charge.

In the documents below, Fr. Wild received a call from an alert Christian Brother. In February of 1991, The Chicago Province was contacted by Br. Ricardo Palacio, Director of the Christian Brother Retreat House in St. Helena, California. McGuire had been at the center conducting a retreat to a youth group from Kolbe Academy, a private Catholic school in Napa Valley.

New Ballarat bishop aims to restore faith in Catholic Church

ABC Ballarat

[with audio]

By Margaret Burin

Father Paul Bird has been ordained as the new bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat. He hopes to improve the image of the Catholic Church by showing it has changed the way it handles abuse allegations.

Sworn in with the presence of 30 bishops and 95 priests from around Australia and abroad, Father Bird is the eighth Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat.

His leadership role oversees a large part of central and western Victoria.

Music written by father Bird was used in the ordinance ceremony, which ended with a welcome parade outside St Patrick's Cathedral.

WA: Chaplain claims child porn a set-up

Australian Teacher Magazine

PERTH, Oct 16 - A former school chaplain on trial for child pornography offences has told a court he believes someone set him up but denied he was trying to implicate three men connected to the school.

Matthew David O'Meara, 42, is on trial in the WA District Court on four child pornography charges related to explicit images and video files on two thumb drives.

The married father of two had been working as a chaplain at Perth College for nearly eight months in 2010 before he was charged and fired from the school.

The court has heard that one thumb drive was found by a teacher on her desk in August 2010 and the other was seized by police from O'Meara's trouser pocket during a search of his office.

Chaplain's wife rejects child porn claims

WA Today

October 17, 2012

Rania Spooner
Court and crime reporter

The wife of a chaplain accused of collecting child pornography while working at an elite girls' school has taken to the stand in defence of her husband.

Karina O'Meara described her husband Matthew O'Meara, 42, as an "honest", "dignified" and "respected" man who preferred to avoid conflict, speaking at his Perth District Court trial today.

Mr O'Meara has pleaded not guilty to four counts of possessing child pornography in relation to two portable thumb drives discovered at Perth College in August 2010.

The father-of-two was linked to one device - found on a neighbouring teacher's desk – when scanned copies of his electoral roll forms were found inside one of its folders – next to thousands of images of illicit material, the court has heard.

Ipswich/Hadleigh: Priest admits indecently assaulting youths


Colin Adwent
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A 71-year-old retired priest today admitted six indecent assaults on two youths dating back to the 1990s.

Father John Haley Dossor, of Kirton, near Felixstowe, denied a further eight indecent assaults – including one on a third male, and another charge of sexual assault by touching.

Dossor’s pleas were accepted by the prosecution when he appeared before Judge David Goodin at Ipswich Crown Court.

Three of the assaults Dossor pleaded guilty to were on a victim aged between 13 and 15.

A prolonged court fight doesn't help the victims

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jerry Topczewski of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee said this week that Catholic Church officials "remain hopeful a consensual resolution will ultimately be reached" in the dispute between the archdiocese and sexual abuse victims despite the failure of court-ordered mediation. We share that hope if the result serves the twin causes of truth and fair compensation for victims.

As it is, with both sides returning to bankruptcy court to continue what one observer has described as a scorched earth battle, resolution of the issues will only be further delayed. That does not seem to do anyone any good, least of all victims who have waited years for justice.

Nothing against lawyers or the work they have done so far, but with attorney fees already beyond $7 million and rising, and the archdiocese on the hook for those, it seems to us that reaching a just settlement would best serve both the archdiocese and victims.

Because of court orders, no one can say why the talks broke down, and those outside the fight don't really know what's in the claims and court documents. So it's difficult to judge whether victims' attorneys are pushing for too much, perhaps including frivolous claims in an effort to get even more money, or whether the church is dragging its feet to keep its secrets intact, perhaps to make this bankruptcy proceeding so difficult that victims elsewhere won't try that venue.

Retired priest admits abusing boys

Huddersfield Daily Examiner

A retired priest has admitted a series of sex assaults on youths over more than a decade.

Father John Haley Dossor, who retired as priest-in-charge at St Mary at the Elms in Ipswich, Suffolk, in 2007, pleaded guilty at Ipswich Crown Court to six indecent assaults against two boys aged between 13 and 17.

The 71-year-old, of Kirton, near Felixstowe, had denied a further nine charges relating to attacks on men and boys.

These will remain on the file but prosecutor Charles Myatt said a decision had been taken not to proceed on these counts.

Phoenix diocese releases list of clergy involved in abuse cases

The Arizona Republic

[Phoenix diocese]

by Michael Clancy - Oct. 16, 2012
The Republic | azcentral.com

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix on Tuesday released a list of 29 clergy members accused or convicted of abusing children, becoming one of fewer than 30 dioceses in the United States to have published a list of child-abusing priests.

While considered a significant step in transparency related to the scandal that rocked the Catholic Church a decade ago, clergy-abuse experts say the list is far from a comprehensive report on abusive priests in the Valley.

"It's hopeful for me that the bishop (Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted) is doing what is right," said Phoenix attorney Robert Pastor, who is representing several clergy-abuse clients. But he said he is aware of priests who have not been accused publicly and do not appear on the list.

The Phoenix Diocese's list comes a few months after the 10th anniversary of the Dallas Charter, the church's landmark document to address the sexual-abuse scandal and protect children from abusive priests and deacons. The charter, known formally as the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, was approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002 after the scandal ignited nationwide.

Diocese releases names of clergy accused of abuse

Daily Reporter

[Phoenix diocese]

First Posted: October 17, 2012 -

PHOENIX — The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has released a list of clergy members who have been accused of abuse.

The Arizona Republic reports (http://bit.ly/WwrQSI ) the list contains 29 names of clergy members who have been accused or convicted of abusing children. The release brings to 25 the number of dioceses in the U.S. who have made such a list public.

The newspaper reports the list does not include names of priests who had died by the time accusations were leveled against them.

Community Notification Statements

Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix

When a criminal charge involving a minor is filed or a credible accusation against a member of the Church concerning a minor is established, the Diocese of Phoenix immediately alerts the public through a Community Notification Statement on its website.

Former priest Louis Ladenburger
Fr. Jorge Cordova
Former Jesuit priest Donald J. Mcguire
Fr. Loren Riebe
Deacon Maxwell Rollin (Ron) Pelton
Former priest Dale Fushek
Fr. John "Jack" Spaulding

List of Diocese of Phoenix priests and deacons who have been laicized and/or removed from ministry due to sexual misconduct with a minor.

List of Diocese of Phoenix Priests and Deacons who have been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor and have a Canonical case in process.

List of priests of religious communities who have served in the Diocese of Phoenix and have been laicized and/or removed from ministry by their communities due to sexual misconduct with a minor.

List of priests from other dioceses who may no longer serve in the Diocese of Phoenix due to an accusation of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Catholic Diocese of Phoenix releases names of clergy accused of abuse

ABC 15

•By: ABC15.com staff

PHOENIX - The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has released a list of 29 clergy members who have been accused or convicted of abusing children.

The Phoenix diocese is the 25th in the nation to release a list like this one.

The list is broken down into four parts. The first list contains the names of those who have been removed from their posts because of sexual misconduct with a minor.

You can see the complete list here .

October 16, 2012

Phoenix diocese releases list of clergy involved in abuse cases

The Arizona Republic

By Michael ClancyThe Republic | azcentral.com
Tue Oct 16, 2012

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has released a list of 29 clergy members who have been accused or convicted of abusing children, becoming one of only 25 dioceses in the United States that has published such a list.

The publication came on Tuesday as part of a release about the 10 years of the Dallas Charter to protect children from abusive priests and deacons.

The list includes 29 names, including at least one that had not been public before. But it does not include the names of priests who were deceased at the time of accusations against them.

Among those in the latter category is former Bishop James Rausch, who died in 1981.

A Republic listing of those accused of sexual abuse includes 39 names, 40 after the previously unknown priest, Harry Morgan, is added. It includes those who died prior to the accusations. ...

Diocese of Phoenix list of abusive priests

George Bredeman
Joseph Briceno
Patrick Colleary
John Doran
Laurence Florez
Dale Fushek
John Giandelone
Harold Graf
Mark Lehman
Joseph Lessard
Harry Morgan
Maxwell "Ron" Pelton
George Pirrung
Wilputte "Lan" Sherwood
John T. Sullivan
John Spaulding
Neil Emon
Joseph Henn
Louie Ladenburger
Paul LeBrun
Karl LeClaire
Jorge Ortiz Lopez
Lawrence Lovell
Donald McGuire
Richard Ohlemacher
Henry Perez
Jorge Cordova
Sung Lam
Lawrence Riebe

'Playboy priest' flees with 1 mn euros, married woman


ZAGREB — A Croatian priest has run off with almost one million euros ($1.3 million) after illegally selling church property, officials said Tuesday, amid media reports the Catholic clergyman had fled with a married woman.

Franciscan priest Sime Nimac earlier this year signed a deal with a local firm to sell a plot of church land, the Split archdiocese said in statement.

Nimac, 34, the former parish priest of Baska Voda on the southern Adriatic coast, in May withdrew more than 980,000 euros in cash from the parish's account "without a valid explanation why the money was taken and what it will be used for," the archdiocese added.

Local media have reported that the priest, described as a handsome aficionado of expensive clothes and luxury goods, had fled the country with a young woman who is a married employee of the bank from which the cash was withdrawn.

Fr. Jonathan Morris Says Joe Biden Is A Liar?

News Hounds

In addition to "Fox News bishops" there is a Fox News priest. Fr. Jonathan Morris is not your average parish priest. He joined Fox News when he was stationed in Rome as a member of the disgraced "Legion of Christ" and very close pal of the order's pedophile (and baby daddy) founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel who pandered to the rich and famous. While Morris is officially stationed at NYC's Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, he finds time to go on various international junkets with his very special pal, Cardinal Dolan whose opposition to the president's birth control mandate has received reverent validation on Fox by Morris and Fox hosts. Despite other clergy who occasionally make appearances on Fox, Morris has a weekly Sunday gig during which he validates GOP right wing talking points that reach a vast Fox News "parish." So it was no surprise that Morris would support the bishops' "rebuke" of Joe Biden over his debate remarks about the mandate. And given that the bishops are implying that Biden is a liar, it wasn't surprising that Morris suggested the same thing!

Priest with 'insatiable egotism' on the run with £1m and a married woman

The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

A Croatian priest bedevilled with "insatiable egotism" has gone on the run with more than £1 million pocketed from an illegal land sale and in the company of a married woman, according to reports.

By Matthew Day
7:47PM BST 16 Oct 2012

Franciscan priest Father Sime Nimac disappeared after withdrawing the money he had made from selling a piece of Church land near Split without authorisation from the local diocese.

"The property was sold without the explicit written consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority," the local Catholic Church said in a statement, adding that it had filed a lawsuit to nullify the sale.

"At the same time we express our heartfelt understanding for the public revulsion caused by the insatiable egotism of the individual in question," the statement continued. "We offer a sincere apology on behalf of all Friars of the Franciscan Order."

Milwaukee Archdiocese still hopes settlement can be reached with abuse victims


MILWAUKEE (WTAQ) - The Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese still hopes that a settlement can be reached with hundreds of sex abuse victims, after a court-ordered mediator failed to strike a deal.

Both sides said Monday that their mediation – which Bankruptcy Judge Susan Kelley ordered in late July – had broken down.

About 575 people have filed financial claims against the Archdiocese, saying they deserve compensation after being sexually abused by priests a number of years ago.

The church filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January of 2011, saying it needed to compensate the abuse victims while having enough money left over to keep operating the 10 county archdiocese.

Pope appoints archbishop Joe Tobin as head of Indianapolis archdiocese

Vatican Insider

After personally choosing Archbishop Tobin in August 2010 as Secretary of the Vatican’s congregation that oversees one million religious men and women worldwide, Pope Benedict has now reassigned him to head the Indianapolis archdiocese

Gerard O’Connell

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Archbishop Joseph